Twitter wars

Twitter wars

I woke this morning to claims that Islamic Jihad destroyed the hospital, and not the IDF.   

This has become the media narrative. 

Where is the truth?

I have seen claims that nothing happened!

I am, by no means neutral but I am open-minded.

I have taken the following from my twitter (‘X’) feed so you can make up your own minds.


You can hear the audio released by the IDF here

Even CNN is saying the authenticity of the audio cannot be confirmed.

It seems that this narrative is doubtful. 

This is Alex Thomson from UK Column.

Syrian Girl pours scorn on the whole thing and calls it preposterous.

I have found the footage from Channel 4. 

This is what a US weapons inspector has to say.

I wonder what Scott Ritter will have to say.

This was the first footage that came out.

In the first hours after the attack various figures from Israel admitted it.

They tweeted and then removed tweets

This is from an Israeli influence  Hannaya Naftali who, despite denials of any ties, has been filmed with Netanyahu.

I bet the ;iBC have retreated from this into the agreed narrative!

Israel does have prior form…

Pro-Palestinian people have found this footage which claims to show the HAMAS rockets on the right while an aircraft flares up just before the massive explosion from an American-made missile.

More footage

People have compared the sound of Hamas rockets compared with that of an American- made JDAM missile 

For reference this is what a JDAM bomb strike looks like

THIS is what Wikipedia has to say about the JDAM

A perfectly reasonable response in my mind.

Some on Twitter are using this picture to “prove” that it was not an IDF attack and even that nothing much happened

Here is the response to that – the impact looks like an airburst


ISRAELI CRATER PARKING LOT CLAIM EXPOSED Israel’s final claim is that the lack of craters at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, rules out that it was Israeli IOF bombs

This is the last lie because JDAM (includes the MK.83 GBU-32 and GBU-39) does have an airburst mode, which does not produce a crater.

It kills using shrapnel, shockwave and fireball from the explosion.

In fact this is a more sinister motive since it will kill more people but cause less damage to infrastructure.

The IOF knew there were refugees in the vicinity and they didn’t want to leave proof of the detonation.

This is a pretty good summary!

Finally, for what it is worth, here is a Zero Hedge article

Who Struck The Hospital In Gaza?

WEDNESDAY, OCT 18, 2023 –

Global Outrage At Gaza Hospital Strike

After news broke of an air strike against Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, Muslims protested and rioted in multiple countries amid reports that the Israel Defense Forces had bombed the hospital.

Did The IDF Bomb The Hospital?

By 4pm New York time yesterday, 70% of bettors on the Manifold prediction market believed that to be the case. By 5am Wednesday, the percentage of bettors believing the IDF bombed the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza had dropped to just 7%.

Why The 90% Drop In Bets That The IDF Bombed It?

One of the main reasons seems to be dawn in Gaza, shedding light on the parking lot where the weapon hit. The lack of a large impact crater, and the limited damage radius, appears to suggest the weapon was not a bomb, as the thread by Nathan Ruser below explains. Ruser also offers evidence that the casualty numbers claimed by Gaza officials seem high relative to the structural damage visible and past truck bombings.

Consistent With Yesterday’s Missile Analysis

That is consistent with GeoConfirmed’s analysis yesterday that a Palestinian missile had exploded in midair and one of the pieces fell on the hospital’s parking lot.

GeoConfirmed did add a caution at the time:

Important note:

Our conclusions are based on our geolocations: That doesn’t mean that they are THE truth, just what we think is highly likely based on our geolocations(facts) and logic/reason.

We are geolocators, not official investigators.

Do not take this conclusion as proven fact!

To be sure what really happened different official investigations are needed.

One thing this incident illustrates is that the propaganda battle will be an important front in this conflict.

Wednesday Evening Update

Nathan Ruser added to his thread throughout the day after we wrote this. In this post, he notes an impact crater, but says it’s inconsistent with an airstrike.

In this one, he criticizes the IDF’s release of thermal drone imagery that doesn’t include the small impact crater.

He also links to another thread of his refuting claims that the hospital was struck by an Israeli jet.

You can find his complete thread, as of 5:45pm New York time Wednesday, embedded below.


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