UN troops in Canada?

UN troops in Canada?

Mike Adams has a particular hyperbole but for all that he is far more accurate than anything in mainstream media.

CANADA HAS FALLEN: The once-free nation is now under UN occupation and globalist control, with no mechanism remaining for peaceful return to democracy

Image: CANADA HAS FALLEN: The once-free nation is now under UN occupation and globalist control, with no mechanism remaining for peaceful return to democracy

(Natural News) It now appears that the nation of Canada has fallen. The once-free country is now under UN occupation and globalist control, with no remaining mechanism for the restoration of democracy. Trudeau and his Nazi deputy Freeland have declared that no one can speak against the government, or they will be hunted by police and prosecuted under some sort of emergency powers. In doing this, Trudeau and Freeland have taken peaceful resolutions off the table and seem to be trying to invoke violence across the nation.

Canada’s leaders no longer answer to the people of Canada. Instead, they answer to criminal-minded globalists who seek the total destruction of both Canada and the United States. As you can see from the video below, World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab is openly bragging about being the puppetmaster behind Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Freeland, Jacinda Ardern and many other so-called world “leaders.”

They are all puppets to a globalist, anti-human agenda that seeks to enslave humankind. Importantly, their loyalties are not with the nations they claim to be running, but rather with the globalist agenda that aims to destroy national sovereignty and enslave the entire world under one world government.

The world is now waking up to the shocking “Alex Jones” reality: There really is a global extermination agenda and a one world government conspiracy that has been under way for decades. In fact, we are now witnessing the final stages of this effort, with Canada’s corrupt, criminal leaders spearheading the effort to criminalize dissent, outlaw freedom and unleash extreme government violence against innocent people.

UN troops have already landed in Canada and are active there now

UN troops have landed in Canada and now occupy the nation, posing as Ottawa police in order to carry out acts of brutality against the citizens there. The following video shows the UN charter jets after they landed at a Canadian airport:

The following photo shows the nameless, faceless UN “goon” troops pretending to be Ottawa police, dressed as authoritarian thugs, complete with black face masks and olive drab bulk uniforms that smack of a dystopian sci-fi flick:

Here they are marching in deployment against Canada’s peaceful protester, who are unarmed:

Here’s a compilation of clips showing some of the brutality of local police. Some of these police appear to be from Ottawa, while other videos show what appear to be UN troops, which are dressed in olive drab green. They both appear to be attempting to achieve the same goal: Government-sponsored terrorism against innocent, peaceful protesters.

And don’t forget the police horse trampling incident over the weekend, where RCMP police goons deliberately drove their horses into a crowd of defenseless people, ultimately trampling an elderly woman who suffered a severe injury:

As I pointed out in my podcast, this is what happens when Leftists vote for socialists. They actually get Marxists in power, and they lose all their freedoms. To all the people in Canada who voted for Trudeau (which is only 1 in 3, it turns out), you are getting exactly the tyranny you deserve because you were too stupid to recognize the lies of the political Left. You thought you were voting for “progressives” but you were actually putting Nazi fascists into power, and now they’ve revoked your freedom (permanently).

Now, people are waking up to the obvious truth: The most dangerous entity in any nation is the government itself. Furthermore, it’s now obvious that every government eventually turns to terrorism against its own citizens to stay in power and try to silence dissent.

It won’t be long before Trudeau orders the Canadian goon squads to open fire on innocent Canadian citizens. The first massacre isn’t far off, and it will be followed by the activation of Canada’s large-scale death camps which were built under the cover of “covid” but were actually intended to carry out genocide against Canada’s own citizens.

Listen to my full podcast today for more details, covering Trudeau, UN occupation, government terrorism, the WEF “penetration” of cabinets (and other pieces of furniture), and much more.



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  1. The tyranny, introduced under the pretext of pandemic, is driven by global covid-fascism, which goal is to crush small and medium businesses, to destroy the middle class, to enslave 90 percent of population, and to “eliminate” (to murder) so called “social burden” (elderly, disabled, homeless people, etc.).
    Most of the Moderna and Pfizer victims will never be able to have the full immune response, and, so, will depend on vaccination by the state for life. During the pandemic, the richest have doubled their wealth while the small and medium owners are perishing; the working class has been exploited and impoverished to the limits.
    Homelessness; artificially high housing prices; privatization of medical care; social inequality; covid-“measures”; and the license to kill for profit (etc.) massacre considerably more people then “covid”. Not the pandemic and not so called “unvaccinated” have destroyed the accessible public health care, but the ruling elite – those, who did it long before the pandemic.
    Healthy unvaccinated nurses being fired, while those with covid forced to work; unvaccinated patients denied surgeries and transplantations: does all this makes any sense?
    The definition of “unvaccinated” is constantly changing, and sooner or later the status of “vaccinated” would demand 7 “jabs”!
    If you believe that the rulers are injecting themselves by the same toxic, ineffective, and dangerous vaccines, you are a very naïve person.
    The forcible vaccination by the poisonous experimental vaccines violates all charters of rights, the Nuremberg Code, and other international protocols.
    While Chinese vaccines are relatively safer and effective, the Anglo-American vaccines were designed to be hazardous and ineffective because of their creators’ hidden goals. This is why the governments with this hidden agenda give us no choice except of Moderna and Pfizer.
    China has already become a very totalitarian state, and does not need any further justifications, and, consequently, insufficient-unsafe vaccines.
    So-called “vaccine passports” are not related to covid; they represent an oppressive regime of an access control, which will never be cancelled after. The governments of the developed countries, which were capable to stop the pandemics in 6 months, are deliberately keeping it running, and this book explains how and why.
    Because the devastating impact on human health by the wave radiation of the modern technologies is concealed by the governments, we don’t know exactly what role play these devices (especially 4-G and 5-G technologies) in Covid-19 pandemic, and how their radiation interacts with the mRNA covid-vaccines Moderna and Pfizer.
    Remember: especially dangerous the vaccines for people, who already had covid.
    For the sake of our common future, for the sake of our children: help translating this work into French and English, and to edit it so that it becomes understandable not only for specialists, but for the general public.



