Thecover-up of genocide in China

Thecover-up of genocide in China

Personally, I trust the Falun Gong people more than I trust Brian Berletic and his like

CCP Virus (COVID) Epidemic Operation Killed Almost 1/3 of China

400m dead in china so far

This sounds impossible and astounding, yet it is true. Many of you won’t believe this, but read this post and if I still haven’t convinced you, come back in a few years. You will realize this was true. In this document, I will present hard facts, historical precedent and demonstrate the capability to genocide this many people.

In a story published on January 15, 2023 by Chinese language newspaper Epoch Times (use online translation tool), Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi revealed: The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) covered up the epidemic for the past three years and the death toll in China has reached 400 million people. When this wave of epidemic ends, 500m will be dead. China stopped the lockdowns and is now allowing Chinese infected with the latest variant to travel the world. From

Nearly a quarter of travelers flying from China to Italy in late December were COVID-positive, according to a new study—one that offers a glimpse at transmission occurring from the eastern superpower to the rest of the world.

Nearly 23% of the 565 passengers on four flights to airports in Rome and Milan from Dec. 26-29 were carrying the highly infectious disease, according to a study published last week in infectious disease journal Eurosurveillance. As many as 42% of passengers on one flight were infected.



In my understanding, the “epidemic” is being used as a form of warfare by the CCP that includes not only deaths from the virus, but those from the vaccines, lockdowns, medical malpractice and targeted killings of those opposed to the CCP — a coordinated mass genocide operation. It’s a worldwide operation, starting in China and even the top CCP party officials and celebrities are not immune to this epidemic (use translate tool for English):

A group of Chinese Communist officials and celebrities died, including Qishan, the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan People’s Congress and deputy secretary of the party group, Qishan, former party secretary of Ningxia Procuratorate, and prosecutor Hu Xingming, Major General of the Communist Party of China, former commander of the training base Jiang Xifu, former deputy general manager of China Ship Industry Corporation ⁇ Binglin, etc.

A Comprehensive and Coordinated Genocide

The epidemic operation consisted of several coordinated items tested in China and then rolled out to the rest of the world::

Genetically engineered bi-phasic bio-weapons that involved an injection and exposure to virus – multiple agents were developed and originally created by elements in US DoD, but implemented by the CCP using a grant from Dr. Fauci for “gain of function” weaponization. This can include targeting specific versions by race or for specific genetic markers. These viruses were distributed via travelers and in some cases “painted” on surfaces like park benches and computer keyboards. The injections were also engineered to match the released agents. To date, the majority of populations of western countries received the injections.

Lockdowns and business shut downs to normalize home imprisonment, prevent personal communications and create fear. Cell phone calls, texts and locations were tracked to follow the spread of the virus.

Mandatory PCR and rapid testing for COVID. China forced this every 3 days. Western countries required it for social events, employment and travel. Test results are easy to fake and undesirables could easily test “positive” and be removed from society.

Vaccine “passports” to control access, based on your test result or social credit score. Not only the virus was used for this, people protesting bank fraud in China had their vaccine passport turn red.

Liu, a 39-year-old tech worker in Beijing, arrived in the central city of Zhengzhou on Sunday with all the boxes ticked to travel under China’s stringent Covid restrictions.

He had tested negative for Covid-19 the day before; his hotel had confirmed he could be checked in; and the health code on his phone app was green – meaning he had not been exposed to people or places deemed risks and was therefore free to travel.

But when Liu scanned a local QR code to exit the Zhengzhou train station, his health code came back red – a nightmare for any traveler in China, where freedom of movement is strictly dictated by a color-code system imposed by the government to control the spread of the virus.

Anyone with a red code – usually assigned to people infected with Covid or deemed by authorities to be at high risk of infection – immediately becomes persona non grata. They are banned from all public venues and transport, and are often subject to weeks of government quarantine.

That all but derailed plans for Liu, who had come to Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan province, to seek redress from a bank that has frozen his deposits. He had put his life savings – totaling about 6 million yuan ($890,000) – into a rural bank in Henan, and since April hasn’t been able to withdraw a penny.

Mandates for “vaccinations” by businesses, schools and governments. It was done this way to make it “your fault” if you took the shots and had a bad reaction or died from the injections. Drug companies, goverment officials and medical professionals were all given immunity by law, of course.

Isolation camps on a vast scale in China constructed like shipping containers were created to further segregate people they wanted to remove.

