“Turbo Cancer” After mRNA Injection

“Turbo Cancer” After mRNA Injection

“Turbo Cancer” After mRNA Injection: Dr. Henry Ealy Reveals What He Thinks Is Causing It

March 22, 2023 • by DailyClout

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“These are definitive bioweapons,” attests doctor in naturopathic medicine Henry Ealy. “There is a zero percent chance Kevin McKernan’s [research] is wrong on that.”

And why are we seeing the emergence of “turbo cancers”? Dr. Ealy believes the answer lies in pseudouridine, a molecule the body makes under stress. “So if the body’s producing a lot of it, what it leads to is neurodegeneration that leads to tumor neogenesis [growth].”

Dr. Ealy vouches that this pseudouridine in the mRNA sequences allows the contents of the mRNA injections to evade immune detection, and “it is damn near impossible for the cell to break down the mRNA sequence.”

Much more is revealed in this eye-opening interview as Dr. Ealy breaks down the cancer-inducing process.

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