    (shortened and translated into English):


    In this volume all 5 books (published gradually from October, 2021 – till beginning of January, 2022) are collected.

    In 2019, starting with the very first messages from the city of Wuhan (China) (about a new virus), it was already clear that a pandemic is approaching, and that it will be used in every possible way for advancing a global “coup d’etat”.

    In January, 2020, it became obvious that this man-made pandemic is a pretext for a major political shift and aggression, but the author was not sure that Covid-19 indeed “walked out from a lab”.

    The whole covid-pandemic, from the very beginning to this day: is the same fraudulent tragic farce as the dummy “terrorist attacks” on September 9, 2001. During the tragic events of 2001, too many people have perished awfully already. Thousands of the victims were civil people and firefighters. It is only possible to lament those lost lives and to be sorry for their families. But now, for 2 years of this new swindle, millions of people perished already: someone from “covid”, someone from covid-vaccines, and someone from the effects of the brutal policy of the governments.

    The fascist governments call those someone who resist the forced vaccination, “ignorant people”, “supporters of “conspiracy theories”, “science negationists”, but unless not scientists created the poisoning military gases, gas chambers, biological and atom weapons, and other uncountable technologies for mass murders; unless not science created know-how and industries, which poisoned our planet, poisoned people, led to general diseases and to the defective gene pool? Unless not scientists helped and help the most terrible tyrants to kill, torture, torment and deprive people? And, just as they called and call those most brutal and terrible “inventions” “scientific methods of warfare”, Moderna and Pfizer: are the same inventions of monsters. It is not subject to any doubt that most of those who allowed poisoning themselves with Moderna and Pfizer, will not be able to have a natural immune response to any infection till the end of life, and, so, instead of a natural defense, now completely depend on the state and its vaccination campaign. Thereby the fascist governments ALREADY turned most of their citizens into powerless slaves, as was one of their main objectives.

    The main peoples’ right: this is the right to stay alive. Without the right to live all other rights and freedoms do not make any sense and value. But, if some people are dying from the covid-vaccines: it means that the forcible (violent) vaccination cancelled the right to live, having replaced it with the right to murder. Other rights of people on the importance-priority are the following: total ban on tortures and slavery. But these fundamental rights are also cancelled by the violent vaccination by experimental covid-vaccines, which purpose is to suppress the natural immunity and to make the vaccinated lifelong slaves, hostages of the state. The campaign of the mandatory vaccination subjects the victims to moral and physical torture.

    [An addition on January 22, 2022: Not accidentally, video and comments appeared on Internet claiming that, allegedly, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said: “covid-vaccines are developed to kill children”. There is a quote:
    “The Poynter Institute. Stated on December 22, 2021, in a tweet: “WHO Director-General: The vaccines are being used to kill children.” – true false – Public Health Facebook – Fact-checks Health – Check Coronavirus Tweets. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus speaks during the opening of the World Health Organisation Academy in Lyon, central France, Monday, Sept. 27, 2021. (AP)”.
    Whether really Dr. Tedros made such a statement? It is very possible that we never learn the truth. There are many examples (in this research) of covid-fascists’ state propaganda “denials”, which – in actual fact – were a pure lie.
    But the message about Dr. Tedros’ statement is indeed emphasizing the most important: the main objective of covid-monsters is to poison youth and children with toxic covid-vaccines that a) their descendants would be born with already mutated (altered by covid-vaccines) genetic code; and b) people will be forever striped of their natural immunity – becoming slaves – hostages – of the state.] (See the explanations further, in the 5 books of this study)]

    In the course of writing the First Book, the author obtained exhaustive evidence that Covid-19-virus was indeed developed in the American laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan by a group of scientists from USA and Canada. Among its creators there were several leaders; one of whom – is an American of Polish descent – Piotr Daszak. Whether Chinese authorities had some relation to this fraud: it is still a secret behind seven seals.

    In the spring of 2020, I learned that there was already almost fully developed phyto-vaccine (covid-vaccine) – Medicago (in Quebec (where I live); it became at once clear that it is the world-best vaccine. With its help – it was possible to stop the pandemic not only in Quebec, but across the globe. Of course, a correct theoretical model – and an end product: these are two different things, and we don’t know about this vaccine’s efficiency and security in practice. But there are no doubts that Medicago was artificially sabotaged and removed from the road to free the way for dangerous and ineffective (even provoking! covid) Anglo-American vaccines, which poisoned hundreds of millions of people. To this day Canadian federal and Quebec provincial authorities are blocking Medicago, sabotaging the access for peoples of the Earth to this unique vaccine.

    For the first time I declared Medicago the world-best vaccine by its TYPE (see the 1st book of this series) in October, 2021.

    In January, 2022, a statement of professor-biologist Jean-Marc Sabatier (in French), who considers vaccines of this type safest and most effective, caught my sight.

    If such vaccines – as Medicago – quickly won against the pandemic, the authorities would lose a pretext for establishing tyrannical dictatorships. Then they should puff a bit more, inventing a new pretext for driving all people into one global concentration camp. But now, on the pretext of pandemic, it is possible to justify the abolition of all fundamental laws, all basic rights and freedoms, all constitutions, humanitarian norms and any norms and regulations in general, setting the mode of complete slavery, lawlessness and mayhem.

    But not only for this reason they are terribly interested in propagation of the pandemic, and do everything possible to keep it running eternally.

    If the pandemic ends, it will be more problematic to reach the goals, for which Covid-19 virus was developed in a lab, and for which purpose certainly dangerous and ineffective Anglo-American vaccines – such as Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneka, and Johnson and Johnson – were intentionally made insufficient and dangerous.

    However, the main goals of Covid-19 and Anglo-American covid-vaccines creators – are even more ominous, than the establishment of the dreadful world tyrannical regime. We will present the concrete facts shedding light on the reasons of this biological warfare against the mankind, and on plans of those who started it – later in this study.

