The War on the Open Society

The War on the Open Society

Norway LOCKED man in psychiatric ward for questioning mRNA shots

The same day police arrived at his door, he had shared one of my news stories

First a word of warning. This story you are about to read is WORSE than you think.

I did not believe this could happen in a democracy. This should not ever happen in a democracy. But then again, I am beginning to ask myself if we are actually still living in a democracy.

Let’s start from the beginning…

This is about a Norwegian man named Trond Harald Haaland. He has long been outspoken about things like the World Economic Forum, climate change and vaccine passports. He has posted a lot about the excess death rates we have been seeing after the roll out of the mRNA vaccines.

In other words, this is a man who does not believe the mainstream media narrative. He thinks for himself. And he has been actively criticizing the Norwegian health system for what happened during the pandemic.

Among other things, earlier this year he sent a letter to a very senior doctor in his region to demand a stop to covid vaccination of children 5 to 11 years old.

Now someone had anonymously reported him to the police for being “mentally unstable”. We have no idea who it was. Could be anyone. It could be some antifa extremist that had reported him for all we know.

Then the police contacted the health system based on this anonymous tip.

That is all that was needed for two “health care workers” together with two uniformed police officers to arrive at his door and forcibly haul the man away and lock him up in a phsyciatric ward.

What was the justification for such drastic measures?

Because he had been posting “conspiracy theories” on facebook. Conspiracy theories such as talking about the mRNA vaccines and excess deaths, Klaus Schwab, and that he does not believe in man made climate change.

US Seeks License To Encircle Russia, China With Biolabs

Documents found during Moscow’s operation in Ukraine revealed that the US was running an extensive biological research effort there. Over $200 million was spent on 46 biolabs researching deadly diseases. Russia, China, and some EU countries still await Washington’s responses about these labs.

Chilling: Dr. Jordan Peterson Forced to Undergo “Reeducation” to Retain License Because of Social Media Posts

The Ontario College of Psychologists has ordered professor Dr. Jordan Peterson to undergo a “reeducation training program” because of his social media posts.

The statements Peterson made on social media​ did not relate to the practice of psychology but rather his opinions on gender ideology, the medical mistreatment of minors with regards to trans surgery, climate hysteria and criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justing Trudeau.

The complaints were made by members of the public, not by any individuals who Dr​.​ Peterson has ever treated.

Before the verdict, Peterson said, “The decision of an Ontario court re the allegations levied against me by @CPOntario is due tomorrow. I stand by what I have said and done and wish them luck in their continued prosecution. They’re going to need it. I tweeted and otherwise expressed my opposition to trans surgery butchery, @JustinTrudeau and his minions, and the lying climate apocalypse-mongers. All that’s looking pretty good from my end. And if I can’t express such opinions in Canada, I will let the world know.”

Although Peterson applied for a judicial review saying the professional body had no say in his personal online commentary, the application was dismissed by The Ontario Divisional Court.  CBC reports that the ruling asserts  “the college’s decision falls within its mandate to regulate the profession in the public interest and does not affect his freedom of expression.”

Peterson told CBC News, “I’ll comply with their regulations, but I’m not going to do it in secret… And the reason I’m not going to do it in secret is because I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong.”

CJ Hopkins has been given a choice of jail time or a fine for two tweets and a book cover

American satirist and playwright C.J. Hopkins has been sent a “punishment order” and a choice: 60 days or 3,600 Euros.

What is his crime?  Essentially, his “crime” is insulting the German health minister in a tweet, and using a scarcely-visible image of a Swastika on a mask in a book critical of the global pandemic response.

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