“”There will be a nuclear explosion in Chernobyl with a replica of a Russian Iskander missile!”

“”There will be a nuclear explosion in Chernobyl with a replica of a Russian Iskander missile!”

I am at a loss to explain to myself how certain commentators are not changing their tack and continue to report the everyday stuff on the battlefield as well as political developments.

All this is somewhat important but while this threat remains I cannot of much else. What does it say that I have to get a machine translation from a Greek site to get information on the biggest threat to Russia, Ukraine and the world?

I shall follow those that are shouting from the rooftops and ignore those that don’t.

Russia informed China and India: “There will be a nuclear explosion in Chernobyl with a replica of a Russian Iskander missile! – To evacuate Kiev?

“We are in the final stage – The preparations of the Ukrainians are complete”

Russian media with emergency responses convey information about an imminent explosion of a dirty nuclear bomb in the Chernobyl Zone!

All indications are that the decision to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb has been made. The Russians speak of “completion of Ukrainian preparations” and “final stage”.

In addition:

  • The Russians are now very specific and list three ways to detonate the dirty nuclear bomb. Their most prevalent version is the downing of a dummy Russian Iskander missile.
  • Today, for the second time in a year, there was an exercise of the Russian nuclear strategic forces. The last time this happened was five days before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. Therefore, Moscow is expecting something.
  • The fact that Russia has continued its contacts by informing China and India at the highest level should be of concern. Russia has notified all the nuclear powers of the planet so that there is no miscalculation and World War III begins.
  • Yesterday the Russian media “accidentally” talked about “Chernobyl 2” and an explosion in a big city . The choice is not random. The purpose, according to the Russians, is not to cause thousands of casualties and drag NATO into the war. But Kyiv will be affected as Chernobyl is located about 90 kilometers north-east of the Ukrainian capital. Depending on the power of the dirty nuclear bomb, it may even be necessary to evacuate Kiev.
  • We remind you that Russia’s radio-biochemical warfare forces are on high alert.

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“There will be a nuclear explosion in Chernobyl” – Iskander Dummy

According to Russian state media , “The Kiev regime is in the final stages of detonating a dirty bomb in an attempt to drag NATO countries into an immediate armed conflict.

The Kiev regime prepared a dummy Russian Iskander ballistic missile filled with nuclear waste to detonate it in the Chernobyl zone.

Early reports indicated that the Kiev regime could fill 152 mm ammunition with nuclear waste and launch it using self-propelled howitzers.

The latest information indicates that Kyiv is ready to use a dummy Russian Iskander ballistic missile.

The Russian missile dummy can be shot down in the Zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where the radioactive background is already high.

The aim is then to display the fragments of an alleged Russian missile and for Kyiv to claim with the West that Russia attacked Ukrainian soil with nuclear weapons.

Initially, information appeared that the Ukrainian side could “set up” everything in such a way that the “strike” was caused by Russian troops from the territory of Belarus. The goal is clear here as well, to accuse the Republic of Belarus of “engaging in a nuclear war against Ukraine.”

“Preparations are complete”

In fact, the Kiev regime has already completed the technical preparations: specialists of the Ukrainian enterprise “Yuzhmash” have prepared the model of the rocket which will be filled with radioactive material and then thrown into the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

“Experts from Yuzhmash have already built a dummy Russian Iskander missile, the warhead will be filled with radioactive material and then “shot down” by Ukrainian air defense forces over the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in order to announce a Russian launch nuclear weapon”

The Iskander missile model was built on the basis of a missile from the Tochka-U missile system.

“After the effigy is taken down, Kiev authorities plan to show Western and Ukrainian media fragments of the mock-up and electronics of the alleged Iskander missile in order to convince the Western public of Russia’s guilt”

Updated China, India and CIS countries

At the same time, Russia informed, in addition to the nuclear powers of the West, the USA, Britain, France, and China with India.

Initially, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held talks with his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh.

“On October 26, telephone conversations took place between the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, and the Minister of Defense of the Republic of India, Rajnath Singh.

The situation in Ukraine was discussed. General Sergei Shoigu conveyed to his Indian counterpart his concerns about possible provocations from Ukraine using a “dirty bomb” , the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

Shoigu reportedly informed India’s Rajnath Singh that neither side in the conflict in Ukraine should use nuclear weapons, according to an Indian government statement.

