Therapeutics Products Bill – the Death of Liberal Democracy in New Zealand

Therapeutics Products Bill – the Death of Liberal Democracy in New Zealand



Some time last week in my early perusal of the media I stumbled across an article on the invaluable British publication, ‘The Daily Expose’ highlighting legislation being put through by the NZ parliament under the innocuous title, the Therapeutic Products Bill that turns our whole age-old understanding of what constitutes food and medicine on its head. 

The Expose item featured an article by the redoubtable Guy Hatchard, who appears to never let down his guard and is one step ahead when it comes to what is being done to this wonderful, open democratic country with its fair-minded, but often naive citizens whom I often describe as Hobbits.

In his material on this Guy accurately describes the proposed legislation as an Enabling Act, which he says evokes the German Nazis in the 1930’s. 

But more of that iater.

The people behind this well-crafted legislation knew perfectly what they were doing when they gazetted this Bill to coincide with what we call in this country ‘the Silly Season’, a time when the people usually on their guard are taking a well-deserved break after what can only be described as an incredibly bruising year when a significant number of people have learned for themselves the sad lesson that our liberal democracy tradition is now as dead as a dodo. 

So, here we are in mid-January where we have until some time in February to make submissions before the Bill is passed in parliament, which I suspect will be done in the middle of the night away from public scrutiny. The only mention of this Bill is on arcane government websites that scarcely anybody pays any attention to, with information on how to make submissions well-hidden in easily-missed small print.

An internet search on the Bill brought up just two articles from the Daily Expose, and from David Icke and in Natural News. Other than that the only mention here appeared to be government statements and an Owellian statement by law firm, Buddle Findlay with the headline, Therapeutic Products Bill set to improve the health of all New Zealanders..

Apart from that there was silence right across the media with some mention  of concern among Tangata Whenua (the Maori ruling elite) that they might not have a piece of the pie with provisions for rongoa (traditional Maori medicine) under the provisions of the Bill. We are used to seeing legislation paying lip-service to Maori concerns, peppered with political correctness and Maori titles but all this was suspiciously-absent in this legislation. It appears that a nod has been made to Maori concerns with a new rongoā workstream announced alongside Therapeutic Products Bill

But the fact is that ordinary Maori are no different from their Pakeha brethren: they eat like us, pop vitamin pills and take herbal concoctions like the rest of us. I am a little dubious that most Maori make trips into the forest to collect kawakawa leaves.

EVERYBODY is affected by this.

I will not attempt to explain what is in the Bill. Guy Hatchard does an admirable job of that, but from what I can see it sets up an administrative framework that for the first time in any NZ legislation that I am aware of in my lifetime leaves the definitions open for the ‘Regulator’ to decide for himself.

In other words, it provides the legal framework for bureaucrats to decide on the hop and basically do whatever they damn well like.

Herbs you grow in your garden could be reassigned as medicine and become to all intents and purposes illegal and growers subject to large fines.  Dangerous food ingredients such as food coloring are redefined as Therapeutic Goods and will have legislative protection. There is apparently a list of commonly-used herbs that you might grow in your garden or cook with that was drawn up in 2016, the last time the government tried to slip this through. This list includes tea leaves. Would it be a stretch of the imagination to say that the cup of tea you drink for breakfast might be redefined as a therapeutic product and priced off the market?

The mind boggles.

I was part of the struggle back in 2002 when the (once again),  Labour government tried to slip an earlier version of this sort of legislation through.  It is indicative of where we were then and where we are now. I appeared on talkback radio with Act MP, Stephen Franks. Back then there was robust debate which forced the government of the day to back down.

But fast forward to today and our Minister of Health says they have learned the lessons from past public opposition.  They now know how to circumvent democratic oversight and get what they want in short order.

People are different today. For a start, a majority of people are injected with an mRNA product that in the United States at least is killing the equivalent of all the Vietnam War dead EVERY DAY. It has changed the personalities of people to the extent that the fight has gone out of them. To illustrate this, my partner raised the issue with a young employee at Commonsense Organics which one might expect would be a hotbed of opposition and all she got from the possibly Woke employee was a blank stare of incomprehension.

Do you see what they are doing to us?

Minister Andrew Little put out a statement in language that could have come straight out of Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari and the World Economic Forum.

“It will enable New Zealand to take advantage of advances in medicine, such as cell and tissue therapies, emerging gene therapies, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning software. Having risk-proportionate approval systems will improve access to necessary and life-saving medicines, such as vaccines in a pandemic.”

Yet, if you quoted the minister in his own words you would be described as a dangerous conspiracy theorist and placed in the equivalent of an electronic bracelet and turned into a non-person in a way that is far more subtle and effective than the methods used by the East German Stasi or Stalinist secret police.

Which brings me to the nazi or communist historical parallels.  You can be laughed off the stage for making such comparisons. People’s images are of men in leather jerkins, snarling Alsation dogs and the like. Clearly, things look nothing like that and if you don’t look too carefully we have all the trappings of democracy. But the levers of control are more subtle than that and are usually electronic in nature. Ask the folk from down at Parliament in February 2022 who were arrested and beaten up by police acting as agents of the State; ask the folk damaged forever by the “vaccines”; ask Billy te Kahika or Vinny Eastwood; ask Kelvyn or Hannah from Counterspin; ask the thousands mandated out of their jobs;  or Graham Philip who was kept in solitary confinement for almost a year before being falsely accused of sabotage. 

All of these people will educate you in the nature of naked, fascistic state power in Jacinda Adern’s New Zealand. These people are few but that is how it has always been in totalitarian societies – single out and corral the few thought leaders and neutralize them. The rest of the population can live more or less normal lives.

Except they can’t.

They have been conditioned to regard the most extreme things as normal and to live in fear. Have your car broken into and try to get the police to come out. Recently, the Mongrel Mob occupied Christchurch hospital and terrorized patients and staff. Yet, this was underplayed and portrayed as something quite normal – after all, no one complained and the situation was addressed, not by police but by a handful of security guards.

Getting back to the nazi parallel, I recently came across a chilling video with footage of Jews being processed before boarding cattle trucks headed for the death camps. It all looked quite civilised. Everything accounted and signed for, everybody happy. Except we know how this story ends – concentration camp, snarling dogs, machine guns, selection tables and finally the gas chambers. 

As someone pointed out, history does not repeat itself but it rhymes.

Make no mistake. Current reality does not look like a Saturday morning with your cup of coffee and your favourite newspaper.  There is nothing benign about it. I think in this country we are not experiencing a totalitarian tiptoe but, in this piece of legislation, a race for the finish line.

The most upsetting thing about what I am seeing is that far from fighting back the vast majority of people will be quite happy with their servitude and the uncomprehending stare will become the image of the Age.

Every totalitarian regime bears the tradition of the culture it arose in. New Zealand will have its tyrannical control delivered in a thick Kiwi accident and a toothy smile (or perhaps the scowl of a Minister of Health).

We are not in danger of a slip towards fascism. 

We are, with this Bill, already there and most of us have our eyes firmly shut.

Make submissions on the Bill HERE

The closing date for submissions is 11.59pm Wednesday, 15 February 2023

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  1. Have you found the source document which apparently lists various commonly-used herbs? I have struggled to find it.. Thank you

    1. I only have a list of food ingredients and herbs that the government wanted to ban in 2016.
      The important thing to understand is that this is ENABLING leg8slation, kept vadue on purpose.

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