How They Did It

During the quarantines in China, some people were welded inside their apartments, so they could not leave. Many starved to death.

I was told by a trusted source that many of the people being welded in did not have smart cell phones. Of the 1.4B people in China (before this die off), 1B had smart phones, leaving 400m without phones. China has 540 million CCTV cameras with facial recognition, tied to the ID database. Anyone with a phone could call relatives or friends to bring food. Those with no phone or food came out in a body bag. Even a simple flip phone wouldn’t run the app, so everyone had to upgrade to smart phones to even shop for groceries.

Testing every three days and complete lockdowns were performed on the general population in China, or you were locked in your home or taken to a camp.

Here is a very good video that explains how the codes work in the app.

Vast camps were constructed in many regions of China to quarantine anyone who “tested positive”.

Adding Up the Numbers

China is a vast country. How hard would it be to hide 400m dead people? It’s not easy.

But it’s not that hard either in a totalitarian state where anyone who complains is promptly punished severely. The CCP has decades of practice eliminating various segments of the population, including:

-1949-1953 Land reform. Up to 5m land owners were murdered.

-1950-1953 Campaign against Counterrevolutionaries. 2m killed.

-1966-1975 Cultural revolution. Up to 20m murdered.

-336m abortions during the One Child Policy.

-1999-present Persecution of Falun Gong. Number of dead unknown, but it far exceeds most published estimates, probably more than the Holocaust in WWII.

Falun Gong is a form of spiritual practice that has been persecuted since July 20, 1999 – for practicing Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. Practitioners were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, force to labor and even had their organs forcibly harvested. While the official death toll is in the thousands, millions likely perished from this campaign. Literally murdering the most peaceful people on Earth.

First, we know that 400m people don’t have smart phones. If the future is that everyone has a monitoring device (smart cell phone) used for entry to shops, travel even walking down the street in some cities and government tracking, would people with no cell phone be kept? It’s doubtful — people will need a smart cell phone just to live, it will be a requirement, like your ID. People without cell phones don’t have social media and by definition are anti-social and not in touch with their families (unless they live with them). Without a smart phone, you won’t be able to prove you were tested, shop, travel or even leave your building, which is now your prison.

When someone is picked up in China by the police for being Falun Gong or other unwanted group, the arrestee doesn’t always give their real name, they try to protect their relatives from persecution. Therefore, people are not alerted, their relatives or colleagues just stop responding. Cell phone records can be used to determine which people can be disappeared without raising suspicion, as those with small social networks are easier to “disappear”.

The System is in Place to Execute this Genocide in China

In China, a nationwide network of camps, black prisons (hidden and not generally known and off the grid), lao gai (work camps) and “reform through education” camps already exist, this is well known.

Uyghur camp drone footage begins at 1:10. People were shocked to see what looked like Nazi Germany in China.

The scale of the “quarantine camps” is staggering. Built in only months these are shipping container style prisons with bars on the windows – they are all over China. Could they dispose of 400,000 people per day with a system like this? Probably.

These “quarantine” camps have appeared all over China.

Portable “shipping container style” incinerators can be brought where needed. These were used in the early days in Wuhan.

The CCP has proven itself to be the most evil, vile thing on Earth. It has already murdered hundreds of millions. When you look at the big picture for China, having 400m die in three years of pandemic is quite plausible. If you examine the history of China, there have always been pandemics:

Epidemics have plagued China since written records began 3.5 millennia ago. Historians calculate that there were around 290 serious epidemics in China between 243BC and 1911, averaging about one every seven years. Others went further back in time and identified 700 cases of supposedly widespread infectious diseases in the 2,700 years from the 7th century BC to the end of the 20th century. Despite the alarming numbers, most records contain scant details of the diseases, if any, focusing instead on their catastrophic effects.

And how horrific those effects were! In AD312, northern and central China were devastated by a deadly contagion. In the region of present-day Shaanxi, only 1 to 2 per cent of the entire population survived. Eastern and central China were hit by an infectious disease in AD891. In Hubei, four out of every 10 people died. An extremely lethal epidemic in 1232 took 900,000 lives in just 50 days.

The toll exacted by these and many other mass infections sometimes altered the course of history. Cao Cao’s defeat and retreat in the famous Battle of the Red Cliffs, whose outcome was the splitting of China into the Three Kingdoms (AD220-280), was due in part to infectious disease breaking out among his troops. The plague that broke out in the capital Beijing in 1643, which decimated the city’s population, was the final death knell of the Ming dynasty, which fell to armed rebels the following year.

