The wintertime melting of snow in the Southern Alps and other reflections

The wintertime melting of snow in the Southern Alps and other reflections

Unless you are talking about electric cars and windmills you are a climate change denier

I am returning to the theme of weather as its relates to climate change and how it is reflected in government policies and media statements.

Let me start with New Zealand

New Zealand

This rose-tinted article from Radio New Zealand appeared this morning.

Never mind the fact that New Zealand is burning coal as if there was no tomorrow to keep the lights on (that’s even before we put a whole fleet of electric vehicles on the road!)

Future of New Zealand energy set to look very different

New Zealand is going through its own extreme weather at the moment.

Weather: ‘Extreme caution’ advised as heavy rain, strong winds forecast for South Island

Waka Kotahi is urging South Island motorists to be extremely careful today with heavy rain and strong winds forecasted.

Heavy rain and strong winds are lashing most of the South Island, with at least one road closed because of the avalanche risk.

Overnight, 113 millilitres of rain fell at Milford Sound Airport.

MetService says the wet weather is just getting started as a storm makes its way up the South Island.

It has issued an orange warning and says an active front from the Tasman Sea is moving north east over the island today and tomorrow, bringing heavy rain to the western and central parts of the South Island, and severe gales to the east.


But there is something that should stand out.

Weather: 190kph gusts in parts of South Island, 3000 lightning strikes recorded

Gusts of up to 190kph have been recorded in the South Island, with more than 3000 lightning strikes lighting up the sky along the mountain ranges.

MetService issued heavy rain and strong wind warnings for many regions across the South Island, with Canterbury lakes and Westland, south of Otira, likely to be lashed with up to 450mm of rain.

It is THIS!

An extra warning that, combined with snow melt, the rain in the Canterbury lakes area could cause significant spillover.

Snow melt from the Southern Alps in winter!!!

What happens when the snow pack disappears and there is nothing to feed the hydro lakes, which are at a record low.?

But it would be very hard to find that, in addition to this 2014 report by our foremost climate, Jim Sallinger researcher (previously sacked by the John Key government from his job at NIWA for speaking out without permission), that is so obscure one would have to be actively looking to find it.

New Zealand’s Southern Alps have lost a third of their ice

Just about everything we see from government or media is social engineering.

Climate reporting (as with the RNZ item above) is now reporting on alternative energy, electric cars and the like; it is nothing to do with the climate.

The rest is climate change denial,,,

Unless it has something to do with sea level rise.

For most of the 10 years I have been doing this blog has been a struggle against Radio New Zealand  and the media for totally failing to tell the full truth about rapid climate change. 

Nothing has changed.

The weather forecasts are bland and fail to make any connections.

There is nothing about anything that matters.

Take the issue of snow on the Southern Alps.

Apart from the above-cited article (which evaded my attention until a few minutes ago), the only items I have seen discussing this have been an item from the New York Times and a write-up by scientists that was published in an AUSTRALIAN publication, the Conversation (and reposted in the New Zealand Herald).

Now, let’s shift over to Europe and the United Kingdom


For a while now, there have been headlines about a lingering heatwave and wildfires in Europe and stories like this:

Heatwave grinds Britain to a halt: Rail bosses tell commuters NOT to travel tomorrow as temperatures get set to hit 107F and AA warns roads will melt and tyres will burst – but deputy PM urges Brits to ‘be resilient and enjoy the sunshine’

  • Tomorrow Met Office predict mercury could climb to 107F (41C) making Britain hotter than the Sahara Desert
  • The Met Office has issued the UK’s first ever red weather warning for heat with records expected to be broken
  • Rail bosses and the AA have issued dire warnings to commuters and motorists about the impact of the heat 
  • Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said people should be resilient enough to be able to ‘enjoy the sunshine’

And dire warnings such as this…

Yesterday, I looked up temperatures on the internet and there were predictions of 40C on Sunday.

One of the first things I did when I woke up this morning and there were no signs of any terribly high temperatures anywhere.

I saw Alexander Mercouris reporting from from his room that I wouldn’t mind betting is not air-conditioned. and there were no signs of distress, no beads of sweat.

I have seen nothing on social media saying how bad things are.

We all know how the Brits like to talk about the weather!

Here is a report of what is Britain’s hottest temperatures reported in 2003 (unless that record is broken tomorrow)

My experience has told me not to believe forecasts or what the media writes. Unless it affects my safety I don’t take weather forecasts  seriously any more.

I do not even take the reported temperatures on Google, Metservice etc. since I learned (from the horse’s mouth) that these are not actual temperatures but are based on A MODEL, on what they expect to see


For several years I religiously reported extreme weather events in the hope that the sheer volume of events from all over the globe would persuade people that we have rapid climate change.

Of course, those who chose to DISbelieve were not swayed.

Those people would never be swayed by any evidence…ever. There is no doubt that we are experiencing weather chaos all over the world as demonstrated by the following items.




State of emergency declared in American Samoa due to severe weather conditions

The full impact of huge sea swells across American Samoa and the Cook Islands is only starting to come to light.

I gave up on the weather reporting and determined to only reproduce items that were based on WHAT IS, rather than speculative items about what might happen if we do not follow Agenda 2030, the Great Reset etc. and immediately bring down greenhouse gas levels even if it means destroying the lives of people while the elite continue to fly around the globe in private jets.

There are the people that are total deniers who tell us nonsense like the Arctic ice is at record levels.

Then there are the people on the other side.

Almost without exception, these people are on the other side of the fence when it comes of just about ANYTHING that is of importance and I wouldn’t mind betting that a greater proportion of these people have had the jab than the general population. How can I take these people at face value?

How can I take anyone at face value?

I have to take things on a case-by-case and evaluate what they say according to many factors such as the language used and my own knowledge on the subject.

I have become more open-minded. 

In that spirit, in the dirth of anything else of value decided to listen to what Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist, well -known climate change skeptic and brother of Jeremy Corbyn.

Piers Corbyn on UKs 18/19Jul22 ‘Red Warning’ Climate Scare & ‘Clean Air Zones’ Green Tax

I remain open to, but sceptical off his views that anthropogenic climate change is “rubbish” but there were points made in this item that are worthwhile listening to.

For me the correlation between warming and greenhouse gas levels are undeniable.

I am sceptical, but open-minded, about his claims about climate change being linked to dramatic changes in solar activity which led to changes in the jet stream.

Man is trivial compared to nature and cannot change climate – astrophysicist

For reasons that should be obvious there are few (or no) peer-reviewed papers on the subject that I can see.

What researcher who wants to maintain their funding (and their tenure) is going to put their name to such a paper? So we have to go by internet articles such as the following that tends to compromise their credibility in the minds of most.

Essay: Solar cycle wave frequency linked to jet stream change

It’s not the heat It’s the humidity 

At the very least, I reject the very idea that the likes of Piers Corbyn or the late David Bellamy, being cancelled and their livelihoods ruined by the likes of the BBC which lies for a living about just about everything.

I have rejected the dualistic, ‘either-or’ mind that drives much of the climate change agenda and there is so much that could destroy our civilisation and wipe humans off the earth that I am not going to opt for a “one size fits all” that in its mainstream version (not the reality of the world) goes with an agenda that is likely to end with you and I being slaves (at least, those of us that survive).

In the meantime, I wonder why, when I think we know the truth the mainstream has to LIE to us – about everything.

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