    The Canadian totalitarianism and the global control damps the voices of tens of thousands of people, whose relatives became victims of covid-vaccines Moderna and Pfizer, suppressing them by the authoritative political censorship and repressive state machinery. No statistical data (available for the wide public) on the number of Canadian citizens perished from Moderna and Pfizer – exists. Any messages from relatives and friends about the death of an adult or a child – after vaccination by covid-vaccines – are erased or ostracized. An independent press in Canada does not exist any more. Attempts to appeal to the court, suing vendors of Anglo-American vaccines and vaccinators – are boldly stopped; not to mention that the American government made the companies of Moderna and Pfizer exempted from any criminal prosecution. No compensation to the victims of Anglo-American vaccines (who got the most serious complications or families of those perished from these vaccines) is foreseen.

    The right to be alive is the most basic and inalienable human right, which absence absolutely cancels all other rights and freedoms.

    Refusing to guarantee people’s right to survive, the so-called “democratic states” lost their l’exigence d’être, and, therefore, are losing the battle against the modern (neofeudal inherently [neo-fascist and neocommunist]) populism and dictatorship.

    Instead of guaranteeing and providing the right to live in practice, these hypocrites legalize the right (license) to kill: for profit, for entertainment, for social domination, or for other reasons.

    Compulsorily injecting people with dangerous vaccines (from which some people can die), the states already – openly and cynically – take away (from us) the right to live: as slaveholders in ancient centuries took away the right to live from their slaves.

    The forced vaccination: is only one of hundreds of manifestations of such a replacement of the universal right to live by the “license to kill”.

    Mass evictions of residents (entire families or singletons) by predatory house owners: it is an implementation of such right to kill for the sake of profit.

    Refusing to Canadians a severance hospital pay (payable sick-days off), the authorities and employers- enslavers actually murder people; it is another example of the license to kill for profit. Forced to work when sick, the employees are infecting their co-workers, and the authorities do not care at all, but they care about the “vaccine passports”.

    The extensive exploitation of the marginalized “low status” workers, who are not protected by labor unions – kills them, shortening their lives.

    When the Canadian authorities deployed the predatory privatization of health care – they substituted the fundamental right to live by the ominous right to murder, having allowed killing people for profit (by not providing medical care; by blocking the unavailability of medical services; by misinformation and negligence; by the priority of pecuniary benefit). (It is enough to mention that the shareholders of the private old-age long-term nursing homes receive a huge bonus – an additional profit – from a sharp increase in mortality among the disabled and old people locked in these institutions).

    Forced vaccination by the experimental Anglo-American vaccines violates all paragraphs of the Nuremberg Protocol, the Geneva Convention, the Helsinki Declaration, and other fundamental laws, putting the governments of the countries introducing this practice on one board with the Nazi executioners.

    Forced vaccination is a symbolical continuation of the fanatic experiments of the Nazi executioner, Doctor Death Mengele, and the Canadian-American Doctor Death Cameron. (See the First Book of this series).

    Canceling the inviolability of human body and fundamental human right to refuse any medical, scientific, technical, or other invasive or potentially harmful procedure – the governments inevitably accept the revival of the nightmare crimes of Mengele and Cameron.

    The tragic outcomes, caused by “rather “moderate” pandemic of Covid-19 (in comparison with the “Spaniard” flu, etc.) is a direct result of the collapse of the public health care system, destroyed for the benefits of almost total privatization of medical services. In Canada (especially in its French province of Quebec) the public health care (available for general population) was destroyed long before the pandemic, and the national catastrophe – with respect thereto – burst 5-6 years prior to “covid”.

    Now the authorities dump everything on “covid” and on “not vaccinated” – though nor “covid”, nor the vaccination rate has any relation to an acute shortage of the medical staff (which ran across to the commercial sphere). Not “covid”, but the authorities have closed public and state policlinics and public access to doctors; not “covid” – but the authorities – provoked the crowding of emergency rooms where patients may wait up to 24 hours or more.

    Under the present situation, no investments into Quebec’s public health care would work, because money will go to the private sector anyway (as explained in the Fourth Book), or would be stolen; and governmental investments will be used by covid-fascists to impose the PUNITIVE health-care: by pathologizing System’s critics and censorship’s opponents, and dissidents; by involving police and social workers; and by punishing ideological adversaries.

    This work uncovers the monumental pattern of human sufferings in result of the antinational policy of the political regimes, which destroyed the generally available public health care.

    The Canadian authorities (and the governments of other countries) use the covid-pandemic as an opportunity to get rid physically of ideological opponents and of the “social ballast”: elderly, homeless, chronic patients, disabled people, alcoholics and addicts, prisoners (inmates’ population), mentally ill, activists, dissidents, discordant, etc. By means of quite simple manipulations, just during the first wave of the pandemic – they murdered tens of thousands of old people in the long-term care homes.

    Homelessness; artificially high housing prices; privatization of medical care; social inequality; covid-“measures”; and the license to kill for profit (etc.) – murder considerably more people then “covid”. Not the pandemic and not so called “unvaccinated” have destroyed the accessible public health care, but the ruling elite – those, who did it long before the pandemic.

    The pandemic is also spread and prolonged by the antinational social policy by Canadian and other antinational regimes.

    An almost total absence of ventilation at schools and overcrowded classes (as during the worst times in ex-USSR); the “silent” canceling of norms; harmful labor conditions; the sharp intensification of exploitation and density at work places; the artificial housing crisis and the murderously high unprecedented housing prices, which generated an army of homeless people, poor housing conditions and density; the entire population groups on the verge of extinction; hunger (already 1 and a half million of Montrealers are on the verge of starvation) and malnutrition, which weakens the immune system, making people defenseless against any virus; and dozens of other disastrous trends: here are the MAIN reasons of the serious outcomes of covid-pandemic.