Because of this history, the Chinese understand epidemics literally change history. There is a reason why the many, many very good Chinese who are victims of the CCP warn us “The CCP is persecuting the entire world”! If the CCP were eliminated by the epidemic, at least one good thing will come from this affair.

Falun Gong founder: the CCP cover up the epidemic death toll reaches 4 billion

Epoch 2023 01 on 16 December news】(Epoch Times reporters Tang Qing, Cheng Jing, MU Qing reported in China occurred the outbreak of the tsunami, the body lounging hospital, crematorium long queues. The CCP tried to conceal, the publisher of the outbreak of the data is difficult to justify lying. Civil a large number of first-hand information display China due to the outbreak of the number of deaths is huge. Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi said the master, the Communist Party has concealed the epidemic, China due to the epidemic dead 4 million people.

Last year 2022 Year 11 month onwards, China, outbreak of the national multi-point simultaneous outbreak. From 12 May 7, the official was forced to abandon zeroing control, the CCP CDC 11 consecutive days fabric no new deaths. CDC 1 on 8 November proclaimed in the last 12 months, from 7 to Year 1 month 8 days, only 37 of people due to the outbreak of death, and the whole nation did not believe.

In the CCP Stern Review on Chinese social media, every day can see users posting of numerous bereaved by the tragedy, far more than the CCP announced the situation. Foreign media have questioned China’s epidemic data, but who also take less than China and accurate data. Because the Communist Party to abandon the statistical correlation of the data and the prohibition in the patient record is written on“new row.”

Falun Gong founder Li masters say, three years the CCP has been in the cover up the outbreak, China’s epidemic dead 4 million people, this wave of the epidemic ended when China will die 5 million people.

Lee Masters said, and the last Sass appear, China died 2 million people. After many years, the CCP found that the reduction of the population, and immediately let go of the two-child system, three tire system.

Lee Masters many years ago warning of the plague in China caused by the disaster and the rescue of the road. In his poetry is mentioned in the“away from the CCP’s evil party”“quick to find the truth.”

“The great leap forward since the mass death events”

Sinologist, military strategist of the present‧Lawson Ben Lowsen is 1 month 5 days in the Diplomat magazine issued a document saying that the Chinese people are now afraid of facing the“arrogant leap since the mass death event.”

He said, in 1958 to 1961, Mao’s policies led to the 2000 million or more people died of the famine, and in the chaos and the tragedy, the Communist authorities decided not to provide famine deaths statistics.

“An ominous control, today’s XI Jinping, the government essentially abandoned to provide COVID-19 statistics.” Lawson said.

In recent years, China’s census data suffering from the outside world into question. For example, 2021 12 month, internationally known demographer Dr. Yi estimated that China 2020 population is 12. 8 million, rather than the official census data of said 14. 1 billion.

Outrageous outbreak data and“muddy water”policy

Back in the early days of the epidemic, the CPC released the outbreak data were foreign experts doubt.

United States Stevens Institute of technology quantitative Finance, project Director of the George‧Calhoun George Calhoun last year January 1 in the Forbes》(Forbes)author questioned the CPC the official report of the inside of the infection rate and mortality.

He estimated that the Communist government reports of the COVID-19 mortality for every 10 million people an average of 0. 321 people were killed, the United States of a COVID-19 mortality for every 10 million people have an average of 248 deaths in the United States than China’s average death toll higher than 800 times. How is this possible?

Forbes last year 1 month 2 day of the article says, the Communist Party official data of the analysis results show that, in Wuhan sealed the city within 90 days of COVID-19, the average mortality rate than the CCP is the official publication of the national high mortality 376 times. From Wuhan 2020 at the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 since two years, if not counted in Hubei, the rest of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, there are only 200 to 300 people die from COVID-19 disease, the mortality rate for every 10 million people in the average death 0. 002 people than the U.S. mortality rate is low 12. 4 million times.

The Beijing spring of the honorary editor of the Hu level considered, the Communist Party of the usual“muddied the water”strategy,“anyway, you want to lie, so I just sprinkled big points, the bigger the better, because if lies beyond the average person to imagine the point, then the average person in the speculative estimate of the true data, it will be Imagination is the limit, but will give a relatively low estimate.”

Hu Ping to the American voice said, the official knows no one will believe it’s data, it does not expect others to believe, just trying to muddy the waters with. As long as the death of data become who also said it is not clear without a head case, the authorities of the purpose of the section was achieved.

