Unimaginable catastrophe in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty

Unimaginable catastrophe in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty

The catastrophe in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty seems to be beyond anything one could imagine. For one, The devastation has all but destroyed from what we hear 50% or more of Hawkes Bay’s horticulture.

They are not telling us any of that in the media

You can expect food shortages that may last years


We are getting reports MSM are ignoring the worst stories.

There are 5,600 registered as missing.

Hawkes Bay residents are saying:

“Dead animals are building up and rotting & Napier residents have been without power, hot water, internet & phone signal since Mon night/Tues morning.”

“A lot of people have lost their houses, everything.”

“We were totally cut off from Napier in Hastings with many people being turned away from the only crossing available even though they were essential.”

“Looting, shooting, stabbing, killing, stealing, and hostage situations are going on. Gangs are out of control, holding people hostage and at gun point for their supplies.”

“The devastation has all but destroyed from what we hear 50% or more of Hawkes Bay’s horticulture.”

Locals have started road blocks.

Why were police raiding Shooters Saloon on Thursday instead of helping in these affected areas?


In response to this I received the following comment

I read this link was appalled 😦 will send it to Vinny  Newshub gave this small area of ‘nothing’

I think the toll will be higher than ever thought Truck driver told Chloe friend in Gisborne bodies floating in stagnant ponds he’s telling the army….

Chloe has lost everything.

Safe but local marae swamped. Dead bloated animals but nothing to eat fish inland the whole situation is deplorabl

This appeared as a comment on Telegram

I have a friend in Napier.. she says as follows…. Napier has been devastated. The search and rescue teams have been working tirelessly, we know, our place is in the centre of the worst hit areas. Our impassable road plus others in the area have already been cleared so rescue teams can get in and residents get out. No small feat, you know how far we are from town and the road was blocked almost the entire length. That’s just our road. Power is slowly being restored, honestly that’s the least of people’s worries. Navy ships have bought in food and supplies as there was no road access into Napier. There is now road access via Palmerston North. Please squash the rumours, the police, ambulance,  rescue teams and everyone helping have been doing an amazing job.

Such total carnage here, you have to see it to believe it,  however, the most urgent matters have definately been taken care of in the appropriate order. I don’t believe for a second that we have been forgotten about, it’s just some people’s needs are far greater than others, and those people are the priority.


But, army tanks in the supermarket carpark in Gisbourne?!

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