Προς γενική ανάφλεξη στην Μολδαβία: Ενισχύονται οι ρωσικές δυνάμεις στην Υπερδνειστερία -Mόσχα: “Εντατικές προετοιμασίες εισβολής της Ουκρανίας”


I have been aware of this development for a couple of days,thanks to Canadian Prepper.


Ukraine began massing troops near the border of Moldova’s “Transdniestria” Region yesterday, as reported publicly (HERE)

Transdniestria seceded from Mo0ldova in 1990 and became “independent” although no other countries in the world recognize that.  It is a mostly Russian population which has been protected by Russian peacekeeping troops for 30 years.

Today, COVERT INTEL confirms that Ukraine is massing 15,000-20,000 troops in two villages of far western Ukraine: Stanislavka  and Tymkove, shown circled on the map below.

Most interestingly, there is an old and fully stocked Soviet Weapons Depot, just across the Transdniestria Border in a Village called Cobasna.   There are over twenty-thousand TONS of former Soviet Union weaponry and ammunition in that depot . . .  enough to supply Ukraine for a full year of more war against Russia.

The depot is guarded by 1500 Russian Troops.

Recently, it became known that Russia would be sending more troops into Transdniestria, so they could launch an offensive into Ukraine, and take the Port City of Odessa; completely cutting-off Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea, and crushing NATO’s plans for a Naval Base in Ukraine on the Black Sea.

Once that info about Russia adding troops in Transdniestria to move against Odessa, Ukraine began pulling reserves from the front line and moving them toward the two small villages mentioned above.   Guess what is only about three kilometers from each of those two small villages?   YEP — The old Soviet Weapons Depot in Transdniestria.

Ukraine intends to invade Transdniestria from both Stanislavka  and Tymkove to TAKE the weapons Depot.

*************** Russian Sources Say a Tactical Nuclear Explosion in Transdniestria would **NOT** be a “nuclear attack upon Ukraine,” even though it vaporizes 20,000 Ukrainian troops trying to grab the weapons depot.  It is the perfect opportunity for Russia to “Escalate in order to de-escalate.”   Look for the use of a Tactical nuclear device (or two) as Ukraine moves across the border into Transdniestra.  


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