2023 1, on 3 May, the Shanghai hospital Packed with large number of patients. RAY YOUNG / Feature China/Future Publishing via Getty Images △)
2023 1, on 3 May, the Shanghai hospital Packed with large number of patients. (Ray Young/Feature China/Future Publishing via Getty Images△)

Metropolitan Funeral system paralysis

Currently, China’s major cities of the funeral the system is in a state of paralysis.

The Washington Post 1 month 10 Day Quote of the United States Mamzar technology Maxar Technologies shoot the satellite images show, from Beijing to Nanjing, from Chengdu to Kunming, in China the cardinal points different locations of the city Funeral Home activities were unusually busy.

According to Mamzar technology Year 12 month 24 day shooting the satellite picture, the Beijing Tongzhou a funeral home seems to be at that time the construction of a new Parking lot. “Washington Post” to determine the expansion of date in 12 months 22 days or after a few days. In less than 2 days, the funeral home it was parked more than a hundred cars.

In Nanjing help transport the bodies of the driver to the “Washington Post” said, he opened several decades the hearse, never saw such a sight.

A similar scene in China around the funeral home staged.

“The entire system is now in a state of paralysis.” Recently in Shanghai crematorium to answer the call of one of the employees told Bloomberg,“here too busy to cope with but come.”

Shanghai Baoxing the funeral home an employee of the Year 12 month 28 date to The Epoch Times, said,“Our 8 o’clock start number. Now every day is four to five hours Queuing, take less, it can only be behind again. We now every day is the Fourth of five hundred cremation of the corpse, the original Daily 90(corpse has is capped out. The staff is already working overtime at work.” Public data shows, the Shanghai a total of 15 home funeral home.

Last year 12 month 19 day, Shenyang a funeral service boss told Epoch Times reporter, Shenyang multi-hospital emergency, someone has died, and the corpse pulled but come,“I go to the emergency pull ever”.

He revealed that there is no car to pull the body, so the body nowhere to store.

“People go(die)too much, no way, too much.” He said,“which hospitals as some hospitals remains are piled a dozen, seven, eight, remains the shelf that stood, no way yeah, the OP does not go to me, a little trick daughter did not.”

The Economist reported that a funeral industry workers say 河南县-level city of 邓州市 a crematorium daily processing of more than a hundred corpses, in recent weeks daily treatment for up to 160 corpse. The facilities in the COVID pandemic before Day 30〜40 times cremated. This worker said he was more than usually busy three times, and attributed to the new Crown virus.

Zhao Secretary, Bao Tong, the daughter of Bob Jane 1 on 13 September in a Twitter post, said:“Beijing a month dead and hundreds of thousands of people, the city government also beating drums open recognition of the General Assembly. Simply Fuckers through it! Less than a month, around friends or loved ones gone 17 people have this in my life are unheard of, Could there also catch the Millennium a thing? Beijing you how to the public account within one month of the 90%of people infected with the virus of the devil speed? From the beginning of the 90%symptom free until now 90%have symptoms, and 10%severe that?”

Another netizen reply,“I was in Beijing, you say a few hundred thousand and this number may be a bit conservative, I estimated to be millions.”

Bob Jane replies,“I don’t have accurate data, but according to the funeral home full, multi-corpse of a furnace, the burning time is longer than the former number of times or even ten times, the first-aid system failures, emergency drain brigade, hospital morgues overflowing and caskets and urns, cemeteries in short supply…… Then according to the local limited release of the severe, White Lung and other data, the most important according to the Official Silent attitude to make a subjective judgment.”

2022 Year 12 month 19 day, waiting to enter the Eastern outskirts of Beijing funeral car long queues. (Bloomberg via Getty images △)

In addition to the big cities, the countryside is also not optimistic. Due to security concerns on the condition of anonymity institutional insiders Mr. Wang recently told The Epoch Times reporters in his hometown in Anhui, and now the epidemic is particularly severe.

“We are over there, the old man first to die of a group of our neighbors also died 2 months. Now young people start to die with it. Rural worse, every day in the small town how many of the dead, every day funeral that.” He said,“the local hospital also there is a notification, not to the new crown on behalf of the dead. All to underlying disease, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease so that the cause of death.”

Bloomberg said, in Henan 鹿邑县 a village, almost every household has a patient. A fatalistic feeling that pervades in the village, many families choose to have families at home through the end of life stage. Their names are unlikely to appear in the CCP any official COVID deaths on the list.

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