TruNews on coronavirus and headlines

TruNews on coronavirus and headlines

whole narrative is changing very rapidly and the folk at TruNews
think that within 2 weeks all the lies that are being told by the
CPC, the WHO and the world media will be blown out of the water.

is some of the best commentary I have encountered.

Virus Crisis: Will 

Coronavirus Destroy 

Communist Party?

The original  headline read:

cases outside China ‘could be spark’ for bigger fire, WHO says

travelers for the 2019 coronavirus is not very effective and will
catch less than half of infected travelers, on average, and most
infected travelers are not showing symptoms of the virus and are
unaware they have been exposed, according to UCLA scientists whose
research is currently under review.

20,000 people, including over 6,000 Chinese citizens, are under
medical supervision on suspicion of having come in contact with
coronavirus-infected individuals, head of the Russian Federal Service
for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare Anna Popova told
reporters on Monday.

over 20,000 people are under medical supervision, including over
6,000 Chinese citizens. In total, 769 people have been taken to
hospital for further tests since December 31, 2019. Out of this
number, 97 people were diagnosed with influenza, while 121 had
respiratory diseases of a non-influenza type,” she said.

North Korean capital of Pyongyang was supposed to stage a massive
military parade on Saturday to spark its 72nd anniversary celebrating
the founding of the country’s armed forces.

year, the country’s dictator Kim Jong-un presided over a grand
procession displaying all of the hermit nation’s new weapons, with
an onslaught of soldiers marching in perfect step.

year, nothing like that took place.

media reports, heavily controlled by Mr Kim and his ruling party,
said the Workers’ Party had been successful combating “severe and
dangerous difficulties” but didn’t mention the parade at all.

sparked suspicion the coronavirus, which originated in mainland China
and has spread to almost 30 countries worldwide, had reached the
hermit nation.

all, every country and territory within a 3000km radius of North
Korea – except sparsely populated Mongolia – has confirmed at
least one case.

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