Todd Callender: “Everyone who has had the shot has AIDS”

Todd Callender: “Everyone who has had the shot has AIDS”

I came across this video discussion between Reiner Fuellmich and members of the Corona Investigative Committee with Todd Callender who is an attorney that is well-versed in what he talks about and has been working with the military.

This is the introduction from the video:

Guest: Todd Callender – Lawyer (Disabled Rights Advocates)worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context.

Was the first lawyer in the US to sue the US Department of Defense, HHS and FDA in relation to the mandates and as such, he acquired 400,000 military clients (plaintiffs) with scores of them and others that have provided ample whistleblower evidence.

Knows from the DMED Database that in 10 months of 2021 all cause morbidity and mortality has increased by 11.000% between 18-40 years of age only for military personal. Callender: “This is Genocide”

The Corona Committee was formed by four lawyers. It is conducting an evidence review of the Corona crisis and actions.

I recognised that the material was very important and needs to be spread as widely as possible.

The audio was very poor and it took some effort to understand what was being said.

The following is the result of my efforts to try and divine the message.

Below is the interview in full. 

I have taken notes from his presentation and provided some references where I could and interspersed with some short video sequences.


Liponanoparticles are like little bombers carrying a payload of spike proteins, mRNA and synthetic DNA: In order to slip this past and disarm the natural human immune system they used three HIV proteins to bypass the immune system:

  • GP120,
  • AV5 as an adjuvant and
  • PP14

Those three proteins were injected into humans for the specific goal of allowing these little bombers (the lipo proteins) to go into the cells and deliver those payloads and create synthetic DNA, recombinant mRNA and DNA

What is alarming in the terms of all the excess death and morbidity is that the people who put these three proteins into the shots disarmed people’s immune systems and gave them vaccine-induced AIDS without anything to reverse it

So what you are seeing in terms of excess death and morbidity, from data on the DoD database, DEMD is an 1100% increase in all-cause mortality and morbidity.

For this to happen there has to be something systemic going on.

When you see all types of mortality in people who are physically-fit – heart issues, inflammation issues, clotting, rise by hundreds of percentiles there has to be only one cause and that is the destruction of the immune system

Everyone who got this injection got some form of immune deficiency syndrome.

Those that got one shot had about 30 % of their natural immunity destroyed. This can be seen in medical practise.

The real epidemic is NOW

Based on what they are seeing they are expecting a 5,000% increase in excess mortality for this year

It is not by coincidence that Moderna has received license for the emergency use of their HIV vaccine.

They gave everyone AIDS and “here’s your salvation”.


Experts have figured out that there is a EMF connection to all of this. During the lockdown period of 2 years there was a tremendous rollout of 5G- in every single public school in the United States

Each 5G frequency does different things including mimic the symptoms of COVID.

At Halloween, 2019 Wuhan, China was the first in the world to introduce 5G.

Within a short period of time we had people standing on the street and then falling over dead.

Using the cellphone as a transmitter they were able to rip the oxygen from the nitrogen and without the oxygen they fell over dead.

5G is a dual use item – you can use it to communicate or to kill .

A lot of the research involved the 18 gHZ signal.

If you look at the Pfizer and Modern patents the COVID pathogen was chimeric. It was part-viral and part-bacterial.

The pathogens in the lipid nanoparticles, the ones that were created and are inside the vaccine, are  also chimeric.

In some cases they are Marburgs mixed with e-Coli  they were ebola mixed with staphylococcus,

When they are exposed to 18 gHz they will swell and become porous which means they will pour out the proteins that caused people’s bodies to produce these pathogens.

This was the whole point of the mRNA technology.

Later on he returns to the question of 5G in Q &A

5G – why use cellphones and the satellite signals

He thinks it is a function of what frequency they are using. 5G is just a range of different frequencies (2 gHz – 500 gHz – they do different things.

The cell towers have 3 mW of energy – enough to run a small city – they are beaming energy similar to what you cook food with and examples of birds and animals dropping dead from exposure.

These waves do not travel far and are easily obstructed.

We do not know what frequency the 5G that comes from space is operating on. There are 28,000 satellites up there that cover every part of the planet.

The whole point was to genetically modify people for the purpose of having them produce these synthetic proteins.

In the case of COVID it was to have the body produce spike proteins.

