U.S. East Coast Could be SUBMERGED by Tsunami at Canary Islands Volcano Eruption with Landslide!

U.S. East Coast Could be SUBMERGED by Tsunami at Canary Islands Volcano Eruption with Landslide!

There has been quite a lot of discussion about this. I am posting this for people who might be in the line of fire if the volcano goes off.

UPDATED 2:55 PM (Thursday) EDT — Nuclear Power Plant vs Tsunamis – Strong Harmonic Tremor – 10 cm Deformation — Earthquake Swarm – La Palma – If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami “Yellow Alert” Declared

Hal Turner,

September, 2021


The island of La Palma is part of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa.  The scalable Google Map below shows its location:

The island was formed by eruptions from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

La Palma earned the nickname “the beautiful island” — white sand beaches highlighted by black volcanic soil. An endless night sky filled with stars as far as the eye can see.

But beauty here is only skin deep.

Nestled on the western side of La Palma sits the Cumbre Vieja volcano, like a pot of water waiting to boil over. Its last big eruption was more than 50 years ago, but everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before it unleashes the beast inside.

Over decades, the entire southwest third of the island has become eroded and unstable from volcanic eruptions; with scientists fearing it could break loose and slide into the Atlantic Ocean.  If that took place, the slide would be about 500 cubic KILOMOTERS of dirt and rock, plopping into the ocean, which would trigger a Tsunami wave for the entire Atlantic Ocean.

It starts with tremors – exactly like what we’re seeing right now. Glasses rattle on kitchen tables while picture frames skew left and right. Tourists to La Palma brush it off, calling the jelly feeling “sea legs” — they are, after all, on an island.

But the locals know better and they hold their breath. When it does happen, the ash and lava spill out of the volcano’s mouth like a giant sigh. No one could have predicted what happens next.

The western side of the volcano cracks and splits; the steam builds up inside and pushes against the volcano’s walls. The pressure is too much; the entire western flank breaks off, the Atlantic Ocean eagerly swallowing every rock, stone and pebble as they freefall into its deep blue depths. The earth rumbles and the water begins to slosh around as its calm ebb and flow turns into frenzied splashing and crashing.

The waves grow. And they grow and they grow. To the naked eye, it looks like the heavens unleashed a curtain made of water — somehow the volcano’s landslide has produced a tsunami that reaches the sky.

All 3,000 feet of water roars as it barrels away from La Palma’s coast toward the United States. As the most western island of the Canary Islands, La Palma sits eight hours away from the eastern U.S. shore by plane. It’s the one piece of good news: Residents have a window of time to evacuate.

But chaos breeds chaos, and soon the highways are clogged with cars, frightened families from Boston to Miami trying to flee inland. A final silver lining: The wave decreases as it sojourns across the Atlantic from a staggering 3,000 to a mere 160 feet.

As that wave travels from Africa to the west, it would move about as fast as a jet airliner, about 500 MPH.   About eight hours later, that wave would reach the North American coast line and begin to pile up on top of itself, creating upwards of a ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FOOT TALL wall of water, smashing into the ENTIRE east coast.

All the major cities would be wiped out.   Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Norfolk, VA, Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Miami, would all be inundated by a giant wall of water.  Most buildings within ten miles of the coast would be physically knocked down by the wave.  Almost nothing would survive. (Story continues beneath Ad)

5 thoughts on “U.S. East Coast Could be SUBMERGED by Tsunami at Canary Islands Volcano Eruption with Landslide!

  1. I figured it would be the Cascadia subduction zone.
    But Maui collapsing became a real possibility with the clusters there.
    Hal Turner can often be….. Over zealous?
    Though he is often ahead of the curve… Sometimes.
    I tune in less these days.

    A 120M across New England would be just as devastating as a Cascadia subduction zone “snap.
    Reminds me of Matthew 24:7-8

  2. Yes, there has been discussion about this.

    First started hearing about it after 3/11 2011, the massive quake-tsunami event in the Pacific just east of the Fukushima nuclear facilities in Japan. One of the biggest quakes ever at 9 on the scale, so powerful it moved the entire northern part of country about 8 feet laterally (which direction, can no longer recall… and it doesn’t matter), and even changed the rotation of the earth’s axis, ever so slightly, not enough to make any difference to life on the planet. And fires started many kilometres south in the Tokyo area.

    Anyways, the friend I mention in comments here had been in East Asia, particularly in Japan, mostly around Tokyo. Having a strong sense for what’s coming in the future, he made it a point not to stay in Japan into the last year of the 20th century, i.e., the year 2000, because he felt things would start happening there that he didn’t want to chance experiencing.

    In 1995, there was already the Kobe quake that wrecked the city and killed about 5,000, and toppled a long stretch of the nearby elevated highway. Another quake in the far north of Japan, with a tsunami that rolled over a fishing village. Then the Sarin gassing incident in the Tokyo subway system by the cult Aum Shinrikyo (which system trains my friend was using almost daily).