    Pretending to combat the pandemic, the authorities, on the contrary, are intentionally saving it and provoking it, until their goal to establish a similar to Chinese level of totalitarianism will be achieved; and only by then they’re planning to produce (or to allow) efficient anti-viral drugs and vaccines, and will introduce real anti-covid measures, which have nothing to do with so-called “vaccine passports” and mandatory vaccination.

    The authorities will help the covid-pandemic to spread and exist – until they’ll finally destroy small and medium businesses, small and medium-size housing market players, etc. – having passed the taken away and stolen wealth to predatory sharks of huge corporations.

    The authorities will help the covid-pandemic to spread and exist – until they will totally block the access to the spare cash for all population groups (except of the super-elite), having put them into a complete dependence on the state.

    The authorities will help the covid-pandemic to spread and exist – until they will block the real education to all children (except the offsprings of the super-elite).

    The authorities will help the covid-pandemic to spread and exist – until they could completely destroy the public health care bringing the health care domain to complete and final privatization.

    The authorities will help the covid-pandemic to spread and exist – until they could manage to replace the humanitarian health care by the punitive health care.

    The authorities will keep the covid-pandemic running – until – by means of social genocide – they will manage to get rid of so-called “social ballast”; and to establish an even more draconian dictatorial tyranny.

    The cancelation of isolation, quarantine, contacts tracing at schools (January, 2022) can be only regarded as a new attempt of the Quebec government to infect as many people as possible, forcing them to allow Moderna and Pfizer poison into their veins. No assumptions that it happens because of a populist policy – withstand criticism. Contradictory decisions, measures, restrictions, and laws (opening-closing, opening-closing); the infinite cancelation of the previous decisions – immediately putting them back: all this is exercised not because of populism, but because of the aspiration to spread an uncertainty, panic, and despair, to destroy the middle class, and to force to “take a “jab” once again, once again, and once again. People, as sheep, are driven into a shelter with only one door, which has a written imperative on it: “Take a “jab”!

    A classical example of how the governments are running the covid-scum – are perfectly illustrated by the actions of the “team” of Quebec’s prime-minister, Mr. Legault, and Montreal’s mayor, M-me Plante.

    They have no money for ending hunger among low-income families, for dealing with the housing crises and homelessness, or for repairing the public health-care – because they redirected the money into the pockets of their sponsors and friends, and to their scam-projects.

    One of the biggest scam-projects in Montreal is so-called REM transportation line. Instead of investing into very needed tramway line (s) and the expansion of Montreal’s existing train lines and Metro, they started REM project expansion to enrich a bunch of grabbers-sharks. REM is not only devastative for Montreal’s historic, cultural, and architecture heritage (already destroyed during last 10 years more than during the whole Quebec history), but gives nothing – no benefits – for the neighborhoods that it passes, while destroying residents’ environment, quality of life, human space, and livelihood. Much cheaper tramway lines (especially as they would restore historical justice, having reversed back the destruction of Montreal wonderful public transportation by the predatory foreign state – USA (its companies Ford, General Motors, etc.) – could serve the population much better than R.E.M. This fraudulent project will destroy (already began to destroy!) the existing transport system EXO, and, first of all, a branch of the rail line Montréal – Mascouche, having done irreparable harm to the population and huge damage to Quebec’s economy.

    REM has no purpose at most of its sections, and, especially, in East Montreal: it just competes with STM’s Metro Green Line. Only for its cost (it is TOO expensive) and maintenance problematic, REM project should not be started at all. When finished, it will only benefit the rich businessmen and rich commuters, who can afford very expensive tickets.

    Probably, mister Legault still has a latest chance to prove that he is really Québec’s patriot and its defender from the fascist-communistic pro-Zionist tyrannical federal dictatorship of Harper-Trudeau, but not a protégé of bankers and corporations. But for this purpose he shall hurry and stop his frankly antinational policy.

    Another scam is the Jewish Bronfman’s dynasty’s baseball stadium, which no one need at the present time. Because of a very strong opposition to this project, it was “frozen” by Legault-Plante team, but just frozen, not closed. However, public money has been already invested into evaluation, preparation, and so on.

    Mr. Legault, using the anti-English nationalist, racist and discriminatory rhetoric, “killed” the project, necessary for the existence of the medical curriculum of the well-known college Dowson, thereby locking the inflow of fresh young staff to the network of medical institutions and striking the next irreparable blow to the system of medical care. However, everything related to population’s health cannot and shall not be a subject of nationalist manipulations by definition.

    The government of Mr. Legault has unfolded a company of children’ involvement in hard manual labor, as in the countries of the “Third World”: “carnival” and “banana” republics. In Quebec – there is no age limit for children employment. It allows exploiting children of any age though since 5 years old. Dreadful consequences, resulting from such anti-human laws by it, were prevented by quite high life standards in Canada, and, in particular, in Quebec. However, now, in 2022 (in result of the antinational Mr. Legault’s government’s policy), when poverty and even hunger rage across all Quebec (especially in Montreal) and when workers’ deficit ruins Quebec’s economy (because the salaries don’t allow to subsist!), tens of thousands of children can be exposed to brutal exploitation. These monsters, who force children to work and who force parents to agree to devilish Modern and Pfizer vaccines to their children, create additional crisis of the health care system, perfectly understanding that the mass employment of children (some of them – 10-11-year age) will lead to injuries and mutilations, and will strain even more the health care system.

    But these war criminals put their own fault on unvaccinated – though in Quebec already the percent of vaccinated is the highest in the world (after Israel).

    Since the raising of Mr. Legault’s block QAC, public (state) policlinics and CLSCs were transferred to GMF half-private clinical network. Using public facilities, equipment, secretaries, nurses, personnel – the private medical entrepreneurs milk the state, and, in the same time, aggressively extort money (like racketeers) from GMF network’s patients. When I supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Tuong Nam Nguyen (at Centre Medical Metro Monk, GMF Clinic Reseau, 2529 rue Allard in Montreal), the doctor did not see me, but charged me for the most essential tests (absolutely necessary for the health reasons), which should be covered by public RAMQ card.

