Ukraine FM told to negotiate with Russia

Ukraine FM told to negotiate with Russia

Ukraine Foreign Minister Admits He Has NOW Been Told to “Negotiate” with Russia.

After this morning’s news that the Ukraine Army is COLLAPSING (Story Here), we now have official confirmation from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba himself, that he is being told to begin negotiating with Russia to end the war.


Well, well, well . . . all the Ukraine hype about how they were winning, and beating the Russians at every turn, seems to have suddenly fallen apart. All the TV news reports about Ukraine victories, all the videos put out by public relations firms touting Ukraine’s strength . . . all turned out to be propaganda . . . and boatloads of people in countries around the world, fell-for-it, hook, line, and sinker. That didn’t take long!

Here is Kuleba in Ukraine language admitting he has now been told to negotiate:


Reading between the lines, though, is what’s far more interesting: all those hawks in EU are starting to capitulate after they saw what Russians did to a NATO-trained army.

Even they realize that NATO . . . is a paper tiger at this point.   NATO trained and equipped Ukraine for EIGHT FULL YEARS . . . and was the largest standing army in all of Europe.  Yet the Ukraine Army is collapsing after only 90 (or so) days of actual war.   

What does this tell Europe about NATO?    NATO Training?    NATO Tactics?   NATO equipment?

Not what they were told it was ! ! ! ! 

Now, Europe realizes they have to act fast to save face; they need to avoid a complete collapse of Ukraine in coming weeks.

Kuleba complains about the EU, which now requires Kiev to negotiate with Moscow.

“If everything is so difficult, then we need to sit down and negotiate, whatever the price of these agreements,” the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry informs Europe.

According to him, he has already heard this “very painful position” repeatedly.

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