4 thoughts on “They’ll Come For Me (After Exposing THIS!!!)

  1. I don’t agree with Neil that people are falling for this. A cold harsh winter is going to cure a lot of people of their delusions. However, it is a very disturbing video – this makes you question everything. It fits in with the idea of a global societal collapse as mentioned in one of your other posts. And with the disturbing question posed by this article. Why is the West pursuing war but not preparing for war? https://leohohmann.com/2022/11/03/why-is-the-u-s-government-pursuing-war-with-russia-china-but-not-preparing-for-war-with-russia-china/

  2. Why would they come for someone competing with numerous similar others for an audience? And who will be even interested in doing anything about any ‘exposing’??? Have they come for David Icke?

    Mark Carney, former Governor of Bank of Canada (and next with Bank of England? and moved then on to more lucrative pastures). For years, used to announce an inflation rate that had nothing to do with what most Canadians were experiencing.

    The woman with hands glued to the asphalt. Police could move her if they really wanted to. Am not saying they should, but just hold her still while someone with a cold chisel and hammer chips around the hands without injuring her. Then take her away. What remains stuck to her hands will fall off naturally in due course. In the meantime someone will have to feed her and help her with eliminatory functions. She may have come prepared wearing senior’s diapers! Could be the reason police are staying their distance.

    Regardless of any behind-the-scenes orchestration of these demonstrations, in one way or another, what’s been building up for the longest while is all going to soon hit the fan. As friend Sol has pointed out, we’ve already “turned the corner into great civilizational change.” That cornering took place January 9 – 12, 2020, and coincided with the special once-in-approximately-every-500-year astrological-astronomical Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the Sign/Constellation of Capricorn. Previous such event was in 1521. That’s when the leader of the Aztec nation submitted himself to conquistador Hernan Cortes, thus fully acquiescing to the influence of Spanish rule, said influence spreading throughout Mexico & Central America, into southern US, and to South America. In Europe Martin Luther was occupied with splitting the Roman Catholic Church and ushering in the Protestant Reformation.

    On January 9, 2020, the Chinese government in Beijing made a formal announcement of the presence of the coronavirus in Wuhan city and environs. So we see there are always important symbolic markers for the start of major historical changes (in the current case, regardless of whether there’s a virus or not).

    Sol says Fate works by ironies. Britain now has a leader whose original background is India, once lorded over by the British Empire. Rishi Sunak’s first name might refer to the honorific given those in the sub-continent who show wisdom and mastery in their chosen course, often spiritual. US President Biden called him ‘Rashi Sunook.’ As if Biden’s subconscious confused the new PM’s name with ‘poison sumac’ which imparts a serious ‘rash’ to anyone physically contacting the plant.

  3. Robin! A few hours back, wrote a comment in separated paragraphs, which got put into one solid block with appended note saying “…awaiting moderation. …”

    Not surprised at this result, because for the immediate future am forced to use a different browser, and with that, had a choice of using another but highly secure email address (that goes through a behind-the-scenes encryption process), which I think possibly became an issue for your blog system (though not 100% sure about that).

    For this short comment, am switching back to original. Would be good if accepted as usual, as it could serve as an explanation. —- Wesley

  4. Thanks, Robin, for positing my first comment above, and glad to see the paragraphing intact. Actually, was quite resigned to possibility it would not pass muster, because there were some things I wrote that felt not satisfactory, but today I see it got accepted.

    Re. the different addressing I used, have no idea how it came through on your side. Will not use again until I better understand the overly secure setup for it (totally the opposite impression suggested by what appears a ‘quack’ domain administering an unconventional mailing system).

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