UK Office for Statistics admits their data is flawed

UK Office for Statistics admits their data is flawed

UK ONS admits their data is flawed; the vaccines may not be beneficial after all. Sorry about that.

The UK ONS admitted that the misinformation spreaders got it right and their stats are wrong. Which means that the COVID vaccine might not be helpful after all.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Executive summary

Norman Fenton, Martin Neil, Clare Craig and Scott McLachlan authored a letter to the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) pointing out serious flaws in their data. These flaws would make the unvaccinated look worse than they really are.

The regulator agreed they were right.

[Editor’s note: An honest regulator is a rarity. This would NEVER happen in the US.]

Bottom line: The UK government can’t prove the vaccines work. Nobody else can use their data to prove that the vaccines work. But we can use the data to prove the vaccines don’t work. Stay tuned…


I’ve written previously about how the UK ONS data is unreliable and inconsistent:

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But I don’t think any of the “debunkers” or “fact checkers” have noticed any of these flaws. Am I wrong?

Now, a group of “misinformation spreaders” have formally pointed out the errors and called for the data to be corrected.

The good thing is the regulator was honest and agreed with the group.

What this means

  1. You can’t use the UK ONS data to argue the vaccine is safe or effective.
  2. With all its resources the ONS still cannot provide any evidence the vaccines have any benefit at all.
  3. We can use the UK data to prove the vaccines increase all-cause mortality and should be stopped. This is happening as we speak.

In the meantime, may I suggest you ponder these two graphs before getting any more boosters?

Both show getting additional boosters is stupid. Beyond stupid.



The UK ONS statistics can no longer be used to show the vaccines work. But they can be used to prove that the vaccines cause more harm than good. Stay tuned. It will not turn out well for the vaccine makers.

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