“The prospect of using radioactive or nuclear weapons is against the basic principles of humanity,” said Singh, who reiterated the need to resolve the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy.

It is recalled that India is a member of the SCO and is an important partner of the Russian Federation, including in the military sphere.

Later, Sergei Shoigu also held teleconference talks with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe.

“The situation in Ukraine was discussed. General Sergei Shoigu conveyed to his Chinese counterpart the concern about possible provocations from Ukraine using a “dirty bomb”, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Finally, B. Putin himself, speaking in a meeting with the heads of secret services from many former Soviet countries, informed them about possible challenges from Ukraine with the use of a “dirty bomb”.

The position that Russia will continue to warn the international community about Ukraine’s intention to use a “dirty” bomb was formulated by the representative of the Kremlin, N. Peskov.

The latest intervention by B. Putin: “Ukraine’s plan to use a nuclear bomb – Great risk of global conflict” (video)

“Some struggle to maintain their faltering hegemony”

Perhaps his last intervention before the explosion of the Ukrainian dirty bomb was carried out by Russian President V. Putin, launching an all-out attack against Ukraine and the USA, stressing that the risk of World War is now great.

This phrase is important because at the same time, all Western agencies downplay the risk by saying that “the chances of a global conflict are small”. So either something is wrong or Putin knows what will happen and what he intends to do.

That is why his intervention seems to be the last and at the highest level. He warns the West and Ukraine what the “red line” is.

Speaking at a meeting with intelligence chiefs from several former Soviet countries, Russia’s president said the risk of a conflict around the world and in the region was high and that security around critical infrastructure needed to be strengthened.

V. Putin: “Plan to use a dirty nuclear bomb”

“The incident on the Crimean bridge and the sabotage attempts at the Kursk nuclear power plant show that increased security measures must be taken at the country’s energy and transport infrastructure facilities,” Putin said.

It is clear that Russia is expecting retaliation after the explosion of the “dirty” bomb in Ukraine and after the West first blames it on Moscow.

V. Putin stressed that Ukraine has “de facto” lost its sovereignty and has become a tool of the United States, unleashing severe criticism of the support provided by Washington to Kyiv.

According to the Russian president, the United States is using Ukraine “as a battering ram against Russia, against the state of our union with the Republic of Belarus, and the CIS countries as a whole.”

“Ukrainian territory has turned into a testing ground for military biological experiments,” added Putin.

“Washington is increasingly arming Ukraine with heavy weapons in its battle against Russian forces, ignoring the fact that Ukraine is seeking to acquire a nuclear bomb.

It is also known that there are provocative plans to use such a so-called dirty bomb.”

A black market for weapons is being created in Ukraine, there is a risk of MANPADS and precision weapons falling into the hands of criminals.

“Some struggle to maintain their faltering hegemony”

The world is becoming multipolar, but some countries are trying to “maintain their faltering hegemony”, the Russian president said, “nailing” the US.

“Literally before our eyes, the world is changing and becoming truly multipolar, but some members of the international community are trying at all costs to hang on to their faltering hegemony, using a wide range of political, military, economic, informational and other methods and means ranging from the violation of legal mechanisms of strategic stability to the imposition of unilateral sanctions against those who disagree with their policy,” said the Russian president.

Putin said that these members of the international community “do not even hesitate to resort to direct sabotage.”

“I am referring to the organization of explosions in the Nord Stream international gas pipelines,” he explained.

Watched a nuclear drill

A little while earlier, the president of Russia watched the exercise of the country’s strategic nuclear forces. “The missions envisaged in the exercise of strategic deterrence forces were fully fulfilled, all the missiles hit their target.”

Footage released by the military news network Zvedza shows Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu telling Putin that the drills are about ” responding with a massive missile strike by the strategic strike forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike.”

Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov told Putin the exercise included Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines and Tu-95MS strategic bombers.

Earlier, Shoigu held talks with his Indian counterpart and conveyed to him “Moscow’s concerns” about possible provocations by Ukraine with the use of a “dirty bomb”.

Is the Baltic a battlefield? They are preparing shelters & evacuation areas in St. Petersburg – Activation of the Russian nuclear triad!

The Russian Foreign Minister S. Shoigu also informed his Indian counterpart!

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