Canada’s largest banks are all offline…

Posted by Kane on February 16, 2022 9:55 p

Patriots have been pulling funds and closing accounts all day to protest Trudeau.

Patriots getting revenge on Freeland…


With his invoking of “Emergency Act” war-type powers, and his Order to seize bank accounts of anyone found donating to the trucker’s Freedom Convoy, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apparently triggered a BANK RUN in Canada.

The withdrawals are so widespread Canada’s largest banks Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, and CIBC Bank, ARE ALL OFFLINE!

Canadians are already talking about it online:


Another person responded:

As an outsider-looking-in it seems to me that Canadians see their government has morphed into Tyranny and they simply do not trust the government or the banks anymore.   Since Banks in the country simply rolled-over to seize trucker funds, it appears to me that Canadians realize the banks might just as easily roll-over on THEM too!

What’s next?  Lose your money if you criticize Dear Leader?  Who knows . . .

I am not a citizen of Canada and have no involvement with the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy at all.   I am not in contact with anyone participating in that effort and since I neither reside nor work in Canada, I do not have a horse in that race. The outcome of these matters has no effect on me either way.

Yet as a casual observer, it seems to me that people would be well advised to realize how such things like large, sudden,  money  withdrawals and Bank web sites offline can spread on their own, and maybe Canadians should take steps to assure their own money is safely out of the banks?

Why take a chance?

Signs are already being noticed that things are going bad with the banks up there:




    1. Maybe not just very recently, but China banks have had their problems. Once, I recall, all the ATMs across the board just simply crashed, and on that day one bank in particular had its entire system go totally out of whack. My good friend who tops me in astrology said that was during an especially glitch-prone day for all types of financial transactions.

      Then there was the instance where a good clustering of Chinese financial institutions just simply defaulted on their bonds. And August 2015, we mustn’t forget that month for the approximate 30% drop in the Shanghai stock index.

      The central government couldn’t do a single thing to prevent any of the above. But China is big, and recoveries took place in due course (save for bankruptcies of the deadbeats).

      In other words, if something is ‘ordained,’ it will happen regardless. This is not about ‘belief systems.’ If one has a dream showing such and such will happen, and reality manifests accordingly, that means the future is already rigged. It then becomes a matter of whether one is privy to that knowledge (and, understandably, most people will not have a clue). No amount of science can argue this. Well, science could try and argue it, but it wouldn’t do it any good.

      Actually, it can be very dangerous to predict the future (too accurately), and perhaps even irresponsible. “Kill the messenger” is not a well-worn phrase for nothing.

      The current times, however, are not normal. Such abnormal times are ‘the new normal.’ This signals a huge collapse is in the offing, and China will not escape, because the phenomenon is global. More and more among the general public are plugged into the so-called ‘end times.’

      1. Further on the subject of Canadian banks and Canadian money.

        With the current crazy inflation, it’s helpful to remember for the purpose of perspective, that every day the Canadian dollar is worth less than on the previous day — in fact, shrinking by the hour!!! In other words, it will buy less and less amount of anything than previously. Then one easily asks whether wages are keeping up; we all know the answer.

        Seniors, from the get-go, whose sole monthly income is the government old age security payment fortified by the guaranteed income supplement (OAS + GIS), on the basis of a 40-hour week and average 4.3 weeks a month, are pulling in ‘roughly’ $9.00/hour (while most provinces’ minimum wage beats that by $5.00/hour, i.e., minimum is about $14.00/hour). This does not compute well in terms of, say, food security!!!

        Now, with the big four Canadian banks, there’s a stoppage on withdrawals. Customers fare better among the many small banks and credit unions. Among these, in ordinary times, if a withdrawal is $2,000 or more, one is likely to be asked the reason for said transaction, and there could be a limit of $100,000, set at one large transaction per day. Any chance of a run on the banks has probably already been pre-empted by long-ago planned controls.

        Where the predicament of the day calls for it, individual institutions should be checked for actual conditions. The smaller the institution, likely it’s easier to get information readily.

