Unpacking Geert vanden Bossche’s ‘FINAL CALL’

Unpacking Geert vanden Bossche’s ‘FINAL CALL’

This is my best effort of conveying what Geert vanden Bossche had to say. By necessity, like vanden Bossche himself when he talks there will be some repetition.

Last Friday Del Bigtree of the Highwire interviewed Belgian vaccinologist, Geert vanden Bossche for the third time with not only an update but what he calls his final warning.

His arguments are very technical and difficult to grasp – more so than last time when he did not use such a plethora of confusing concepts to explain what he is seeing.

We have spent much of two days trying to grasp what he is saying and to put it in a language that will be comprehensible to those with a basic, but not extensive understanding of virology or evolutionary biology.

What follows is our attempt to bring clarity to a complicated subject.

What I will do is to reproduce what Geert vanden Bossche has to say as best as I can and to provide an initial attempt to unpack that.

To help this I put together a 50 minute video that brings together all the main parts of his presentation.

First, I have to make my own position clear.

Geert is a vaccinologist and evolutionary biologist and so brings his own understanding.

It is my belief that this should be viewed on its own merit and not compared, positively or negatively, with other conclusions that one has taken on.

That would be what I call “contempt prior to investigation“.

I am a great enemy of reductionism and the argument that this ipso facto cannot be true because it “contradicts” something else we have taken on. For example, Geert does not talk as others do, such as Peter McCullough or Robert Malone about the nature of the mRNA shot that is not at all a vaccine. 

The evidence to me points to the vaccine being an instrument of genocide because of the many mechanisms of injury in the shot (40 of which have been identified from scientific papers by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny).

However, this does not, in any way, to me contradict the contribution of vanden Bossche. It is bringing a different understanding that reinforces the arguments for keeping well away from the “vaccine”, especially when it comes to our children.

For what it is worth Dr. Tenpenny on Telegram advised people to watch the video and to keep watching it until they understand it.

It matters little to me that vanden Bossche is an “insider” who has in the past worked for GAVI, or treats the mRNA shot as a “vaccine” and fails to point out things that are actually well outside his scope of practise.

It is, in my mind, essential that people have a grasp of the dire danger so that they understand just how important it is to avoid the shot for us and our children.

I have always regarded it as far more important to remain aware of the greatest dangers rather than live as if the times are normal.

The “information” that comes from the authorities is deceptively simple (nay, simplistic)-  and very easy to grasp but highly misleading.

What Geert vanden Bossche is talking about is immune escape that has been defined as:

“Immune escape (aka viral escape and antigen escape) is the ability of a virus to elude an individual’s immune response.”

To summarise, what Geert has been talking about since early 2021 is the danger and folly of vaccinating people in the midst of a pandemic.

As opposed to innate immunity in the population, the vaccines produce non-sterilising (or non-neutralising) antibodies which puts immune pressure on the virus encouraging it to mutate rapidly. This was expressed very clearly by Del Bigtree last year using the analogy of killing killer whales and not sharks.

Here are some of what we gleaned from the interview.


The assumption on the part of Fauci and the propagandists for the vaccine is that the pandemic is all but over .

However, the extent of infection is wildly underestimated.

A lot of people are being infected and reinfected and we are seeing one wave after the other.

Infectious pressure is greater than ever before and the virus has become largely immune to potentially sterilising antibodies. 

We are being told the vaccines are preventing serious disease but Geert vanden Bossche says:

Have you heard of a vaccine that increases susceptibility to disease, protects against serious disease but not against mild disease?”

Omicron is not causing serious disease but mild disease.

It does not produce neutralising antibodies but instead induces the production of non neutralising antibodies.

In a normal pandemic prior to mass vaccination we could expect a limited number of waves of infection and you get back to baseline and the morbidity rates closely  would follow the case rates. 

This can be seen in the case of South Africa where rates of vaccination are low at around 35%.

But in Omicron never goes back to baseline and we have shorter gaps.

Vanden Bossche states that the vaccinologists and public health authorities overlook that the aim in Nature is to establish an equilibrium between the virus and the host.

You can only do that by controlling the spread and you can only do that if you have neutralising  antibodies. 

Public health authorities make the sole criterion the number of hospitalisations to persuade us the pandemic is over.

I have been grappling with the situation where in New Zealand where there were 27 deaths “FROM covid” and we were all locked down but now cases, deaths, hospitalisations are way up we are debating the relaxation of restrictions and whether the pandemic is “over“.

Just today we had instant confirmation with the announcement of two new variants in New Zealand.

