Underhand tactic of NZ police at Wellington occupation

Underhand tactic of NZ police at Wellington occupation

We hear how the police used what Liz Gunn calls an “extortion racket”: they forced people they had arrested to get vaccinate if they did not want to stay in jail.

Wellington: Sue Grey & Nicole on NZ Prison Scandal

There is always the possibility this person is not speaking the truth but I doubt it very much

Police brag on how they had permission to use full force and plant violent infiltrators

Passed on to share…

I have been seriously contemplating about posting this or not because there is already more than enough diversity between kiwis right now than ever before but stuff it!!

Please note this is not a post on views or beliefs or a place to debate your views, this is just genuinely what I heard with my own ears and found it rather concerning.

Earlier this week I was in wellington for work purposes, whilst I was there on Monday well over 100 police checked into the hotel I was staying at ( All good I was there for my job they were there for there’s play on)

Later that evening I was in the bar/restaurant for dinner and so was a few groups of officers and this is where I over heard a group of 6 police talking, laughing and carrying on about how the government had given them the permission to use full force on the protestors and how they had they had planted (infiltrators) violent undercover protestors and given them ammunition to cause trouble to allow the police with reason to use any force needed, joking about how they hoped not to get hit with their own bricks and how they couldn’t wait to let loose with pepper spray…..

Then as I’m standing at the bar getting my last drink before bed one officer who seemed a little intoxicated came to the bar, thinking I must of been one of them considering 99% of the hotel guests were police from all over he asked me

“Was I excited to be here an cause some mayhem” at quick thinking and not wanting to engage in conversation or lie to the guy I replied “I’m just here to find Clark Gayford mate”

His reponse amazed me,:

“You won’t find him here mate, he’s up on his drug charges up north why do you think we have to wait until Wednesday to go in, it’s all about distraction mate, I’m just looking forward to my bonus once we clear this scum out”

Make of this what you will, it is word for word what i said and heard.

Regardless of my views or yours on the protest itself the force then used on Wednesday against New Zealanders Young and old was totally disgusting considering it was all pre meditated and planned by our police and government regardless of how peaceful anyone was that day or who they were or why they were there.

Again this isn’t about any views or what I or you support this is genuinely something I found rather disturbing and goes to show how much our mainstream media and our government are twisting words and lying to us as well as covering things up on the daily, not to mention the PMs partner up on drug charges ???

Ps: Of course I reached out to people and media on this (surprise surprise they didn’t want to know)

One thought on “Underhand tactic of NZ police at Wellington occupation

  1. Why give credence to unsubstantiated rumours.
    At least wait till Wednesday when the truth will be revealed.

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