Tiptoeing to Armageddon

Tiptoeing to Armageddon

Are we going to get off the Internet and start helping each other?

We need support groups, not just information.


In the last week I have been trying to get blood tests done for what I think is a kidney/bladder condition. First, I had to fight the doctor in a consultation that was as good as it Is likely to get, to take my concerns seriously (I will post the transcript separately.but I have been struggling to get blood tests done against a background of justifiable industrial action by laboratory technicians who could earn more serving at McDonalds than they do in their trade and a crumbling health sector.

Even though I learned about upcoming industrial action reported by the media I can get no honest acknowledgement of this anywhere. First, the doctor who has to be better informed than I am, pretended to be ignorant of the whole thing. Instead, they pretend it is about “winter hours” with laboratories running to reduced hours during winter – can you imagine cutting back services in winter?.  

Yesterday morning I went to the local blood collection agency. Already a queue was forming outside. The folk who had gone to considerable lengths to turn up for blood testing had assumed that the doors would open at 8 am because there was a large notice on the door giving the “winter hours”.  What they didn’t notice but was staring at me in the face was a much smaller notice off to the side saying they were closed because of industrial action. 

One of the people waiting said that he had come by the day before and that notice was not there. When we came home and checked the website.  There was no notification about industrial action – just the “winter hours”.

This is just part of the weird atmosphere in the country where no matter where you turn they cannot tell the truth about something as basic as even a go- slow by laboratory technicians even if it is plastered across the news media.

I live a fairly circumscribed life but every time I go anywhere I get reminders of how bad things are in this country, whether it be the closure of a major bank branch which is boarded over, almost entire blocks with closed  shops or conversations with well-meaning, hard-working and long-suffering folk just trying to get by while we are lied to by almost every organisation from government and media downwards.

But it gets worse than that. 

The opposition groups such as Voices for Freedom appear to me to be asleep at the wheel. You cannot solve anything by setting up a new political party as Liz Gunn appears to be doing, or with pop-up demonstrations. Not even by public meetings (as you will see below).

It seems to me that the urgent need is for bringing people together and supporting each other.

And I’m not just talking about the occasional public speaker but I mean the building of networks and support groups. I am not sufficiently well connected but it seems to me that this is happening in smaller regional communities.

But not where I am. It’s all still about the exchange of information and nothing else and even interest in that seems to be waning from what I can see.

There are fewer meetings and little interest in any community groups.

If you enquire you just get the response that you can join such-and-such a group. 

Worse than that, folk get together without any concern or care whatsoever, vaxxed and unvaxxed alike in one soup.

It’s all very democratic and inclusive, but the truth is you are just as likely to pick something up at one of these gatherings as you would from a doctor’s waiting room or hospital.

We are falling apart and we have “interest groups“?!

Recently, there was an attempt to stimulate a discussion about organising people who can communicate with each other in the likely event of normal forms of communication going down.  Needless to say, these suggestions were never taken up and instead we had a VFF friend come back and say she had acquired a HAM radio (or whatever other radio communication). 

I wondered, when I heard this, who are they preparing to communicate with?.  From room-to-room amongst themselves or with some select members of a secret group?

I cannot be part of any of this. My days of attending meetings and trying to change things are well-and-truly behind me. Even if I could attend meetings (and I can’t), 

I would be a Voice in the Wilderness.

I am getting clues about just how bad things are. Even putting aside the obviously vaccine-injured just about everyone we encounter is affected, including in ways that we cannot pin down but feel. This goes from friends who are absolutely possessed by fear so they won’t leave their own home; to the meditation teacher who has changed in ways we can’t pin down (as if their psyche is caught in a cage); to numerous people who have, over a short period of time, lost their ability to think clearly, reason or have a logical conversation with.

I have had dealings with a very helpful and well-meaning professional to do with publishing my book. Once I finished writing and editing and put it in his hands there have been avoidable mistake after mistake.  

Finally, we finished the process but sitting in close proximity to our friend while asking about an unrelated matter I realised that there was something very wrong with him and his thinking process.

Once more,I cannot put my finger on it but I have concluded it has to be a result of the vaccine injury because we observe something similar among almost all our vaccinated friends.

There are healers and sensitive people who report they can tell if someone has been jabbed or not, even down to what batch. I have little doubt about this. I am not that sensitive but certain things I can divine.

That brings me to something else. 

A local funeral.director pointed out that statistics indicate that while excess deaths are high in places such as Auckland and smaller centres they are inexplicably low in the Wellington region. Does that have anything to do with what batches people have been injected with? 

