TruNews on the technocratic revolution and the climate change revolution

TruNews on the technocratic revolution and the climate change revolution

 Obviously,I do not buy the idea of a mini Ice Age when I can see the Arctic ice melt; similarly I do not believe in Noah and the flood in any literal way and I do not believe I will boil in a lake of fire if I do not get baptised.

Everything in-between is pretty good analysis and brings out the hypocrisy and the diabolical plans of these evil globalists in the name of “saving the world” – for themselves.


Today on TruNews, we discuss the new climate crusade being led by the billionaire bio-warrior who foresaw and profited during the pandemic. We dissect his interview with “former” CIA intern Anderson Cooper and address the Communist manifesto fueling the globalists’ Great Reset and their religious quest for population control to save the world for themselves. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall, Matt Skow. Airdate 02/16/2021

Watch the broadcast HERE

Here is Bill Gates performances with CIA operative and CNN host, Anderson Cooper

Guess who sponsored Bill Gates’ appearance on 60 Minutes


It may sound like the makings of a bad science fiction movie: A company that harvests human tissue to make meat products such as salami. But a new start-up called BiteLabs is claiming to want to make human test-tube meat a reality. And they want to use celebrities to do it.

“At the moment, our primary goal is to provoke discussion and debate around topics of bioethics and celebrity culture,” said Martin from the BiteLabs team. He says he wishes to remain anonymous at this time, due to the controversy surrounding the focus of the company. “We see inefficiencies, environmental hazards, and ethical problems in the world’s food production and distribution. There are exciting opportunities to disrupt these industries while opening new ways to consume celebrity culture.”

“Summer Davos” returns to Tianjin China next week with an almost apocalyptic feel as attending leaders and technology pioneers debate what life will look like following the robot-driven Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is a recurring theme for the World Economic Forum, whose founder Professor Klaus Schwab made the term the title of his new book about the future of capitalism. Schwab believes that, unmanaged, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to decimate global employment levels through productivity advances inspired by breakthroughs in robotics. Unlike the previous three industrial revolutions – which the professor lists as the transport and mechanical production revolution of the late 18th century; the mass production revolution of the late 19th century; and the computer revolution of the 1960s – Schwab endows the fourth wave of creative disruption with the potential of seeing off mass employment altogether.

No doubt students of capitalism will be experiencing a pang of déjà vu about now. For it was Karl Marx himself that first grappled with capitalism’s internal contradictions some time between the first and second industrial revolutions. Marx observed that capitalists paid workers less than the value of their labour in order to make a profit. When expressed cumulatively, it meant workers would be unable to afford the very goods they produced in the first place….

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