Ukrainian propaganda

Ukrainian propaganda

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The Ukrainian Army Has Destroyed the Russian Army!

The leading news of the day;
The Ukrainian Army Has Destroyed the Russian Army!
The Russian army has suffered a significant defeat in the previous 24 hours. The Russian army, which launched an offensive on Ukrainian territory on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is increasing the intensity of the attack day by day, inflicting significant damage to Ukrainian territory and the Ukrainian army. In response to this crisis, Ukrainian troops, who must defend their nation, territory, and themselves, are launching similar assaults against the Russian army.
Because the Russian army suffered more casualties than the Ukrainian army throughout the fight, the Russian army has lost motivation.
The Russian authorities are equally saddened by this circumstance. The defeat of the Russian army in the previous 24 hours has been reported, according to breaking news today.
According to reports, the Russian army has lost 100 military troops in the previous 24 hours.
Furthermore, the Russian army experienced a significant loss of morale as a result of this crisis, having lost five tanks, thirteen armored vehicles, twenty-three military vehicles and fuel trucks, one special equipment, six artillery systems, and eight unmanned aerial vehicles.

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