Ukraine President Signs ORDER to Re-Capture Crimea from Russia . . . Kerch Bridge Now a “Target”

Ukraine President Signs ORDER to Re-Capture Crimea from Russia . . . Kerch Bridge Now a “Target”

You’d have to be a special class of idiot to disregard this.  More later


Hal Turner,

24 March, 2021

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, signed Decree No. 117/2021 today, March 24, activating the Ukraine Army to  recapture and re-unify with Ukraine, the Autonomous Region of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. 

Intel about the signing was revealed following a meeting with the National Security and Defense Council.

THe scalable map below shows Crimea, the Peninsula at the southern end of Ukraine.   It is now connected to Russia by the Kerch Strait Bridge on the east side of the Peninsula:



The decree will likely be marked by history as the official beginning of World War 3.

The military has been instructed to use “hybrid warfare” to re-conquer Crimea and Sevastopol, and the Order explicitly acknowledges these actions will openly war against Russia!

Worse, the Kerch Bridge is now a target and we will certainly see Russian moves to protect it.

The bridge spans the Kerch Strait between mainland Russia and Crimea.  It is an engineering marvel, constructed by Russia after the people of Crimea voted in 2011 to leave Ukraine and return to Russia.

Ukraine refuses to recognize that Referendum, claiming the vote was “rigged.” Ninety-Seven Percent (97%) of those voting, chose to return to Russia, which Crimea was part of for three hundred years, before then-Soviet Leader Nikita Kruschev, “gave” the peninsula to Ukraine about 50 years ago.


Intel from inside the Russian military makes clear that if Ukraine attacks their Russian-speaking population inside Luhansk or Donestk, Russia WILL defend those people.  Further, Russian efforts will not be limited to DEFENDING Luhansk and Donetsk; there WILL be a “violent counter-attack” by Russia during which they are likely to “take” the following oblasts (states) inside Ukraine:

Direct Link to Presidential Decree: (HERE)


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