    Created under the pretext of improving the access to doctors and medical services, the GMF network, on the contrary, almost completely and finally blocked the access to general public.

    THIS IS the authentic reason of the situation in the public hospitals, emergency rooms, and Intensive Care Units.

    Mr. Legault, using anti-English nationalist, racist and discriminatory rhetoric, “killed” the project, necessary for the existence of the medical program of well-known college Dowson, thereby blocking the inflow of a fresh young staff to medical institutions’ network of and striking next irreparable blow to the system of medical attendance.

    Mr. François Legault’s close friend and associate (and co-funder of QAC) is Mr. Charles Sirois: founder, controlling shareholder, chairman and CEO of Canadian Telesystem Ltd., CEO and chairman of Indian OnMobile Global Ltd, director of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Cossette Communication Group and Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, ex- chairman and CEO of Teleglobe, Excel Communications’ founder (1998), one of the founding partners of Enablis, ex-chairman of Telesystem International Wireless, founder and ex-chairman of Canadian Microcell Telecommunications (Fido), a GSM cellular provider, an ex-member of the G8 Dot Force, of the National Broadband Task Force, and founding member of the Washington-based Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC).

    Doubtful ethically operation was Mr. Sirois’ operation of selling Teleglobe to Bell Canada state company (2000) at a price of 6.5 billion, while 2 years later, in 2002, Teleglobe declared bankruptcy. The same “gray” operation Mr. Sirois did with Excel.

    As a man behind the G-4-5 technologies and a man behind Mr. Legault, Mr. Sirois, who is pushing his puppet to implement the covid-vaccines tyranny, Mr. Sirois is a living suggestion about a direct link between G-4-5 technologies – and the mRNK-vaccines.

    Mr. Sirois is businessman with Washington connections; a chief of the sinister G4 and G-5 technologies in Quebec (which suggests close ties with police and secret services by definition) and of Zombie-brainwashing Smartphone services; a banker; and one of the spying-on-citizens system’s chairmen.

    According to reliable sources, a man behind GMF network and behind the PetalMD system was Mr. Sirois, the closest friend of prime-minister Legault, and a “gray cardinal” behind Mr. Legault as well.

    Mr. Sirois donated unknown sums to Mr. Legault’s block QAC, not speaking about possible hidden donations.

    Thus, Mr. Legault continues destroying public medical care for the benefit of his friends and masters, cynically blaming unvaccinated for the disaster that he is creating himself.

    Since 2020, it is known that Mr. Legault, in circumvention of competitive standards and rules, and, under the pretext of pandemic, has offered a 36 million dollars deal to his friend and associate, Mr. Sirois, a man behind PetalMD. This contract, for an exceptional duration of 12 years (!), gave the PetalMD enterprise a technological monopoly (HUB) for building an online medical rendezvous system for GMF network’s policlinics. However, nor in the decision of the Conseil des ministres, authorizing the contract, nor in the justification of giving this contract amicably, there is any word about the pandemic.

    In favor of Mr. Sirois’ enterprise, the previous – working – project – Rendez-vous Santé Québec – was abandoned (likewise the operating transportation network of EXO replaced with the fraudulent REM project), and an appointment tool that does not work at all – PetalMD HUB – replaced it. From 1300 policlinics, at best 50 are now connected to HUB, but the rendezvous system is not working, as everyone can make sure.

    This is just one of the smallest examples of how Mr. Legault is ruining Quebec’s public health system by continuing its privatization while shifting the blame on unvaccinated.

    However, I doubt that Mr. Legault’s political rivals would do better, because the whole system is corrupt. They would offer United States’ companies hundreds of millions of dollars, without repairing anything in the present health-care crises.

    Before the power shift – in a result of elections’ violations by the prime-minister François Legault and Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante (also a usurper) – there were 10-15 thousand homeless in Montreal, and now their population can be estimated as 100 thousand!

    Here where the indescribable sufferings of people and a huge source of “covid” infection reservoir was created. (A real genocide!)

    Artificially provoked exodus of hundreds of thousands of Montreal’s residents have also generated an apocalyptic nightmare. (Details: in 5 books of this series.)

    There is no real proof that, still being in opposition, Mister Legault (as claim informed sources) got the “pocketable police”, and, during elections, achieved a winning shift by the means of compromising evidence and threats (threatening his opponents and everyone, who could stay on his way). [Although, Mr. Sirois, as the FIDO (etc.) operator, could potentially be aware about all politicians’ secrets.] However, now, it is very likely (by the rumors) that he is going to launch a commixed campaign of real and fabricated charges of forgery of so-called “vaccine passports” for putting dissidents, dissatisfied and “non-loyal” into the prisons, to intimidate his opponents, and to play Quebec Pinochet’s role (at the same time, criminalizing non-poisoned by Moderna and Pfizer (“unvaccinated”).

    Not a small group of non-vaccinated (4-5 percent) – into which the authorities included even those who received 1 dose of the vaccine (10 percent), – but the crimes, committed by the authorities in the field of social policy and health care: are the reasons of the disastrous situation in the medical institutions. (Groundless statements of the authorities on 10 percent, which did not receive any dose of the murderous vaccines, are not confirmed).

    Quebec dictator’s intention to put a punitive charge on not vaccinated (“a tax on health care”) – declared by him at a press-conference on January 11, 2022 – is an analog of the methods of Nazi criminals. The 5-th book of this series explicitly speaks why.

    The dictator has already blocked the access to pharmacies situated in biggest stores for non-vaccinated, creating a precedent of genocidal denial of essential (life-saving) medications.

    Only a feeble probability that two personalities fighting between themselves within mister Legault (on one hand – a patriot of the French heritage and hater of Anglo-Saxon lie, and – on the other hand – the tyrant dictator and banker) will agree among themselves that the patriot is more important, gives though some hope that he will cancel the draconian measures and mandatory vaccination, and will begin to pursue the national policy.