        These days approaching insanity, we see how well named the basic (and symbolic) Canadian one-dollar coin is: ‘the Loonie,’ engraved with the iconic Loon, a waterfowl that doesn’t quack or let out with a ‘cheap-cheap’ — but with a distinctive plaintive cry echoing across rising waters.

  1. Some words on Justin Trudeau and his Deputy Chrystia Freeland.

    In previous comment above, I tried to show how the Canadian $1.00 coin, the ‘Loonie,’ was not a misnomer.

    For the names of the present two important Canadians above, somewhat the opposite is the reality. Somewhere under another of Robin’s blog articles, I tried to show how ‘Tru-deau’ could be mis-punned as ‘real money.’ With Justin, the ex-drama teacher, ‘play money’ is the apt choice.

    Not wanting to be a copy of his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who many decades ago used the War Measures Act rein in French-Canadian dissidents, Justin decided to try out a new act, the Emergency Act, on truckers and company. How this move has come to be seen by many Canadians, including politicians, is its contradiction of the tenets of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, enacted in 1982 by the UK under the initiative of his father’s government. Am just mentioning this point, and not getting into the intricacies of the argument.

    Concerning Chrystia Freeland, there’s much that’s interesting, and, am sure, relevant about her name vis-a-vis the power she has come to wield as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister (her prouncements are shot
    out of a double barrel).

    There is also the power residing in her name as symbol, the symbol not particularly well hidden, yet that power acting Unconsciously through the Collective, which power itself is eyebrow raising if we consider that, as my astrologer friend has discovered, she is a Leo, the native of the premier zodiacal sign of the Individual, which sits opposite in the circular zodiac to Aquarius, the sign of the Collective.

    By coincidence, both Napoleon Bonaparte of France and Benito Mussolini of Italy were of Leonine birth, with the latter’s birthday only 6 days before Freeland’s. A relationship seen emphasized through their historical roles as dictators, if we learn that of the 5 languages Freeland speaks, 2 are French and Italian.

    ‘Chrystia’ is related to ‘Christ,’ while ‘Freeland’ can immediately call up the vast territory of Canada’s ‘true north strong and free.’ As I wrote elsewhere, the Christian Era is now on its last legs, the world having crossed over into the Aquarian Age, the 2,000-year-plus timespan when the power of the Collective dominates over the polar opposite Individual.

    So, contradiction is obvious, when we understand the tension in the oppositional stretch between Freeland’s Leo Individual inner self and her outer self presiding over the laws and finances of the greater collective public (which are Aquarian in nature).

    Chrystia Freeland has a truly impressive CV/Resume, graduating Harvard and as a Rhodes Scholar, among other academic accomplishments. Her specialities have been various subjects Ukrainian and Russian (perhaps Robin is aware of this), and besides English, and French and Italian just mentioned, she definitely also speaks Ukrainian and Russian, as the 2 remaining of the 5 —- i.e., she speaks the languages of Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelensky and Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin!!!. And she co-owned an apartment in the Ukranian capital Kyiv. So, how coincidental and timely is all of that??? Is this a conspiracy? Yes, by the Cosmos alone, says my soul amigo.

    And left till the last about Chrystia Freeland is more than a tidbit. Strong among her Ukranian background through familial ties is ‘anti-semitism’ and ‘Nazism’ (which needs more exploring before writing about it here).

    My friend, my aging soul amigo, with whom I see eye to eye, says an extensive formal education leaves one betoken to it. I.e., trapped by it through a complex web of mostly unacknowledged (and likely highly unconscious) attachments, that restrict freedom, left, right, top and bottom. In other words, in such a situation, how can one’s own land be free???

    My friend, who declines posting any commentary (though helps me with mine), has kept as free as possible by limiting formal education to a minimum, with zero attachment to any ambitions or intentions. If he has to do anything with intention or purpose, he remains unattached, prefering to remain above the fray. He is not against enjoying life, whenever/wherever possible.


  2. Seems I wasn’t quite done till I checked with at least one of Canada’s big 4 banks to see if it was open for business online —- and it was, on Friday February 18, 2022 at approximately 3 AM Pacific Time. Which is not to say why it was open, or whether it was open earlier. So, whatever significance there is to the forgoing is free for the reader of this comment to determine.

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