    The Japanese economy itself had been losing steam from a slump in the financial markets, starting a little after 19th October 1987, infamously known now as Black Monday… an economy that continued to slide all the way into the 2nd decade of the New Millennium (the Nikkei Index, jacked up by corruption in real estate, slowly sank from a peak of around 38,000 — all the way down to somewhere in the area of 8,000… and, btw, the DOW itself is now hovering a little above 35,000, with no one heeding what had happened with Japan, a place my friend refers to as ‘the canary in the coal mine’).

    He left at the end of 1999, and says nothing could ever entice him to return there, not even for a short trip. No amount of money, say, for hiring on as tour guide, would be enough. $10,000? $100,000? What value do those amounts hold, when one’s life is lost, or one suffers serious injury?

    So, we both find it hard to see how locals could continue living on La Palma, or tourists even consider a visit there. Maybe they’re types who get a secret ‘thrill’ from wallowing in danger — like war journalists in Afghanistan (but they can return as heroes). So(u)lAmigo says he has a lot of personal projects waiting for near-future years, and wants to be around for them, in one piece, body and mind.

    Canadian Jigger mentions subduction. Well, as for Tokyo. a metropolis of easily over 25 million, it’s located just west of the juncture of 3 major tectonic plates, a geophysical venue packed with the potential for a major subduction disaster (more on which, later). In Cascadia, the subduction zone, IMO, doesn’t run full up the coast. As the fault nears the Alaskan panhandle, the zone (as I understand it) changes to one that produces slip-strike quakes.

    However, I feel Canadian Jigger is ‘in the zone’ (pun intended) when he cites the possibility of the crust dropping in the region. The ‘Ring of Fire’ around the Pacific can easily become highly active. My opinion, but I do feel the movements of under-crust depths of the planet are increasing. The manner in which this is happening, I have no real understanding in detail, as am not a student of the subject. However, the fact that the North Magnetic Pole has been meandering at noticeable speed toward Russia from it usual general area in northern Canada should tell us something odd is going on below the earth’s surface, which, my mind reasons, may have been set off by activity in the highly magnetic core.

    Back to La Palma and the Cumbre Vieja volcano. I would say Hal Turner displays a lot of ‘zeal’ in his work because that’s just his nature. In the current instance, as I was reading, I could feel he was enjoying his dramatic flourishes, embellishments of a kind not suited to the potential tragedies bound up in the subject matter. Also, the initial tsunami at 3,000 feet, to me, sounds too high to be correct.

    Depending on how much of the island slides into the sea, a lot places all around the Atlantic could be hit. Madeira and Cape Verde Islands, and the Azores. The wave would wrap itself around everything, West coast of Africa first, of course. Portugal, France, UK as well.

    Across the Atlantic, before all else is Bermuda. Further on, there’s West Indies & Cuba. Northward, the SE corner and south flank of Newfoundland, right up into the mouth of the St Lawrence River. The SE belly of Nova Scotia. There’s Labrador. Southward, the New England coast, down the US eastern seaboard, especially with Long Island jutting out.

    So, Mr Turner, not the just the US!!! Many areas around the entire rim of the Atlantic. (Just off the east side of La Palma, there’s what looks like an undersea rift, but it’s awfully straight… and if a rift, why is it there? Does it indicate a fault?)

    My friend, So(u)lAmigo (no, he’s not Spanish, but loves the language, even studied it a little)… he (and I also), we claim anything cataclysmic following events on La Palma would be in keeping with the nature of the current time, which is about vast Civilizational Change. La Palma slide-generated events would be part of an array of large and smaller-scale changes contributing to the overall developing transformation that may indeed eventually bring about a ‘new world order,’ but probably not the one envisioned by ‘globalist’ elites.

    The astronomical marker for this change can be read astrologically, and it formed and was present on 9th January, when, coincidentally, the Beijing government announced the presence of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

    In any case, a NWO worth having would be grassroots-driven and grassroots-based.

    A final word, if Tokyo ever drops into the sea because of the weight of 3 crustal plates over lapping each other, as well as due to the constant pressure on their resistance against movement… then with Japan being the 3rd major economy after US & China, that earth-shattering moment will trigger ‘sayonara’ to the world economic order as it stands currently. Has the world done contingency thinking on this? How will this jibe with any Great Reset, before or after?

    1. Sorry, that’s 9th January *2020,* a Thursday, for the astronomical marker mentioned above in 3rd paragraph from bottom.

  3. Breaking News!!!

    At 14:15 GMT, the volcano on Santa Cruz de la Palma finally erupted after a week of about 22,000 tremors.

    Around 5,000 people were evacuated. Some homes were threatened; there were no injuries. The last major eruption occurred a half century ago in 1971.

    Robin getting this on his blog on the 17th was pretty timely. So far, no sign of a landslide.

    If it gives way, we’ll not just get a ‘breaking news’ notice. It will be an instant major alert in boldface broadcast everywhere — via every telecommunication system imaginable.

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