I have been dutifully reporting the alarming findings of Dr Ana Mihalcea and others, but once again I have zero feedback.

Do people think she is crazy, or I’d a liar?

Or are they simply unconcerned and simply being distracted into areas where they feel they can make a difference, such as setting up yet another political party or pop-up demonstrations?

What we are seeing in the blood of the vaccinated, but now in the unvaccinated, and even, now, in the air we breathe, Is truly frightening.  It strongly suggests that collectively we cannot escape what is coming our way. I am strongly in favour of empirical scientific research. What these people are reporting seeing, under their microscopes invites a response.

For one these results are being replicated in many places.

Yet, they are being, at best, ignored, at worst, attacked.  

Are these people lying or deluded? Perhaps their microscopes are lying?!

I am aware that a team in New Zealand had similar results and a team of people under Dr.Matt Shelton was researching this. And yet I have heard nothing more about it. Instead, I read about Dr Shelton’s intention to stand for parliament.

When I first encountered Dr Mihalcea’s work I reached out in an effort to have my own blood tested.

That effort was totally unsuccessful.

I reached out to a doctor friend in the movement who referred my email on,but I never heard a single word back so my efforts to find somebody, anybody, in the region, who does dark field microscopy came to naught. 

When I was practising 15 years ago I could find such people with ease, but now that it is urgent and important I can find nobody.

I tried to interest people in Dr Mihalcea’s chelation program once again I was doomed to failure. Either there was no response or the occasional throw-off comment that chelation is toxic to the kidneys. 

More toxic than the spike protein or nanobots? 


I went to great effort to get stuff into the country but quickly realised that I was too sick to undergo this without skilled assistance that was not forthcoming. Besides which it was useful without confirmation from the microscopy.

Several weeks ago, I learned from the last videos from the late, great, Dr Buttar of the concept of “secondary inoculation”.  

We are all swimming in an ocean of spike proteins and nanobots that none of us can escape. We are all -every single one of us – affected ultimately. 

As it has always been some of us are canaries in the mine.

I know. if  I was living in the States I could get help. But there is no help to be had in this benighted country.  

Essentially, I have the impression I just have to remain in Glorious Isolation, get sicker with every exposure and essentially wait to die.

In the meantime, the Opposition ignores all this and distracts itself with things that make them feel better.

Just as we have sensitives among us who can identify those who have been vaccinated and how they are being affected I believe I have been given a  gift. I wrote a 200 page book within weeks.

The writing was easy.

It was the reworking of text and editing to make it readable that took the time. 

I do not believe any of it is personal but is being  channelled from a Divine source. 

The only part that is personal is the radio receiver, called the brain, that receives the information and “individualises” it.

Would it be arrogant to suggest that “my” information is important and ignored at great cost?

I hold no animus, or even anger, towards anyone, which is why I haven’t mentioned any names.

I love you all.

The radio receiver is not working that well these days so I apologise for any confusion.

5 thoughts on “Tiptoeing to Armageddon

  1. Why does no one talk about the fact that the worst consequence of wearing a mask is ensuing lack of oxygen in the blood and brain? Children in particular should have been exempted from the mask requirement, but the long-term consequences are also evident in adults, namely the death of those areas of the brain that got undersupplied with oxygen. If some of our contemporaries now appear retarded, it is most likely due to the fact that at the time of the pandemic they were forced to have this breathing obstruction in front of their faces for hours on end every day. I don’t know of any doctor who would have warned about this, although it’s basic medical knowledge.

    1. While what you say is correct there is also some logic to wearing a mask for SHORT PERIODS, say going into a shop, to avoid what they are shedding. To refuse to wear a mask in all circumstances is, in my mind a potential act of suicide.

      1. For me, it would depend on the mask I was wearing. The store/shop size/ventilation. In most cases, a good 3M N95 mask is doing little, to nothing.
        The particle sizes are so small. I’ve handled enough moldy junk with a mask on to know it doesn’t stop everything.
        Even P-100 might not be good enough.

        Mold spores are small. This “gene tech” is exponentially smaller. In theory. Spike protein’s or whatever graphene(s).
        Sure, a short period. But what about contaminated masks? I steer clear myself. Especially after the graphene scandal with masks in Canada. (From China)

          1. Read the link, It’s 6 small paragraphs. 16 odd sentences.
            Total propaganda. “face masks that were recalled for containing graphene can resume after the agency assessed the masks and found “no health risks of concern.” ” And more hooey!

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