    Monsieur Legault, certainly, is a dictator not only in connection with the violations during the elections in 2019; a considerable (if not the biggest) part of his ruling term he governed by mandates (as Bolsheviks after 1917); he cancelled or violated the constitution and constitutional rights; established racist (fascist) laws; violated the basic principles of democratic rule. Sanctions against not vaccinated by a special penalty (whether it be an abstract “tax on health”, or a “tax (penalty) on medication and on medical care”) in a situation of social disaster and medical care system’s crashing, mass homelessness and hunger: it is a conscious move for mass murders. But mister Legault will not stop here. If not repulsed, he will begin soon to punish also those who received only 1, only 2, or only 3 “jabs”, demanding 4 doses, 7 doses, and so on indefinitely.

    In this study we present an irrefutable proof that non-vaccinated not only are not guilty of the propagation of the pandemic and of “blasting” the health care system, but, on the contrary, help the fastest termination of the pandemic.

    However, this is not the question.

    A penalty for a passive (“non-active”) resistance for insubordination to violence over human body: it is the most dangerous, most terrible, and most scandalous precedent, which can be compared to actions of the totalitarian Stalinist and Nazi regimes.

    And, if the government of monsieur Legault is doing it under the pretext of sanctions “for undermining health”: then it is necessary to punish all those, who practice dangerous sports; all those, who do not often go to the fresh air; all those, who eat in the fast food restaurants and adheres to an unhealthy diet; all those, who moves not enough; and, the main thing, all corpulent, overfed gluttons. The load of emergency rooms (and the Intensive Care Units) amplifies not because of non-vaccinated, but because of people with an excessive weight. The qualified reports of the authoritative doctors, confirming it, are presented in the 5-th book of this series. In the comments for Canadian Dr. Brian Goldman’s reports, or for CBC’s “Currents”, and in comments on other radio-shows and reports – doctors and nurses claimed that 90 percent of the diseased due to a severe form of Covida-19 and the hospitalized people: these are the people with an excessive weight whether it be vaccinated or non-vaccinated.

    But the stout persons are not guilty of the problem. The obesity: it is an epidemic in the countries founded by Anglo-Saxons, which break all records on number of people with an excessive weight. And not its victims, but the predatory, greedy and aggressive regimes of these countries are guilty of this problem.

    Recently patients who cannot be treated in hospitals are transferred to the old-age nursing homes: just another crime, for which the international tribunal shall try the responsible.

    Since its beginning, Canadian federal and provincial authorities artificially expand and prolong the pandemic by the sabotage of operational, timely, and available checks on covid, whether there be official medical tests, or fast tests packets on covid.

    Canadian federal and provincial authorities intentionally spread the pandemic and violate the fundamental rights of people by denying the recognition of the equal to vaccination rights to those, who had covid and acquired an effective natural immunity, and by not exempting such people from the mandatory vaccination (and by not removing all the restrictions). They blocked the access to the checks of the antibodies and their efficiency, fraudulently imposing the forced vaccination on everyone.

    The data (provided in our study) of the most serious researches and judgment of the most respected scientists prove that the native immunity of covid survivors is at least 10 times (!) stronger, than an artificial immunity acquired from any number of doses of the toxic Anglo-American covid-vaccines, and it means that people with the natural immunity and strong antibodies have in 10 times more rights for the removal of all restrictions.

    Authentic documents of the vendors of mRNK covid-vaccines Moderna and Pfizer (provided in our study), as well as the real facts, judgments of the most respective scientists and doctors, and other credentials, confirm that Anglo-American vaccines not only badly protect from Covid-19-virus, but, on the contrary, often INFECT the injected by Covid-19!

    The leading scientists also came to a conclusion that by a considerable part of vaccinated by the mRNK covid-vaccines Moderna and Pfizer they provoke an immunity failure and lead to the most sad consequences. (Details: in 5 books of this series).

    The appearance of an increasing number of more and more contagious and dangerous virus strains of Covid-19 is also connected to the forcible vaccination of the entire population and to overextend of the vaccination campaign in time – as scientists read.

    Our study proves that the Canadian authorities, as well as the authorities of other countries, did and do everything possible to infect as many people as possible by Covid-19 virus, and their measures of the “fight against pandemic” – only an ostentatious show. The exhaustive proof of the intentional spreading of covid-pandemic by the authorities is provided in 5 books of this series. For example, from the very beginning of the pandemic, the rulers shall IMMEDIATELY adopt the law on universal severance pay due to illness (the payable sick days leave), which never existed in Canada (in December, 2021, the federal government only “simulated” such a law, but, in practice, it is not a universal and binding regulation). The workers, who caught covid, are forced to go to work, otherwise the employers will fire them, or they will not be able to support themselves and their families. Instead of diminishing the homeless population and declaring a moratorium on evictions, the authorities created an artificial housing crisis and boosted the homelessness times more. Such examples of an intentional sabotage – are provided in this study in great numbers.

    But for what purpose the governments need a never-ended covid pandemic? Why it is so important for them (in addition to pure political motivations)? Well, they need the forever-running pandemic to terrorize the population in order to break people’s resistance to uncountable and infinite vaccination shots (doses) by the mRNA covid-vaccines.

    But what goal they pursue by it? Why the vaccination is so necessary for the governments, if the Anglo-American vaccines do not protect adequately against any virus, and people that received 1-3, or even 7 “jabs” all the same catch covid, infect each other, and some of them become seriously ill?

    It is necessary for them for the reason, as Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) and the American mRNK covid-vaccines is a multi-type biological weapon by means of which the forces standing behind its development aim to perform their plans by all means:
    1) to perform a global experiment on entire mankind;
    2) to get rid of “social ballast”;
    3) to reduce the population, especially in the overpopulated regions;
    4) to modify human genetic code and human behavior (read the latest research of Laval University about covid and covid-vaccine’s ability to change the behavioral patterns);
    5) to destroy the native immunity, having put people into complete dependence on the state vaccines;
    6) to inject tracking and control micro-devices in people’s bodies (together with the vaccines);
    7) to collect the research data for the program of dividing citizens into 2 different biological races: a race of slaves (90 percent of the population) and a race of misters (masters) (5-10 percent). There are serious concerns that such an experiment is ALREADY on its way within the present company of forced vaccination, though on a limited scale.

