Trudeau Recently Sold mRNA Patents to China!

Trudeau Recently Sold mRNA Patents to China!

Trudeau Recently Sold the mRNA Patents to China

Chinese firm buys Canada mRNA Covid vaccine tech in $500 million deal – Total deal Hundreds of Billions of US Dollars Cash.

Trudeau recently sold the mRNA licensed patents of the Vaccine to China for $500 Million USD.

Trudeau is/was the actual owner of the company (CPTH), so Trudeau made the $500 M.

Canada’s Providence Therapeutics Holdings (UBC aka university british colombia) Patents issued in Trudeau’s name, and CPTH is a Trudeau holding company.

But Trudeau also licensed this technology to Moderna & Pfizer (MONOPOLY CANADA ONLY) but also to the entire world, a deal exceeding $100 BILLION USD

Trudeau say’s this is a Beautiful Vax and no where else but Canada has the patents for this vax; I will license to Moderna & Pfizer.

What’s fascinating is that in 2020 Trudeau mandated mRNA vaccines to all Canadians, so he created a MONOPOLY of his own company, and forced Canadian to use his product.

Of course it turns out the mRNA fuck people up bad, but never mind that issue

Chinese firm buys Canada mRNA Covid vaccine tech in $500 million deal

Now this where it gets REAL INTERESTING in 2020 Trudeau had to license the patents also to Moderna & Pfizer, so that was a deal of hundreds of billions of US-Dollars; Let’s remember here that to date the BIG-PHARMA have gotten Trillion’s of USDollars mandating the entire earth to use these vaccines.

Some say this still doesn’t justify the 4x mandates, or the 4x booter per year forever; That Trudeau would have made ‘enough’ money just on the first vax, call it quit, fuck-you money, and walk with Billions; He didn’t and here’s why, Gates Richest man in the worlds wants MORE, this is how it works. You people apply rationality to people like Trudeau he’s a sociopath he’ll kill everybody without considering he would ultimately be alone. There is no remorse, and there is never enough they want it all.

Well here is Trudeau and his ilk, with their 100’s billions now behind the barb wire.

The ROGAN – MALONE Angle How it all fits together

This now almost closes all the mystery about Rogan, and what was really going on. Most troubling in the ROGAN interview with Dr. Malone, was that Malone kept crying how he didn’t get paid. He claims he developed mRNA but his patents weren’t even strong enough to get a nickel,… This is troubling. On the other hand Trudeau was able to secure the patents owned by UBC ( univ brit colum ) and transfer them to a private company, this had to be done by the help of GATES, SCHWAB and elite bankers, especially given the secrecy.


Now we understand why they wanted to ‘censor’ Rogan on the Malone not that the vaccine was bad for you, but they feared he would drop the beans about how Trudeau came to be the one profiting from the mRNA patents.


In my humble opinion what we have here is a lot of assholes fighting over some serious big money, but largely the SHIT would have been WORTH SHIT, had Trudeau&SChwab&Gates not marketed this bitch to the world and promised to share billions of profit with every tin-star dictator on earth.

Chinese Perspective

Chinese biopharma firm Everest Medicines Ltd will license an mRNA Covid-19 vaccine from Canada’s Providence Therapeutics Holdings Inc., as companies try to bring the most effective inoculation platform into China despite its apparent resistance to western shots.

Everest will gain rights to Providence’s vaccine in Greater China and countries including Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, it said in a statement Monday. It will pay $100 million cash upfront for access to the vaccines and mRNA technology, and up to $100 million in profit-sharing, the statement said. The deal includes another payment of up to $300 million in stock if further products are developed using Providence’s mRNA technology platform.

While almost 1 billion people have been fully vaccinated in China, the country is still lacking an mRNA shot, with most of the population inoculated with inactivated vaccines from Sinopharm Group Co. and Sinovac Biotech Ltd., which studies have found to be less effective. A deal by Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co. to sell BioNTech SE’s mRNA shot in mainland China has yet to be approved by regulators, suggesting it may not be easy to bring in a foreign mRNA vaccine, partly because of political sensitivities.

Hell NO China will not let any have this other than the Uyghurs or anybody else deemed to require sterilization, like muslims.

Universal sterilization of Deplorables worked in the west, why shouldn’t’ Chinese be able to do this?

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