Tru News on the election results

Tru News on the election results

 I am feeling tired and more than a little jaded today and have expressed myself on Facebook based on what I heard today at Tru News. A wonderfully chilled Rick Wyles being his most reflective.

The fix is in and the corrupt dotard will become president.

Judicial challenges will fail. Even if you win in court you lose politically.

Just like the revelations about Epstein and about the Hunter Biden laptop and Joe’s being bought by the CCP have disappeared as if it never happened the same might happen with the civil war, Antifa etc. They might be told to disappear into their holes and the civil war might be as forgotten narrative as everything else.

Meanwhile, America will continue its downward march and some of the most corrupt men and women in the world will be in charge and the world will be made safe for a globalist agenda, the Great Reset, compulsory vaccination and everything else some of the more far-sighted of us are afraid of.

No grounds for any optimism at all.

That’s how I feel today.


Today on TruNews, host and founder Rick Wiles analyzes the aftermath of Election 2020, as both Vice-President Biden and President Trump signal overtures to victory in the battle for the executive crown. 

As social media censors Mr. Trump, and lifts up a Biden win, Rick shares his personal insight into the corruption inherit in American politics, and the pathway to victory for US citizens, especially Christians, to truly make a difference in the nation. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 11/4/2020

Watch the broadcast HERE

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