Unimaginable Catastrophe:

Unimaginable Catastrophe:

COVID-19 “Vax” Triggers IgG4 Cells in Vax’d People; Tells the Immune System to IGNORE COVID – as it replicates and kills them!

Adam Gaertner is a Virologist.  He studies Viruses.  He has found that people who took the COVID-19 “Vaccine” are now suscesptible to being KILLED because the Vax triggered the IgG4 protein, which tells the immune system “Leave this alone, this pathogen is harmless.”  Then you die from it.

BY:  Adam Gaertner

Immune reactions are violent, corrosive, and damaging to the body. This is by design; just as an army goes to war, the immune system physically fights invading pathogens, and the weapons it uses cause collateral damage. Sometimes, they cause a lot: immune overreaction is a hallmark of SARS-CoV-2, and among the primary causes of mortality for severe COVID. This is why we suffer inflammation: just as your skin will become inflamed if you spill acid on it, so too will your blood vessels and organs, as your immune system pours acid on them. Usually, that’s a good thing: infected cells often (although not always) need to be destroyed, and our immune systems are all too happy to oblige.

Of course, your immune system does not actually know whether any given foreign body warrants battle stations. This is among the reasons ordinary vaccines are injected alongside toxic adjuvants; they cause a bit of local mayhem to make sure your body knows that this is a bad one and you need to fight it. You may or may not be aware that the mRNA vaccines do not come with adjuvants. I suppose they figured that the spike alone is toxic enough – does it really need any? Partially due to that absence of adjuvants, it appears that the immune systems of people vaccinated with mRNA are deciding that the virus actually isn’t worth fighting at all.

When the body is repeatedly exposed to a harmless foreign body, such as pollen, dendritic cells make a judgment call, and they begin producing IgG4 antibodies*. These are effectively sleep signals: upon encountering the foreign body, the antibody binds to it, any immune cell it encounters will be instructed to leave it alone, and they oblige; these are not the droids you are looking for.

*I know. Skip to the hard science if you don’t want the simplified version.

That’s great for preventing the extensive, unnecessary damage that would occur if you were to be constantly fighting harmless, non-replicating foreign bodies. However, SARS-CoV-2 is emphatically not that: the spike alone is incredibly damaging, proteins produced by the virus cause a lesser level of inflammation in their own right, and uncontrolled replication of almost any pathogen inevitably leads to organ failure and death due to cell damage and dysfunction alone.

To borrow, and extend, a brilliant analogy from  Igor Chudov, who said it best: consider a home invasion. The virus is a burglar, and that burglar is coming to take your stuff. Thus far, nobody has been home, but the alarms have still been working; the original antigenic sin caused by outdated mRNA has thus far precluded a fully effective antibody response, but the alarm is still on, and the cops are going to show up eventually. Their diseases have been more severe and lasted longer, but they’ve still been, for the vast majority, generally able to survive. That’s about to change.

The situation we now find ourselves in is much worse. Not only is nobody home anymore, but the cops are standing by the door, guarding the burglars. IgG4 antibodies act to suppress the innate immune system as well as the adaptive: they bind to FcγRIIB complexes on cell surfaces that variously deactivate and destroy immune responses and cells, they bind to the virions themselves, they bind to CD4 T-cells and dendritic cells, and and they even bind to the signal cascade transducers of the complement immune system; everywhere they go, the message is loud and clear. Nothing to see here. Please disperse.

I had hoped that at least elements of the innate immune system would be spared. No dice. With even complement being shut down, vaccinees are in for a world of hurt. Consider the excess death statistics that have been steadily rising lately: while these are, thus far, very likely to have been attributable mostly to otherwise silent vaccine injuries, the next time the COVID numbers start rising, we should expect to see vaccinees dying in droves. They likely, mostly, won’t be dying in hospital, either: with the immune response so dramatically blunted, the typical signs and symptoms of infection will likely be all but absent. It would actually be funny, if it weren’t so horrific: uncontrolled replication will lead to trillions of virions tearing unchallenged through the tissues, exposing the victim to a similar quantity of bioactive, toxic spike protein as is created by the mRNA shots. Blood clots, myocarditis, autoimmunity, prion diseases; everything that the shots can cause in the short term, so too will the virus; and the very first clue that they’re even infected may well be their sudden and unceremonious death, perhaps preceded by some general feeling of being unwell if they’re lucky.

As of time of writing, there is no known way to reverse this process. If you are producing IgG4 antibodies in response to the virus, you will likely continue to do so forever, until and unless we find a way to reverse it. Maybe a real vaccine would do it. However, there is still (a great deal of) hope for you: prophylaxis and treatment.

This is the part where you apologize to the people you laughed at for eating horse paste, by the way. Hopefully you’ve already done that. If not – get started. You were wrong. Very, very, lethally wrong, and kind of an asshole about it, too.

The full protocol, and the explanation, is at the bottom of this article. Ivermectin is part of it, but it’s gonna take more than that to save you at this point. You’re lucky anybody’s even still trying. We know what you would’ve done to us in 1943, you rascally little order-follower.

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This is you. Congratulations.

The Long Version

I am very happy to announce … that I finally figured out how to use Substack’s editor properly. Woohoo! They really need to fix the amazing disappearing toolbar. Anyway – throughout this section, you will find that every single statement is very well sourced. If you take issue with something I’ve written, please take the time to read the provided citations before you flip back to Colbert’s Vax-Scene. If this can’t help you understand what’s been done to you, nothing can. 

There is a lot to cover, and I am leaving no stone unturned. By the time you reach the end of this article, if you take the time to read the citations, you will have a greater understanding of the relevant aspects of immunology, microbiology, virology, pathology and proteomics than the vast majority of medical practitioners. Some of it you will already know; a lot will be new. What you do with this information is up to you, but I ask that you use it to help the people that need it. After they apologize, perhaps. Clott Adams, lead the way!

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Link to the LONG version, complete with Scientific Citations:   https://veryvirology.substack.com/i/98381054/a-brief-expository-of-everything

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