Ukraine President Makes NUCLEAR THREAT Against Russian Crimea

Ukraine President Makes NUCLEAR THREAT Against Russian Crimea

Battle of the Mediterranean Sea: NATO sends high-impact strike force (VJTF) to protect Ukraine – They see a Russian landing in Mariupol (maps)


WarNew 24/7

16 April, 2021


Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

NATO is sending the High Readiness Impact Force (VJTF) to the Black Sea against Russia following the transfer of the Caspian Fleet to the Sea of ​​Azov and the naval blockade announced yesterday against Ukraine.

NATO and Ukraine see Russian aggression at the gates. In fact, Ukrainian sources published maps with the arrangement of the Russian Fleet in the Azov and the possible axes of attack of Moscow.

It is noted that the High Readiness Impact Force was created after 2014 precisely because of Ukraine and for… Ukraine.

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Mariupol target – Russian adviser: Russian forces are preparing to land

Already, the Caspian Fleet, which was transported almost entirely to the Azov Sea, has received a landing order opposite Mariupol. Everything shows that a landing is planned.

According to Ukrainian sources, a Russian amphibious exercise in the region will be announced soon. The Russians are targeting while transporting a Goryn SB-36 class tug and a PGS-123 firefighting vessel near Opuk.

According to Ukrainian and Russian sources, six Russian Amphibious cruise ships of class 11770 Serna and 3 corvettes of class 21631 Buyan-M capable of launching Caliber cruise missiles are in the Sea of ​​Azov.

Earlier in the day, Andrei Illarionov, a former adviser to the Russian president, called for a ” possible strike on the mainland Taurus in northern Crimea, the occupation of the Northern Crimea and the secession of Ukraine from the Black Sea.”

NATO reaction to Ukraine’s naval blockade

“We are concerned about reports that Russia plans to restrict access to the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait. This would be an unwarranted move, part of a larger plan to destabilize Russia.

We call on Russia to ensure free access to Ukrainian ports in the Sea of ​​Azov and to allow freedom of navigation. 

We call on Russia to de-escalate immediately, to stop the challenges and to respect the international commitments.

“We fully support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.”

Russia’s naval blockade of Ukraine concerns three maritime zones:

the western tip of the Crimea, the zone south of Sevastopol in Khurzuf and finally the “triangle” off the Kerch Peninsula near the Opuksky Marine Park.

The latter zone is the most controversial because it is located near the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Azov and is crucial for Ukrainian grain and steel exports.

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NATO Sends High Readiness Impact Force (VJTF)

According to information from WarNews247, a ship – a harbinger of the newly formed NATO High Readiness Force – has sailed to the Black Sea and the final destination is the Romanian port of Constanta.

The cargo ship with a British flag recently crossed the Straits and carries accounting support for the specific NATO force.

This means that the NATO VJTF Impact Force will be deployed on the Black Sea in Romania but with a view to Ukraine.

The newly formed “High Readiness Impact Force” (VJTF) of the Alliance, consists of 5 Battalions which are on standby in rotation.

These Battalions are supported by air and naval units, as well as by special forces. The total strength of the new formation reaches 5,000 executives and is the spearhead of NATO’s broader Rapid Action Plan, which was presented during the meeting of the leaders of the Alliance member countries in Wales in September 2014.

This plan is NATO’s response to developments in eastern Ukraine. The new “High Readiness” military formation is organized and equipped in such a way that it can operate anywhere within 48 hours, from the moment it is called to action.

According to NATO sources, this force will be able to act before a possible crisis erupts.

NATO’s new Rapid Reaction Force consists of four divisions: the Command and Control Division, the “High Readiness Impact Force”, the “Initial Reinforcement Force Group” and the “Reaction Force” with a total force of over 30,000 men.



I have left the pics out of it. For the full article GO HERE

Update: Looming War – Ukraine-Russia

Seems everybody needs an update on what actually happened yesterday.

We in the USA sanctioned the hell out of Russia over issues the Democrats themselves created to smear Trump. The Democrats started believing there own bullshit. Two things happened afterwards:

1: Russia announced they were closing the Kerch Straight starting next week and lasting through October. They did not stop commercial traffic, just military movements including from Ukraine themselves. It doesn’t seem too bad until you realize that if they had stopped commercial ships they would be shooting themselves in the foot with the new sanctions.

2: Russia fully withdrew any consideration from meeting with Biden for a summit.

Russia has painted invasion stripes on their vehicles to easily identify friendly units on the battlefield.

When that and the fact that they are closing the Kerch Strait finally circulated 3 things happened:

1: stores and other businesses started piling sand bags around their buildings to stop shrapnel and bullets.

2: The ones who could, started evacuating

3: Ukrainian cities updated their maps of bomb shelters for the public.

Russia is still moving troops. Ukraine has deployed national guard and special forces regiments along with their army.

A group of military instructors from the United States arrived at the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) located in the Donbass, said the official representative of the defense department of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) on April 15.  “Instructors” is a euphemism for Special Forces who go in a week or two in advance, generally to sabotage and take out high value targets in advance of military action.  Out of one side of the U.S. mouth they call for “de-escalation” while out of the other side of the same mouth, they send in Special Forces to “soften-up” a potential battlefield.

There IS supposed to be a meeting today that may reach an agreement to drawdown, but it seems very slim. Everything is pointing to next week for this thing -War – to really get going, but it could pop off before that.

