Unconfirmed – the worst news about Gonzalo Lira

Unconfirmed – the worst news about Gonzalo Lira

I am feeling quite disconsolate today at the news of Gonzalo Lira’s disappearance and this latest information that I picked up from Godlike Productions which I cannot substantiate but have little reason to doubt, takes me over the edge.

If nothing else it underlies the unfathomable Evil that pervades the world right now.

There is no doubt that these Ukrainian nazis, in terms of sheer evil and cruelty are only only rivalled by the Islamic jihadists in the Middle East.

Now this barbarism has reached Europe

Sad news: Gonzalo Lira confirmed beheaded in Ukraine

Video on the dark web is now circulating showing the beheading execution of Gonzalo Lira

9 thoughts on “Unconfirmed – the worst news about Gonzalo Lira

  1. Any rep the West had left of decency has been obliterated by their criminal support of this criminal barbaric regime.

  2. People need to wake up n smell the history of the real evil beings aka Joo joos The big nose tribe is responsible 4 all past present evil n will extend into the future if not wiped out. Slave trade jew owned n run world wide. America has anti slave laws until the joos overtook American legislative branch. Boom slavery became legal. The hood slaughtered 99 Million black children men n woman. The joos where the slave owners n sellers in America. Bolsheviks slaughtered 25 million plus Russians stole their wealth. WWII the joos killed 65million christians pagans n other non good. Today the truth had been in everyones face the absolute evil the joos have plaques others with, Palestinians Iraqis Afghanistees Iranians Syrians Sudanese the list goes on n on since 2014 the joos been killing Russians in Ukraine. Joos have always been the Nazis Jews r Canaanites. Thanks be to the heavenly creator Israel very soon will be wiped from earth with all evil beings

  3. From worshipping Baal human sacrifice cannibalism Christ murder to world slave trade passing slave laws in slaveless America to owning all slave ships exclusively handling a to z which the joos murdered 99 million blacks which includes children, Bolsheviks Jews slaughtered over 25 million Russians to WWII Jews killed 40 million Christians 20 million Pagans, to genociding Palatinians iragis Iranians Sudanese on n on. Joos have always been n a z I s. Most evil unclean beings since the beginning of time

  4. ‘Wars, and rumors of wars’… an awful lot of propaganda out there from all angles- and it’s going to get worse, far worse.
    I do not put my faith in ANY human, but rather He who shed His own blood to purchase me from evil, for all eternity.
    Big picture thinking, friends.
    I’m an American in this life and certainly grew out of the American pride brainwashing I was indoctrinated into through the public school system in my youth…not after the JFK assassination, not after the 9/11 orchestration, not after all the war mongering, not after the blatantly obvious SARS-CoV-2/’vax’ scam followed by a clearly corrupt, fraudulent electoral process, et al.
    Love me, hate me- I can’t disagree with Putin’s position on this Ukraine debacle….Clearly, the US has orchestrated all of this to end Russia. The Biden’s and their nefarious agenda, with Obama’s input, are the evil behind this whole agenda. Yes, there are other bad actors involved, such as Soros and the US govt’s lap dog- the Western MSM.

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