    Having cancelled the norm of inviolability of human body and having created new norms by the forced vaccination, the governments created a precedent allowing them now to perform any other experiments on people compulsorily; to implant (in people’s bodies) any devices, including brain implants; and to perform any dreadful manipulations with the human body, with human genetic code, and with society in general.

    They also use vaccination for planting so-called “vaccination passports”, which will not be canceled AFTER, and which are nothing else but an external “chip” thrust to each human being, even if so far not inserted into human body (it is only a matter of time!).

    With the “vaccine (electronic) passports” (not only limiting the right of moving around and finally taking away the last remnants of privacy and anonymity), each person turns into a completely tracked and controlled computer file that equates a person to a lifeless object. Exaggerated (dummy) “fight against pandemic”, forced vaccination and cancelation of our fundamental rights and freedoms – are necessary also for introduction of such “chip in hand” (or in pocket).

    The irrefutable scientific proof of the presence of graphene oxide and other foreign substances and devices in Anglo-American vaccines is provided in this study.

    Undeniable evidence that both Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2), and American mRNK covid-vaccines Moderna and Pfizer can change human genetic code, is proved in 5 books of this series. It is an indisputable fact whatever spoke and whatever undertook corrupt scientists and doctors for discrediting this true fact.

    Via 5 books of this study the reader can also learn about criminal doctors’ contribution to the establishment of the state terror and authoritarianism, and up to what level they, therefore, are interested in false statements concerning the covid-pandemic, and in planting the forced vaccination. For example (it is an additional example), the doctor from policlinic on Sherbrook Est Street, who refused me an ultrasound and treatment of the right foot (summer, 2018), which was traumatized in a result of an inexplicable road accident, became a deputy today, and the doctor, whose unethical actions the author used to face, became the deputy minister of health of Quebec.


    One of such predictions concerned a fact that any author criticizing the policy of “covid-hysteria” did not specify (or was afraid to specify). It is that the forced vaccination by dangerous vaccines was spread to the whole world from Israel. More precisely, Israel was made a global testing ground, or a lab for all anti-human experiments, and the anti-humans, having tested their sinister technologies there, then already implement them everywhere. Indeed, as it later appeared, Israel was the first place where they vaccinated practically the whole population by Moderna and Pfizer. In Israel, and only there, they poisoned all children by mRNA covid-vaccines (now this “Israeli” experiment is “adopted” by Canada).

    At first, in Israel (and just later in other countries) – they considered only those, who received 2 doses, “vaccinated”. In Israel they introduced so-called “vaccine passports” for the first time, and only then the “vaccine passports” were enforced to the whole world. In Israel 2 doses of the covid-vaccine were recognized insufficient very soon, and then already 3 “jabs” did not give the status of vaccinated, and now they violently inject people already by the 4-th dose.

    War crimes, which are committed by the governments of Australia, Europe and North America, are burdened by the fact that they do not grant to the citizens the right to choose, imposing only mRNA covid-vaccines Moderns and Pfizer, and only in rare occasions AstraZeneka and Johnson and Johnson, and having completely blocking access to Iranian, Cuban, Chinese, Russian, and other vaccines.

    Doctors of the giant Jewish hospital in Montreal most often spoke on Canadian radio CBC during the whole first year of pandemic, threatening, intimidating and frightening the listeners, in order to force them to stop resisting toxic Anglo-American mRNK covid-vaccines. In all periodicals Israeli doctors act, standing up for the mandatory all-population vaccination by the covid-vaccines. Binyamin Farber – the most ominous and irreconcilable Jewish ultranationalist in Canada, who attacked Mullins decades ago, not allowing the later to give lectures in Toronto and Montreal, and who put into prison dozens of his ideological opponents, including Zundel – broadcasted during the pandemic (and in connection with pandemic) several times.

    Thus, a special role of the Jewish tyrants, extremists and reactionaries in planting the global tyranny of draconian measures, forced all-population vaccination, and “vaccine passports” – is obvious.


    The stories about how the authorities, doctors, and medical bureaucrats intentionally ruin peoples’ health, turning their lives into nightmare, shall serve as an alarm to everyone, showing how dangerous is to trust any government and to believe that you will not be killed (or will not be turned into vegetable) by forced injection of covid-vaccine. The Canadian regime, which murdered tens of thousands of indigenous children, did not change since 1940-s – 1970-s, and there is no guarantee that the state vaccine injection will not kill an American Indian, Inuit, a homeless, an old man, or an activist, or a person with a criminal record: someone this regime would like to get rid off.

    Ominous trend of systematic loss of results of laboratory tests; or closing of access to lab results for certain doctors and patients; chronic lie of doctors and other medics (in 5 books of this series shocking examples and the facts are given); murders of patients in Quebec hospitals (in 5 books of this series the shocking examples of such cases are given); time delay of ambulance cars for 7 hours (!) and deaths of patients who did not got an ambulance; deaths of women on bare floor in the emergency’s waiting rooms – (shocking examples are given in 5 books of this series); brutal treatment of patients by doctors who – by a knee under the back – throw out patients from hospitals and policlinics, without having rendered any help, and the patients, having coming back home, unfortunately suddenly die (shocking examples are provided); waiting time in emergency rooms of 6 hours (at least) up to 2 days!; canceling (across Canada) of millions of surgical surgeries, diagnostic procedures and exams by doctors because of which people perished and perishing: here is what should be fought and persecuted, but not a small group of unvaccinated, the majority of whom for certain already has a natural immunity to covid.

    The governments shall stop murdering millions of people by their System (first of all: by wars), in comparison with which the number of the victims from epidemics can be considered the act of a force-major situation (and, still, could be reduced if not destroyed – to the benefits of privatization – public health-care), but, instead, murderers offer us vaccination, and not just offer, but thrust the forcible vaccination.

