‘Truth is a Right Wing Concept’ | Melanie Phillips

‘Truth is a Right Wing Concept’ | Melanie Phillips

I could not have expressed it any better myself

We have slipped into an age of “cultural totalitarianism”

British journalist Melanie Phillips argues that we have slipped into an age of “cultural totalitarianism”. She bases this off a widespread societal refusal to listen to evidence, accept reason and consider dissenting views, which has the effect of reducing common freedoms for citizens across the Western world. See their full interview here:    • King Charles & th…  

Melanie Phillips’ column currently appears in The Times, but over the years she has been published by the Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times and Daily Mail. She also writes for the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News Syndicate.

Her best-selling book Londonistan, about the British establishment’s capitulation to Islamist aggression, was published in 2006 by Encounter, New York. She followed this in 2010 with The World Turned Upside Down: the Global Battle over God, Truth and Power, and in 2018 with her first novel, The Legacy.

This is the third time she and John have sat down to talk.

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