UAE and S.Arabia bow to Putin

UAE and S.Arabia bow to Putin

This may be just the most important (and most ignored) news story of the day

Moscow: “Today the USA has gone out” – UAE and S.Arabia bow to B.Putin – Reception of new Ruler with cavalry, cannon fire & the sky in “Russian colors”

Bloomberg: “It’s a US failure”

Moscow: "Today the USA has gone out" - UAE and S.Arabia bow to B.Putin - Reception of new Ruler with cavalry, cannon fire & the sky in "Russian colors"

Magnificent reception, the likes of which we have never seen before, the Arabs in the UAE and Saudi Arabia reserved for Vladimir Putin!

With cavalry, cannon fire, band, airplanes tearing the sky in an impressive line-up “forming” with colors the flag of Russia and Russian flags from one end to the other on the central streets through which the car carrying the Russian president passed.

The Arabs welcomed the new “Ruler” B. Putin, (or at least that’s how they see him). B. Putin’s handshake with M. Bin Salman is a “knife” in the US strategy in the Middle East.

There is no measure of comparison with the welcome to T.Biden or the recent welcome to the German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who stood at the door of his plane for almost 30 minutes from the moment it landed. The reason was that there was no representative of the country to officially welcome him, as the German president had arrived a little earlier than expected.

It is noted that the UAE is a signatory to the Rome Statute (the treaty that established the ICC). Therefore, B. Putin, based on the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court, should have been arrested by the UAE…

The Russian delegation to the UAE also included Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Central Bank President Elvira Nabiulina, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, heads of Rosatom and Roscosmos Alexey Likhachev and Yuri Borisov, as well as other officials.

Watch video of the impressive reception:

Four Su-35 escorted Putin’s aircraft

4 Su-35 fighter jets accompany the plane carrying the president of Russia.

In fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia released two videos showing the fighters of the Russian Air Force during this specific mission.

The Su-35S took off from an operational airfield in Russia in difficult weather conditions with heavy rain and gusty winds. The pilots were the best Russia has. For the air support of the presidential aircraft, special flight permits were obtained from the states on whose territory it was flying

The fighters were refueled en route by two Il-78 flying tankers. After escorting the aircraft, the fighters also landed in Abu Dhabi. They were armed with short-range R-73 (up to 40 km) and medium-range R-77 (up to 110 km) missiles.

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Putin’s statements at the meeting with the President of the UAE

The main statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin made during the open part of the talks with his UAE counterpart Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan were as follows:

►The UAE is Russia’s main trading partner in the Arab world.

► Relations between the two countries have reached an unprecedented level.

► Trade turnover between the Russian Federation and the UAE increased last year by 67.6%, this year the potential is even greater.

► The UAE contributes to the stabilization of the situation in the world.

► During today’s meeting we will discuss the situation of hot spots, including Palestine and Ukraine.

► Russia awaits the UAE President at the BRICS summit in Kazan in autumn 2024.

Let’s note that at the beginning of the meeting, the leader of the UAE called Vladimir Putin a “dear friend”.

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Moscow: Today the entire strategy of the US and the West is being blown up

The chairman of the Committee of the Federal Council on Information Policy Alexei Puskov noted the following about today’s meetings of the Russian president with the leaders of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“Vladimir Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates at the end of the year is a very unpleasant event for the United States and the Western alliance. The image is as follows:

► Western economic sanctions did not produce serious results.

► Russia’s GDP growth in 2023, despite sanctions and the collapse of trade with Europe, will reach 2.8% or even 3%.

► Ukraine’s counteroffensive, on which Washington and Brussels placed their main bets, failed.

► internal stability in Russia under the conditions of the Military special operation and external pressure does not give the West any hope for a social crisis in Russia.

► The Global South refused to support sanctions against Russia and join the West’s efforts to create a global anti-Russian front.

► The policy of international isolation of Russia, chosen by the West, failed, Moscow remained one of the main centers of world politics.

► A political divide has emerged in the United States over military support for Ukraine, a fact complicated by the election race between Democrats and Republicans.

► The ability to supply arms and ammunition to Kiev from the West has been significantly reduced, both due to their lack and, in the case of the United States, for political reasons.

This list could go on.

In this context, the trip of the Russian President to Saudi Arabia and the UAE throws the entire Western strategy into the air. This is not just a challenge for the United States and its allies.

This is a demonstration of the current balance of power in the ongoing confrontation and the transfer of the whole situation to a qualitatively new phase, more favorable for Russia.”

Bloomberg: “It’s a failure of the United States”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia shows the failure of Washington’s efforts to isolate Moscow, writes Bloomberg.

The agency points out that the visit shows the Russian leader’s growing confidence in the ability to travel outside the country. Although the United States and the European Union did everything possible to prevent this from happening.

It is noted that Russia’s economy is very strong and Ukraine, which Washington supports, is not making any progress during the conflict.

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