After the 18 gHZ it will be to produce other proteins, the M-protein which produce the same HIV proteins. When people who have had the shots produce these proteins, these synthetic pathogens they also will be shedding them on others.


The vaccines were designed to be contagious in the words of Bill Gates.

So when we look at the next disease we can already say what this will be.

It is Marburg

How does he know that?

Because in 2020 the Marburg provisions of the US Prep Act were already been put into action although theoretically, there is no Marburgs in the United States.

Marburg provisions were invoked in 2020’s although there is no Marburgs in the USA – mandate to quarantine, test people for Marburg. Send out 18 gHz which will induce the Marburgs that will act as the pretext to fill hospitals and

At some point the 18 gHz signal will be put out and this will produce the Marburg result and they will use this as a pretext to control and occupy the quarantine centres and the hospitals that have already murdered, according to his estimate 2 million or so Americans


Why does he mention the hospitals?

This is because he has put a lot of effort into getting people out of them.

In his research he discovered that in 2008 they merged hospitals, public health, law enforcement, judiciary corrections  and brought them all under one roof.

Say someone goes to the hospital with a broke arm. They are given a mandatory COVID test which they repeat until they get a positive result. They are moved to a COVID ward where they are given Midazolam, (which is used in lethal injection drugs), which lowers the oxygen absorption of the lungs to about 70%. 

That is used to move them to bring ICU ward where remesdevir is added to the IV bag and inevitably they end up on the ventilator  which are operating and transmitting on the 60gHz signal,  the same one that separates the oxygen from the nitrogen – and so they die.

Todd’s job has been to get people out of hospital and off the respirators; his success rate has been about 50%. Generally the hospitals refuse to release them (he has been told ‘your client is going to die in hospital’), the police won’t investigate but often arrest the loved ones trying to get their family members off the respirator. Hospitals are part of the law enforcement apparatus and the judiciary has been combined with public health and law enforcement.

Everyone who has had the shot, whose cells  have been converted to created spike proteins are the chattel holders of the intellectual property rights holder.He refers back to NASA and DARPA documents dating back to 2001 that talk about hybrid humans that they will own and operate This is an extinction level event whereby the owners are going to decide who is going to live and who is going to die. Genocide is the taking of human life but these people are no longer homo sapiens and so have no human rights. They have found their way round the law in the same way as experimenting with human mice. People turn up at airports with faked vaccine passports and they already know they are not vaccinated and it’s a. forgery.


This is a master plan that is extraordinarily well- coordinated.

All of this arises from Agenda-21 which has three major goals:

  • The elimination of private property rights
  • The elimination of borders and sovereignty
  • Mass depopulation under the guise of the sustainabilIty goals


We are in all three of these stages right now. He quotes a legal document from 2013 from the US Supreme Court, the title of which I could not catch which states that:

“The court finds that use of mRNA in particular, creates intellectual property rights in the synthetic genomes they create”

It means that everyone who got the shot where mRNA converted their cells into producing spike proteins are now the chattel property of the patent holders.

He refers back to NASA and DARPA documents dating back to 2001 that talk about hybrid humans that they will own and operate This is an extinction level event whereby the owners are going to decide who is going to live and who is going to die.

Genocide is the taking of human life but these people are no longer homo sapiens and so have no human rights as such.

They have found their way round the law in the same way as experimenting with human mice.

If you are new to all this and it all sounds like science fiction backed up by nothing consider this.

These are the words of Klaus Schwab’s deputy, Yuval Harari.

This was followed by a Q & A so are fairly random

People turn up at airports with faked vaccine passports and they already know they are not vaccinated and it’s a forgery.

They did mass spectroscopy and found components (including a compound called luciferase) which indicate that they can determine if someone has had the shot which gets around the problem of faked vaccine passports.

Mass spectroscopy indicates they did not include graphene oxide in the shots but introduced all the base compounds needed for the body to produce graphene oxide

EMF from cellphones will lead to a 300% increase in graphene hydroxide.

All they have to do is put the base compounds into the shot, expose it to EMF and those people grow graphene dioxide in their bodies.

He talks about the mortician who couldn’t get the embalming fluid inside the cadavers and he cut open the veins and found these long sheets in the veins – this is the graphene dioxide.   

