They want to cancel the residency of British-born dissident

They want to cancel the residency of British-born dissident

“I disagree with you but will defend your right to say it”

–traditional liberal principle

This is Lee Williams, “Crossing the Rubicon’s” video.

While his views and how he expresses them is not to my taste I will, like a TRUE liberal, defend his right to express them. The incovenient truth is that there is a singificant amount of truth in what he has to say – more than anything you will get from the lamestream media.

Rather than confront New Zealand’s shadow (which Mr. Williams brings out clearly) the government and media would rather excise it and stick to what is largely mythology.

Now the Maori leaders he is attacking want him silenced and kicked out of the country – all for expressing a point-of-view

Asking for Lee Williams’ residency cancellation not about ‘severing debate’ – Māori Council’s Matthew Tukaki


9 July, 2021


Māori Council executive director Matthew Tukaki says asking the Immigration Minister to cancel controversial YouTuber Lee Williams’ residency isn’t about “severing debate”.

Tukaki, who also chairs the National Māori Authority, says he’d share a cup of tea with National Party leader Judith Collins and former ACT and National leader Don Brash – who have both spoken out against the controversial He Puapua document he’s in favour of. 

Williams, however, was an “extreme” case – and Tukaki is even considering complaining to the police. Tukaki wrote to Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi last week after receiving an “abhorrent” message from Williams on social media. 

Williams, a Canterbury-based YouTuber born in the UK, publishes far-right content and was sacked from his job at Synlait last month after a petition was launched to have him dismissed. 

Tukaki told The AM Show Williams was not someone who should be granted permanent residency in New Zealand.

“This is the extreme case – this is not about trying to severe debate, or discussion or having an honest conversation and, heck, I’ll front up with a cup of tea with Don Brash and Judith Collins for crying out loud but in this case, it is the most extreme.”

He said Williams’ actions go beyond the threshold of being kicked out of the country on character grounds. According to Immigration New Zealand, a person doesn’t meet visa character requirements if they’ve ever publicly made a racist statement or been a member of a racist group. 

“Forgive me for saying this, and this shouldn’t be a message for those other people who migrate to this country and want to be involved in a free-standing, democratic, open debate and discussion – but don’t come here pouring hate on the indigenous first nation’s people of this country,” Tukaki said.

“It’s not just about the words that he’s speaking – it’s about the followers that he’s starting to attract to him like bees to a honeypot.

“I’m considering laying a complaint with the police in terms of the Harassment Act – that’s one of the avenues I’m having a look at.” 

Tukaki said he’s warned Williams “not to message me again on social media, otherwise, I will specifically lay a complaint”.

“My message to people, more generally, is it’s up to individuals – each of us to stand up to this man.

“I’m standing up to him… if this sort of nonsense continues I’ll be the first one down at the police station.”

Newshub last week sought a response from Williams but received no response.

Williams earlier this month confronted ACT leader David Seymour at a public meeting in Ashburton, where he ranted about “freedom” and the He Puapua report. 

He has more than 15,000 subscribers on YouTube – where he’s often targeted Māori Party co-leaders Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. 

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