Truck driver reporting FEMA panic buying water DC region

Truck driver reporting FEMA panic buying water DC region

I’m a truck driver, broker called me offering me water load to DC region.

I didn’t want to go there so quoted them $1500 more than what they offered me and they took it right away.

Tons of trucks being ordered to bring botted water, oddly even from 1200 miles away.

Don’t know why but broker said FEMA in a panic to get all this water over there.

If I were to guess maybe fuel shortage will get worse so they worried about supplies running out? Already know of drivers not wanting to go up that area worried about getting fuel.

Or could be false flag incoming.

–Godlike Productions

And from Hal Turner…

I have been contacted by an Owner Operator truck driver today, who lives south of Atlanta.   He told me he got a phone call from a freight broker with whom he does regular business, offering him X amount of $ to haul a load of Bottled Water up to Washington, DC.  

The Owner Operator told me that he didn’t want to go up to DC, so he told the freight broker he would do it for Fifteen-Hundred dollars ($1500.) MORE than the offered price.  The Broker said “OK!”  He booked the truck on the spot.

Turns out this is a FEMA Order.  According to the Freight Broker, they are in an absolute PANIC to get as many truckloads of bottled water as they can to the Washington DC Region.   No info as to why.

I’m digging to try to find out what’s up, but after 5:00 PM on a Friday, that’s no easy task. 

I wanted to pass this info along to my subscribers.  Make of it what you will, just be aware that FEMA is scrambling to get bottled water.


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