Because these vaccines are under investigation they can change the ingredients without telling the authorities – designed to test various components.

There are 8-9 different patents so it seems that people are receiving different batches. Pfizer and Moderna do not have to tell us what it is they are testing.

In Germany there is no need for any labelling or to keep any batches for any future investigation. The pretext for this is to make things more efficient and speed things up.

Cominarty was approved a full year before it was approved in the USA

All the main vaccines have lipo nanoparticles (also called hydrogel) in them – and they all share the same HIV adjuvant (and this includes Sputnik)

Polyethylene glycol picked up in all the main vaccines. Mass spectroscopy showed Moderna and Pfizer have the same ingredients but in different proportions. What was different was the programming RNA and anti-virus DNA to program the body. We have no clue what pathogens are in the lipo nanoparticles – some will show up as ebola, Marburg or as COVID – we do not know. 

Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zenica use synthetic DNA whereas Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA but otherwise they are basically the same.

Unless they received a placebo everyone is in danger – they all have AIDS

Two elements of causation – the aim is the destruction of the immune system and constant software upgrades are necessary. The hardware has already been implemented, people are made of graphene dioxide – this is the mainframe.

People will need monthly shots to

a) stay alive,

b) receive their software upgrades.

These people do not care about human life, in fact they hate us – they want us gone or as slaves.

The Bank of International Settlements  already own the world’s money supply, they own the food supply, the water supply, the electricity supply and they want to genetically modify all of Life.

They are luciferians, they hate humanity and have the stated goal of genetically modifying all of Life, starting with us.

Super-soldier program

They have been doing human gene modification since at least 2005.  Informed consent as in the Nuremburg Protocol and has gone and all they have to do is to inform people what they are doing

Already being done by North Korea turning soldiers into something very durable.

North Korean Scientists Racing To Clone Super-Soldiers And Jim Jong Un

There is research showing they can download information directly into the brain.

  • Graphene is very conductive – if someone with graphene receives a signal of 2 gHz they are able to produce a 1 TB signal outbound, they become a battery (Bill Gates has a patent on this) – they become electricity generators
  • They become sources of intelligence – everything they see, and hear becomes connected through the bionet of things every other person and to every cellphone tower connected via the Cloud. They become bio machines that become capable of detecting everything, sound, touch etc. 
  • Graphene is the most durable substance on the planet so when you see Kim Jun-un’s soldiers become extraordinarily robust this is the graphene. You cannot even puncture graphene at the single molecular level.
  • Graphene is self assembling when an electrical current  is added it naturally self-assembles into an electrical circuit

CRISPR technology – gene deletion program. One adverse effect that came out of the Pfizer FOIA 1P6 gene deletion – a congenital disease that leads to loss of cerebral cortex – the only way to get this is if there is gene deletion in the body. 50 min

Rapid and Efficient Gene Deletion by CRISPR/Cas9

They also deleted  the VMAT2 gene, the god gene and the PAX-5 related to spirituality. People who receive this will be zombie-like and not act like humans

VMAT2 gene: The God Gene and Neurotransmitters

He thinks that people who have been reported as “uncontactable” on energetic/spiritual level have already been subject to VMAT-2 gene deletion.

There are examples of government agencies preparing for a ‘zombie apocalypse’

CONOP 8888: The Pentagon’s Plan For Defending Against A Zombie Apocalypse

VMAT-2 gene deletion deletion creates a zombie-like creation in people 


Person who receives the gene modification is now producing this synthetic protein (it is not a full protein but a folding protein which means they are producing prions.

Prions can invade the body and there is prion disease throughout the US

Dr.Ryan Cole has good evidence found prions in tissues.


In Germany they bought sufficient vaccines to last until 2029

There is talk in NASA documents of being able to be crop dusters and  drop nano particles from the air.

Research from the 1970’s already tells us what the effects of various frequencies of EMF are.

At 96 gHz they were able to literally burn the faces of protesters in Australia at 500 meter distance.

No standards or protection whatsoever.They can cook us all dayIn US, while investigating in 2019 investigators  made it a crime in many states for city counsellors to vote against implementation of 5G

In Wuhan 21 million people ditched their cellphones or terminated their 5G service in the month of November. The Chinese figured out that the 5G cellphones were targeting systems

Some frequencies will cure (as in Rife frequencies); others will kill you.

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