The wheels are coming off for Jacinda Adern

The wheels are coming off for Jacinda Adern

From UK Column.

This is some of the best reporting of what is happening DownUnder, in Australia and New Zealand

UK Column: NZ Blowback, SOS Australia

Down in New Zealand, things are not looking good for PM Jacinda Ardern as grassroots campaigners have managed to wound the regime in the high court – effectively de-fanging her draconian ‘No Jab, No Job’ policy. Over in Australia, the State of Victoria continues to drift further into a full-blown fascist regime, prompting an ‘SOS from Australia‘ call internationally – for protests at Australian embassies worldwide and calls for political asylum for Australian citizens

One thought on “The wheels are coming off for Jacinda Adern

  1. I lost my job after 20 years of service as a public servant in the Health Industry (the NZ government was my boss). Over 300 work employees at the same hospital also were kicked out. Too bad if we have mortgages or families to feed. When Jacinda was on TV showing her getting the “jab”, you actually didn’t see the needled go in as the nurse’s arm was in the way. Sick of her oppressing attitude, taking away our rights and freedom and turning us into a third world country. Funny how Bill Gates and the hierachy of the Pfizer group have not been vaccinated. They are puppets to the corrupt world leaders who are pulling all the strings. NZ used to be a safe and happy little country and she is sending us all back to the dark ages. Shame on you Jacinda. You sold out NZ for your own hidden agendas and greed!

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