Tru News on the ongoing revolution

Tru News on the ongoing revolution


Listen to “Rick Wiles: It Is Time for President Trump to Declare Martial Law in Portland and Seattle” on Spreaker.

Today on TruNews we lay down the gambit for how and why to restore order in the formerly United States of America. We address the weekend anarchy in Portland and Seattle, and we detail our investigation into a Jacobin-Freemason inspired alternative for the NRA, called the Socialist Rifle Association. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate 08/17/2020

Watch the podcast HERE

Protesters pull a man from his truck and 

viciously assault him during BLM protest in Portland

Black Lives Matter Protest: Give Us Your House (Seattle, Aug 12 2020)

“Ghost Town”: Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And 

Boarded Up 5th Avenue

Reports are emerging describing a potential near miss with an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) while the C-32A that President Trump was flying on was making its final approach into Andrews Air Force base on Sunday evening. POTUS was returning from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster New Jersey when the reported near miss took place. 

AFP’s Sebastian Smith reported on the incident shortly after disembarking the highly modified 757-200, stating:

Remember how we are supposed to support the banning of all firearms and taught to hate the National Rifle Association (NRA)?

Now it turns out the anarchists or communists (whatever they call themselves) have their own Association and I don’t think it is just a love of firearms.

The Socialist Rifle Association is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in Wichita Kansas and filing as a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization federally. We are an organization dedicated to educating on and advocating for all aspects of self and community defense. Article Two of our Bylaws states our purpose clearly:

…We recognize all aspects of self and community defense to include topics such as firearms, disaster relief, medicine, logistics, agriculture, general survival skills, and other pursuits necessary to unify and strengthen communities against the hardships of life under capitalism. We seek, advocate for, and advance an inclusive, safe, and healthy firearms culture in America to combat the toxic, right-wing, and exclusionary firearm culture in place today. We work to create a platform, environment, and community of members and like-minded individuals that are free of reactionary influences and prejudices, such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discriminatory ideologies. We maintain the necessity of and work towards the implementation of an anti-capitalist platform for protecting and promoting the inherent human right to defend oneself and one’s community”

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