Two stories from the Donbass

Two stories from the Donbass

The whole world must see this footage so they realize that this is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, which is supported by the NATO countries, but the war between good and evil.

In this video Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian prisoners of war in the legs and afterwards give them a severe beating. At the beginning of the video, there are Russian POWs lying on the ground with bullet wounds in their legs, some of them have got leg bones broken. It might give the impression that the Russian military were captured after having been wounded. But that’s not the case. At the end of the video, we can see Ukrainian soldiers shooting all the newly arrived prisoners through their legs. Many of them are dying from shock due to the pain right on camera. And all of this is being filmed by Ukrainian soldiers themselves. They have been treating the captured Donbass defenders the same way throughout these eight years.

A 11 year old girl from Bakhmut tells how the “white angels” of the Ukrainian Army kidnapped children at gun point and shoot at civilians being evacuated by Wagner troops

– They introduced themselves as a kind of military police. And they were looking for children. I was in the basement.

They said, Russia killed your mother. We have to take you out, like, to Germany… a lot of people started swearing at these “white angels”, cursing them. A week later they returned.

There was a little girl at the New Market, four years old. Her parents were hiding, there was shelling. The “white angels” arrived, threw the girl into the car, and the parents just stood there dumbfounded. The Ukrainians took the child and left. The parents had no choice because the guns were pointed at them.

– When they were bringing me out at the end, Vasya, a Russian sniper, was with me. He covered me. And there was someone else. I don’t remember his name. He also covered me.

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