TruNews on the coup

TruNews on the coup

 It has taken me a while to get to this broadcast and to get through it.  In this the TruNews team unpack events and come to the conclusion that there has been a revolution and what is called for now is a counter-revolution and that implies war – at home and overseas.

It is not about one president but for the integrity of America as a constitutional republic.






Today on TruNews we discuss the implications of further election deception, as continuing efforts by the Trump campaign legal team, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood chisel away at the Dominion and Smartmatic ballot fraud. Will the punishment for treason by firing squad be used for traitors to the Republic? 

Rick also responds to critics regarding paying the synagogue fine in New York. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Matt Skow. Airdate 11/25/2020

Listen to the broadcast HERE

You can also hear an interview with Gerald Celeste HERE

Coincidentally this appeared just after listening to TruNews. It is just one person’s viewpoint.

No matter Who wins, War is now unavoidable

At the time I’m writing this it is becoming clear that even if Trump remains in office, that war is unavoidable. No matter who wins, Half of the country will not accept the election results.

The country is coming apart, there is no middle ground, No reasoning with the other side, and no way to co-exist any longer. The fuse has been lit, and the writing is on the wall for all to see.

This is how I see things breaking down in the next 6 months.

If Biden wins then the left will not let things go back to normal, they will be emboldened thinking that it’s time to get even with all of the evil Trump supporters. They will get nastier and nastier to the point where someone will open fire on them, from there they will try to go after all of the privately owned firearms, this is when things start to get really hairy , when people feel threatened they are quick to fire first and ask questions later, and they will not call the police if they fear unfair prosecution , they will run and lay low hoping that it will all blow over. At this time is when the violence will be wide spread and chaotic.

If Trump pulls this out and wins, Then He and His supporters will be calling for the heads of traitors, the Deep State and the Democrats who rigged the election. Trump will almost certainly invoke the Insurrection Act, and declare Martial Law to deal with BLM and Antifa. There will be public Tribunals, and life sentences instead of public executions. Domestic Terrorism will be wide spread in urban areas, and the infrastructure will be attacked in areas. The Media will be silenced, and many will go to jail for being co-conspirators in an attempted Coup.

By the end of 2021, the Military will be the Big “ If” in the mix.

The big question will be the Military, most support Trump and will follow his orders, but most don’t know anything about Posse Comitatus, and are too scared to disobey an unlawful orders, which means that if Biden is in charge then they may be turned against the Patriots, most will be more than happy to crack some soyboy, leftist heads to maintain law and order, but when they are ordered to hunt down Conservatives will start to question orders, and become hostile to their commanders ( such as fragging the LT, in Vietnam) At this point the military fractures, sides are drawn and the 2nd Civil War begins.

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