Two massacres in Texas as the floodgates are about to open

Two massacres in Texas as the floodgates are about to open

I was alerted to this story last night and could immediately understand its importance, perhaps in part because I have been following the journalist, Michael Yon. For now, it does not seem to have gone beyond InfoWars but I am sure it will.  Jones reported that he was alerted by a friend of hi show, Peter Santilli that sources hd alerted him that something was up and indeed there were two massacres in Texas – one in a mall on the outskirts of Dallas and a 4WD that ploughed into a crowd of migrants on a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas. 

Here is the show from last night

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO Texas Mass Shooting/Truck Attack

I admit to having a distaste for Alex Jones but have to admit it’s a question of style, rather than substance these days.

He has done a rather good job at this.

By contrast mainstream media coverage is false and designed to deceive.

Here is a broadcast I have not yet seen. It was live when I posted it


Fast forward to 18′ mark

You can see video from the Brownsville incident on Hal Turner’s site

This is the carnage from the Mall massacre

This is a description of conditions in el Paso

Mainstream coverage pulls the heartstrings

And at least in the one case points the finger at white supremacy

What we know about the slain Texas mall massacre suspect, Mauricio Garcia

Garcia, who had a tactical vest, was armed with a rifle and a handgun, a senior law enforcement official said. Authorities said he was a suspected neo-Nazi sympathizer

The gunman who killed at least eight people and wounded a half-dozen more at a Dallas-area outlet mall was a 33-year-old suspected neo-Nazi sympathizer, two senior law enforcement officials said Sunday.

Allen police on Sunday identified the shooter as Mauricio Garcia. Garcia was killed Saturday by a police officer who happened to be at Allen Premium Outlets, about 25 miles north of Dallas, police said.

The gunman, who lived in Dallas, was armed with an “AR-15 style assault weapon,” President Joe Biden said.

He was wearing a tactical vest and also had a handgun, one of the senior law enforcement officials said.

More weapons and ammunition were found in his car, the source said. At the time of the massacre, he was wearing a patch on his chest that included the acronym “rwds,” according to two senior law enforcement officials. Authorities believe the letters stand for “right wing death squad,” a phrase used in far-right online spaces, one of the senior law enforcement officials added.

It turns out that according to the Press you can be Hispanic or Black and STILL be a “white supremacist”!

The panel of “The View” tried tying Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia to white supremacy and demanded more gun control on Monday.

Co-host Ana Navarro made one of the most mindless statements imaginable, claiming, “Being Hispanic or being black or being anything does not make you immune from being racist, from being radicalized, being a white supremacist.”

Going back to 2018 Nancy Pelosi said members of the MS-13 gangs were all “God’s children”.


Pelosi began by saying, “Some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service” believe “we are all God’s children.”

“There is a spark of divinity among every person on earth, and we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person,” Pelosi continued.

The House minority leader then added: “So when the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘These aren’t people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?”

I wonder if Vladimir Putin is “one of God’s children” in Nancy’s eyes

In today’s broadcast Alex Jones pointed out that it seems that the perpetrator of the Mall massacre bore the marks of membership of the Mexican drug gangs. The mainstream press are saying it shows the hallmarks of “neo-nazism”

The following image from a tweet of Marjorie Taylor Greene was  censored on Twitter but cauus=ght 


 There is very little in the mainstream media about the role of the drug cartels, certainly in way of context.

From May 3

Feuding drug cartels block roads near U.S. border as gunmen force children off school bus

Feuding Mexican cartels briefly blocked roads Tuesday in the border city of Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas. At one point, gunmen forced middle-school students off a school bus and used the vehicle as a blockade.

Roads were quickly cleared and officials claimed that one death reported early Tuesday morning was not related to the blockades.

At about a dozen points in and around the city, gunmen carjacked vehicles and left them parked across roadways. The military deployed about 700 troops and two helicopters to quell the violence.

Officials in the northern state of Tamaulipas said the blockages were caused by battles between two rival cartels. Matamoros has long been dominated by the Gulf cartel, but it has splintered into warring factions, one of which is reportedly allied with the Jalisco cartel.

State police chief Sergio Hernando Chávez told local media that “there was a confrontation between rival organized crime groups.”

He said all the children aboard the hijacked bus were unharmed.

On Monday, in the same area, police said they had arrested a top lieutenant of the violent Metros faction of the Gulf cartel implicated in 23 attacks on police and nine against military personnel. The suspect was identified as Hugo Salinas Cortinas, whose nickname “La Cabra” means “The Goat.”

The Gulf cartel has splintered into warring factions following the arrest and extradition of some of its top leaders over the decade.

However, that wasn’t always the case.

If you go back to the Obama years there was this coverage from the international media.

From the Guardian.

Border under control of cartels, not the US, Yuma residents say as gangs rake in billions off human smuggling

Mexican cartels’ control over the southern border threatens America’s national security: Yuma official

Mexican cartels controlling the southern border endanger Americans as they smuggle drugs and violent criminals into the U.S., a border town official told Fox News. 

“This is not a political discussion,” Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told Fox News. “This is a national security issue.”

“Unless this situation changes and we take back control from the cartels, for the trafficking coming across our border, it will only get worse,” Lines said. 

Mexican drug cartels: ‘The most serious threat the US has faced from organized crime’

Mexican drug cartels — the same groups credited with taking tens of thousands of innocent lives through brutal murders during the last few years — have infiltrated the United States.

In an exposé published by The Associated Press this week, reporter Michael Tarm cites an extensive review of federal court cases, government drug-enforcement data and interviews with top law enforcement officials to back up the claim that violent drug lords from south of the border have established bases within the US that are now working as remote hubs for international narcotics rings

From RT

Power of Mexican drug cartels in Texas felt hundreds of miles from US border – report

A new report reveals that a half-dozen Mexican drug cartels have gained a stronghold in the state of Texas that reaches far and wide. This after mass arrests of Mexican mafia members and confiscations of their drugs and firearms in California.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment reveals that six Mexican drug cartels have a far-reaching stranglehold over several Texas cities. It also finds that Mexican cartels now smuggle more drugs into the US than any other criminal organization.


But Michael Yon points out the following from the World Economic Forum

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