Doom is not off until both sides have withdrawn from the line of contact

From the Saker

The US warplans for the Ukraine (OPEN THREAD # 12) UPDATED

The US warplans for the Ukraine (OPEN THREAD # 12) UPDATED

Frankly, Biden’s address to the US nation (the first one in his life) was probably the lamest most clueless political speech I ever heard.  And I am not referring to Biden calling Putin “Clutin” or confusing “deescalation” with “vaccination”, I am talking about the actual contents of his speech.  I would sum it up as so: we will continue to constantly hurt and humiliate you, we will treat you like a misbehaving 10 year old in need of a good spanking, but we do want peace and good relations.  Clearly, Biden has zero understanding of things Russian.  But for “Biden” (collective “Biden”, no the confused veggie) does have a plan.  What could it be?

I already explained what the US plan for the Ukraine is: to encourage the Ukronazis to attack Russia while not involving the USA in a shooting war with Russia.

How would the US do that?  One example:

First announce with great fanfare that the US is sending 2 (according to some version 5!) USN ship into the Black Sea to “deter” Russia, show “support” to the Ukies and give them the feeling that when they attack they would be under US “cover”.  This is not unlike what the USA did with Saakashvili in 08.08.08 or what the USA did during the “Prague Spring”.  Frankly, this is an old trick the West has used innumerable times in its history.  And once the Ukies feel elated from being under Uncle Shmuel’s protection, quietly withdraw your plan to send any ships into what is de facto a Russian lake.

The US is walking a fine line here – they need to egg on the Ukies to attack, but the Ukies are terrified, so they have to give them as sense of “the world is with you!!”, “we will protect you”, “we will fight with you” and then when things appear to be coming to a head, ditch the Ukies and run to safety.  Of course, the united West will support the Ukronazis politically and economically (just to keep the Ukie economy barely alive), but most definitely not militarily as that would create a risk of a devastating war which the US+NATO would either lose or decide to go nuclear, which would be simply suicidal.

There is a chorus profoundly misguided opinions in both Russia and the West which now declares that Biden “blinked”, Russia won and peace will now break out.  That is a very naive point of view which mostly comes from not understanding the nature of modern warfare and psychological operations.

Again, what some can see as a zig-zagging “Biden” policy towards Russia mistakenly think that since “Biden” did not promise fire and brimstone for Russia that means that “Biden” folded.  That is an extremely dangerous misconception and I am confident that the Russian decision-makers see through this ruse (even while they say nothing about it, at least, those in office and, at least, so far).

Putin has still not announced what counter-measures (I prefer that notion to the idea of counter-sanctions, which are symmetrical) Russia will take next (against the US, UK and Poland primarily).  I have no idea what the Kremlin might decide, but I do observe very high levels of outrage and determination in the Russian media (both in the traditional media and the Runet).  The Russian society is clearly fed up and, again, Putin if facing a mounting levels of criticisms for being too soft and indecisive.  I hope and expect that Russia’s response this time around will be much less meek (and, therefore, ambiguous) than in the past.   We will soon find out.

The Saker

UPDATE: just as I was posting this, I saw the Sputnik article about the Russian counter-measures.  Frankly, I am utterly unimpressed and I believe that most Russians will feel the same way.  Of course, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes and the Russians are under no obligation to divulge what else they might be doing.  However, I believe that measures such as closing the Kerch strait is a much better approach.  Let’s wait a few days before passing a final judgement on the quality of the Russian counter measures.

The conflict with Russia is over – US: “We have sent forces to Ukraine – Their strength may increase” – Turkish special forces have also been identified! (video)

Official update from the USA

WarNews 24/7

16 April, 2021

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

The United States made an official revelation through its embassy in Kiev, as it announced that American forces have been deployed in Ukraine.

But the most important thing is that they emphasized that “their number can increase depending on the situation”.

Russia is outraged by the US announcement. Moscow says “this is a clear threat” and stresses that the US announcement implies that Washington will send additional forces.

That was the real purpose of the US announcement.

At the same time, Russian media report that Turkish forces have also been deployed, further increasing tensions between Putin and Erdogan.

“US forces in Ukraine”

In a press conference of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Shmyhal, with the US Ambassador, Kristina Kvien, the following was said:

“While we are here, tens of thousands of Russian forces are stationed near the Ukrainian border and in the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. Their numbers are constantly increasing.

Watch the videos. In the second video, the revelation from the head of the US embassy.

The United States and NATO allies in Europe are deeply concerned about this escalation.

Ukraine has shown great restraint in responding to Russian challenges. But you must remember that Ukraine in 2021 and its Armed Forces are significantly different from 2014.

The Ukrainian Army has become one of the most adequate forces in Europe today, and the United States is proud that our joint security efforts have contributed to this amazing result.

We and our partners will help Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression.

Asked if the United States was ready, if necessary, to increase its forces on Ukrainian territory, the US ambassador said:

“We are constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine and assessing the needs of the Ukrainian side.

“There are 160 US troops in Ukraine on a permanent basis and if the demand changes and their number needs to increase, we will take that into account.”

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Russian media: Turkish forces in Donbas

“150 Turkish soldiers have been transferred to southeastern Ukraine.

Sources from the city of Mariupol have reported that a group of Turks has been transferred to the city and judging by their equipment, these are special forces.

Maybe it is a Turkish mercenary company (they mean SADAT).

However, the Turkish special forces will coordinate their action and the missions of the mercenaries who have arrived from northern Syria. This is the script of Nagorno Karabakh.

According to the residents, a gathering of equipment and the presence of NATO officers was located in Mariupol.

“The arrival of Turkish forces marks the beginning of a Ukrainian attack,” Russian media concludes.

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