TruNews on fast-moving coronavirus epiedemic in America

TruNews on fast-moving coronavirus epiedemic in America

The focus is on America today on Tru News.

There were three main strands:

  • The ongoing tragedy at a rest home in Seattle where residents represent a majority of a crisis in Washington adn it looks as if they are not being tested and the policy appears to be to leave them ‘in situ’ to die;
  • The ‘Grand Princess’ anchored off San Francisco, where it was revealed that out of 46 tested, 21 have tested positive,of whom 19 were crew.

  • A discussion of a situation where some of the members of Congress who attended AIPAC may have been exposed to infection by lawyer from Westchester County, NY, which has, so far, resulted in the quarantine of 26 people as well as attendees from Israel

Lucre: Fed Quarantines U.S. Banknotes Circulated in Asia

Listen to “Filthy Lucre: Fed Quarantines U.S. Banknotes Circulated in Asia” on Spreaker.

Watch the podcast HERE 

Here is Pence’s press conference – 

says 2 attendees from New York test positive for coronavirus


March, 2020

Westchester County residents who attended the American Israel Public
Affairs Committee conference in DC earlier this week have tested
positive for coronavirus, the group said Friday.

have confirmed that at least two Policy Conference attendees from New
York have tested positive for Coronavirus. We have continued to
remain in constant communication with the Westchester County
Department of Health and the DC Health Department which is
coordinating with the New York Health Department, and national health
authorities,” AIPAC said in a statement on Twitter.

pair were not identified.

have consulted with a top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Edward
Septimus — adjunct professor of internal medicine at Texas A&M
College of medicine,” the statement said.

guidance of these health professionals continues to be that all
conference participants should follow CDC guidelines and consult
their health care providers if they feel ill or have medical
questions, it continued.

you test positive for coronavirus, we urge you to inform your local
health authorities so they can properly coordinate their response to
this situation with the appropriate health authorities.”

lawmakers and others who attended the AIPAC conference were warned by
the organization Wednesday that a group of attendees had potentially
been in contact with a person from New York who had contracted

said in an email to conference attendees, participants, speakers,
administration and Capitol Hill officials who attended the D.C.-based
conference that although there is no reason to “sound the alarm,”
it was writing to make everyone aware that the potentially exposed
group has been added to the self-quarantine list, Fox News reported.

Here are some other headlines cited in the show (without links):

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