    The uncountable examples of pathological medics’ lies (provided in this study) and their immoral and unethical professional acts shall show that neither for the sake of “the benefit of society”, nor for “protection of society “from unvaccinated”, nor for the “fight against covid” doctors and governments impose forcible vaccination by the most dangerous and ineffective covid-vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer.

    The most urgent demands are – commonly available and clear laws on contraindications to covid-vaccines, and on protection of those, for whom the covid-vaccines are contraindicated; and also:
    1) canceling of the repressive policy against non-vaccinated;
    2) canceling of all restrictions imposed on not vaccinated and infringements of their rights;
    3) cancelings of “vaccine passports”, curfew, etc.;
    4) resetting of the fundamental civil rights and freedoms;
    5) immediate canceling of the aggressive company on vaccination of children;
    6) canceling of the policy of 3-rd (4-7-th, etc.) doses of the vaccines and of derogation of the rights of the refused;
    7) resetting the basis of voluntariness to any medical procedure – without enforcement of the aggressive vaccination, without intimidation, derogation of rights, persecution, fining, sanction in any forms;
    8) immediate opening of free, unlocked, and publicly available access to covid-checks and to checks on antibodies for all comers;
    9) those, who had covid and acquired a sufficient natural immunity, shall be recognized “vaccinated”.

    The governments are obliged to declassify immediately the number of victims of Anglo-American covid-vaccines and to demand a financial compensating from United States.


    ADDITION AFTER February 21, 2022:

    In the last 5 days Justin Trudeau’s Canadian regime finally showed that the covid-tyranny and covid-fascism have no relation to covid-pandemic.

    Having declared a state of the Emergencies Act and having actually carried out the coup d’état, Trudeau’s regime already openly showed that the multiple (to 7 times) totalitarian mandatory vaccination of the whole population (including children) by the American covid-vaccines is an end in itself: a part of a wider plan of people’s total enslavement and of biological warfare against the mankind (first of all: against the white race).

    Mass arrests (thousands of people are thrown into prisons!) of the protestors against the covid-tyranny; the use of army and the militarized police; using fire (and other) arms against the peaceful protesters (who did not violate any law (!), who did not commit ANY illegal act, who never broken any rule [probably, there are also death casualties, but, in the conditions of brutal fascist censorship, the authorities will hide any information to last]; taking away children from the parents; arresting protesters’ bank accounts (how to pay the renting fee? how to pay bills? how to feed children?!); starting criminal cases on the basis of pure political prosecutions: these are unprecedented – after Hitler, Franco, Pinochet, and other dictators – state repressions.

    But there is such proverb that the apple never falls far from the tree. Not someone other as Pierre Trudeau, the daddy of Justin Trudeau, at the time already imposed the state of emergency and occupied Quebec, having thrown regular army against civilians. Another thing is that by then the emergency acts were incomparablysofter, and not to such an extent approached to the martial law. Since then the Canadian regime became such a totalitarian dictatorship, and its laws on the state of emergency have turned into laws of an anti-human tyranny.

    Not least ominously is that the authorities arrest not only those, who were arrested directly by police on the scene, but all those (may be tens of thousands of people, and, in the future, as well as in the history of all fascist regimes, hundreds of thousands and millions) sympathizing the Resistance movement, who were, allegedly, photographed by police’ cameras. It gives a pretext for detention and arresting of any dissident extrajudicially: no proofs from the authorities (in the conditions of the emergency act) are required. For the first time in Canadian history (and in post-war history of the Western countries!) the authorities began to put in prisons not only those who committed the active actions, participating in demonstrations, but those – who somehow – supported or approved the Resistance Movement, rendering to protesters any given help. It breaks not only all most fundamental bases of democratic principles, but even the general traditions of the moderately totalitarian states.

    Justin Trudeau’s words passed on the Canadian radio contain an appeal to deployment of ideological repressions against all dissidents, actually – arresting huge number of dissidents and creating of concentration camps for political prisoners in a big scale of Stalin repressions.

    The idiom “conspiracy theories” (which was initially designating the prohibition on any criticism of the Jewish bankers, the Talmudic doctrine, Zionism, and any crimes, committed by the Israeli regime) in Justin Trudeau’s mouth: it is an equivalent to the term “the enemy of the people” on Stalin’s lips, with which the latter justified unprecedented repressions and mass murders of tens of millions of people.

    If still – on the level of the state political terrorism, violence and mayhem lawlessness created by police, intelligence agencies, and other security agencies – Canada “lagged behind” China, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and other regimes, – that, on the level of political and ideological censorship and taboo on independent thinking, Canada, since Harper, exceeded the level of suppression of freedom in China and Russia. In Russia such horns of alternative opinions as, for example, “Echo of Moscow” (radio station) – where anyone can receive a tribune and where it is possible to express any opinions – can still act freely. In Canada – for a long time – even closely there are NO independent newspapers, no democracy, no independent press, no, free from the tyrannical state monitoring, pluralism, no – independent from the government – legal system, no independent court.

    And this, finally fascist, coup d’état committed now by its left government: certainly, not “randomness”, but an inevitable pattern.

    I sent letters to more than 50 leading Canadian newspapers, reporting that – at least 100 times – was stopped, searched, surveilled, or escorted (etc.) by police, but did not receive ANY response.

    I contacted police demanding a written response, but received only confused and incomplete comments of two police officers who visited me at home.

    I contacted about 20 paid lawyers, but everywhere was refused or just ignored. At last, I contacted the system of the government legal aide – and it also failed to me.

    I contacted the same instances and the same newspapers concerning the use of medical care for deliberately ruining my health; with the same result.

    Finally, I contacted ministers and deputies, but did not receive ANY response.

    At the time of Jean Chrétien everything was completely different, and it means that – under Harper and Trudeau – Canada submerged into a complete outrage, into totalitarian oligarchic tyranny. And not only Canada.

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