UK policy is to use coronavirus to CULL the elderly

UK policy is to use coronavirus to CULL the elderly

Coronavirus Strategy: 

Just Let It Happen And Hope 

For Herd Immunity

Telegraph journalist has suggested coronavirus could ‘prove mildly
beneficial’ to the UK economy by killing off elderly Britons. 

his column last week, Jeremy Warner analyses the US making an
emergency interest rate cut to protect the economy against

It went largely unnoticed when the Telegraph – whose
average reader age is 61 – published it on March 3, but one of the
assistant editor’s economic reflections has since sparked an outcry
on social media. 

Warner compared coronavirus with Spanish flu, and
how the 1918 pandemic ‘disproportionately affected’ young people,
unlike the Covid-19 strain which ‘primarily kills the elderly’.

heard, by now, of America’s bizarre, dismal lack of a response to
Coronavirus. But Britain’s lack of a response is even crazier. Yes,
really. America’s not responding because it’s a broken society
with no public goods: it can’t. But Britain’s not responding
because it doesn’t think it should — a conclusion reached by one
of the most surreal cocktails of arrogance, pseudoscience, and
crackpot punditry the modern world has ever seen.

The British government’s strategy to deal with the coronavirus outbreak is for 60% of the UK to become infected in order to develop “herd immunity” against the disease, according to The Independent.

In other words, when the thus-far unstoppable virus ravages England, it was all part of the plan.

We think this virus is likely to be one that comes back year on year and becomes like a seasonal virus and communities will become immune to it and that’s going to be an important part of controlling this in the longer term,” said the government’s chief scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, who added “60% is the sort of figure you need to get herd immunity.

According to Vallance, isolating the population would only temporarily suppress the virus, but it would quickly re-emerge and the crisis would be repeated.

“If you completely locked down absolutely everything probably for a period of four months or more then you would suppress this virus,” he said, adding “All of the evidence from previous epidemics suggests that when you do that and then you release it, it all comes back again.

Vallance’s comments echo those made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier in the week, when he said the UK might have to just “take it on the chin.” 

Max Jansen@MaximilianJans2

UNBELIEVEABLE – Johnson seriously suggests on TV to let run unhampered thru UK population.
Johnson proposes to let us “take it on the chin” & “allow the disease to move through the population”.
In other words… do nothing & accept death rates >10% for elderly.

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5:20 AM – Mar 10, 2020

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Coronavirus Strategy: Just Let It 

Happen And Hope For Herd Immunity

Zero Hedge,

14 March, 2020

One possible flaw in their logic with encouraging roughly 40 million people to catch COVID-19 (which, even with a fatality rate of even means 400,000 dead) – is that Chinese scientists have observed coronavirus patients relapsing and not walking away from the disease with natural immunity.

For those patients who have been cured, there is a likelihood of a relapse,” Zhan Qingyuan, the director of pneumonia prevention and treatment at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said during a  press conference last month.

“The antibody will be generated,” said Zhan.

“However, in certain individuals, the antibody cannot last that long.”

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