This is New Zealand’s very own Dr.Fauci

This is New Zealand’s very own Dr.Fauci

Hello? Are you doing okay out there?

It’s not often words fail us but … [insert eye-roll emoji]

Bloomfield wants us to live in level 2.5 when – let’s be honest, if – the borders open. Why isn’t the mainstream media jumping up and down? Your guess is as good as ours – and probably a good guess too.

Well, unlike the media, we were curious to see what life at level 2.5 is likely to mean*:

(*At the current definition, and yes, we know, we know, definitions these days change at the whim of the folks calling the Covid shots.)

Last time, level 2.5 was sold as a more precautionary variation of level 2. They said the extra 0.5 accounted for mask use and restricted social gatherings.

So what’s the deal under a level 2.5 then?

Socialising and gatherings:

Under level 2.5, all social gatherings – whether they be church services, family reunions or catch-ups with friends – are capped at ten people with maximum of 50 guests only at authorised funerals or tangihanga. Aged-care facilities continue operating under stringent settings – you’ll likely have to ring ahead before visiting an elderly friend or relative.


Masks are likely to be strongly encouraged. Expect to be asked to wear a mask when you step out of your home. If the promises of last time are anything to go by, we’ll see mask mandates if people don’t wear them (calm down, Michael Baker). Forget about worrying about small details like effectiveness: if “mandates” to date have been anything to go by, then as long as it covers your nose and mouth, you’ll be good to go. 

(But never fear. You can save your old socks and hankies for another day. We’re anticipating exemptions for those that suffer from critical thinking and the need to breathe.)

Image 1

Extract from a recent Official Information Act request made to the Ministry of Health.


School’s open. However, a single school case could shut us down for contact tracing, testing, and deep cleaning. Boomerang homeschooling and cancelled exams, here we come.


Hopefully cafes, restaurants, malls, cinemas, retail shops, health services, hairdressers (and your workplace) will be open – provided they keep everyone 1 or 2 metres apart. But being open might be the moot point – they’ll probably go bust.

Exercise, recreation and sport:

Only exercise performed “safely” will be allowed. Bizarrely that is unlikely to mean “safe” as we use to understand it. In our new 2.5 normal, it means staying away from each other. By the way, like last time, white baiting will probably be okay if physical distancing is maintained while complying with the fishing rules… (eye-roll again).

Community sports are probably going to look weird. They’ll be limited to groups of 100, with groups prevented from intermingling or sharing common facilities simultaneously. How will they group people, you ask? Well, New York is implementing some ideas around segregation according to jab-status. Perhaps that will appeal to the powers that be.

Anyway, back to the media…

Where is our fourth estate then?

Who is keeping our elected (and very much unelected) officials and “experts” accountable when they start tossing around dystopian plans for our future?

Oh right…. looks like it’s just you and us.

While the media turns a blind eye to the out of control hand that feeds them, it’s our job to speak up, write articles and letters, make videos, and hold them accountable.

This weekend, tell them what you think of Bloomfield’s maniacal level 2.5 idea. Pick up a pen and write to your local MP, Bloomfield and the government. Or share anyone of the videos from the brave doctors that are coming forward speaking with us.

Our old normal depends on it.


In addition there is THIS, Linda Wharton, via Facebook

In New Zealand every medical and para medical registration body has sent letters to members effectively “gagging” the expression of ANY concerns regarding the CV V in New Zealand.
I myself, as a Registered Acupuncturist, received such a letter a week ago.
A few weeks ago over 30 GPs signed an open letter of concern regarding several issues relating to the CV V.
They are now being hunted for censorship and potentially severe consequences.
There is NO INFORMED CONSENT process for the V in New Zealand…because practitioner are TERRIFIED to speak their truth and express their concerns about this medical intervention.
I never thought i would see the day that this would happen in New Zealand
From the Fiji government

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