BA.5 arrives: Aotearoa’s Covid-19 case numbers will rise – expert

Epidemiologist Michael Baker is predicting New Zealand’s Covid-19 case numbers will rise again over the coming months – resulting in increased hospitalisations and deaths.

Female hand holding Covid-19 rapid antigen diagnostic device with negative result. Self testing and be safe concept

All that in spite of findings such as the following: 


None of that ever made any sense but Geert has explained it to me.

Instead, they continue to propagate the following:

All of that is nonsense of course. Now you can see the likes of Fauci backtracking and flip flopping without ever admitting that he was even a tiny bit wrong.

Sociopaths don’t do that.


With omicron people are getting reinfected because it is the antibodies that are determining – the virus is now free; it no longer has a problem with transmission.

It is now highly transmissive.

The virus is no longer trying to decide how to be more infectious.

The virus is working out how to get round non neutralising antibodies, so it will now will be virulent as well.

For now the omicron variant is, at the moment, preventing transinfection in lungs. It is selecting for a way to get round.

Once that happens transfection will happen in lungs and people will get severe disease in the lungs.

We were putting pressure on the receptor domain protein, the ACE 2 receptor  to stop it getting into the cells.

Every time person gets reinfected these non neutralising antibodies are going to be boosted.

The idea that is put forward by Fauci and people like Paul Offit is that the virus will burn itself out and if the vaccine becomes ineffective second generation vaccines can be developed to deal with new variants.

They are, in the opinion of vanden Bossche,  using the  vaccine as if we were operating outside a pandemic and vaccinating in a normal, prophylactic way. 

It is very very clear that the virus will mutate.

It cannot afford to just become virulent. It has to maintain its high level of infectiousness to survive 

It cannot afford to just become virulent. It has to maintain its high level of infectiousness to survive


Vanden Bossche says that a key role is played by glycans.

40% of the surface of the virus is covered in sugars called glycans that are synthesised by the machinery of the host. 

They are not recognised by the immune system. 

One sugar can SHIELD the entire immune epitopes that are present in the receptor binding domain. 

One mutation is all that is needed to reach this situation.

If it doesn’t do anything it will get eradicated because  – the best way for the virus to propagate is if the host gets mild or moderate disease. 

The virus is under extreme immune pressure and so it will mutate.

It cannot afford to just become virulent; it has to maintain its high level of infectiousness, so it needs to combine 2 things – enhanced binding of the non neutralising antibodies to ensure enhanced infectiousness at the upper respiratory tract and preventing , through the antibodies transinfection at the level of the lower respiratory tract. 

Glycans need to come in to help the virus meet both these challenges because the responsible antibodies are the same, the non neutralising antibodies need to to ensure enhanced infectiousness whereas they have to prevent them from binding to the virus that is absorbed from the migrating dendritic cells migrating from the upper respiratory tract in order to enable virulence.

The virus is not going to try and eliminate the non-neutralising antibodies because it needs them

It needs them to be infectious.

It is therefore not going to mutate in the way the experts say ( to die out) 

It uses the sugar to hide itself so then the blocking of transinfection can happen. The dendritic cells become a vehicle, a taxi cab to bring the virus into the lower respiratory tract.

This mutation got around the neutralising antibodies so the receptor binding domain is freed up and the way the neutralising antibodies are grabbing on is happening faster and enhancing the disease

However, those same antibodies that are enhancing the disease are doing two different jobs.

Those same antibodies that are enhancing the disease  are stopping the virus from transinfecting cells in the lower respiratory tract.

It needs the non-neutralising antibodies to be infectious.

It’s not going to get rid of them.

It wants to use them to get through the doors and find a way to continue trans infection which is currently being blocked.

It’s going to use a sugar to coat itself, to hide itself, so that then blocking of transinfection can happen.

Hiding those antibodies that are using it to stop infection by hiding it in sugar can, give rise to  serious problems.


If we wait and see and continue vaccinating it will become too late to do anything, a scenario vanden Bossche hints at.

The more the glycans grow the better they can do their job. 

“There will not be one super-variant but rather a series of variants that have greater levels of glycogenation that will overcome the immune pressure that we are putting on the virus that will lead to a rapid succession of variants that have a level of infectiousness that is even higher than omicron so this will not be prevented by the glycans because they will not cover the receptor binding domain that is responsible for increased infectiousness.”


We put this together to try and translate what we heard into language we better understand. No doubt it can do with some improvement

Omicron is a highly infectious but less virulent COVID 19 variant, currently infecting mainly the upper respiratory tract.
Geert says it’s inevitable and only a matter of time before the immense immune pressure the vaccines are exerting on the virus will force it to mutate and spread to other parts of the body.
Based on his research and knowledge of the science, he postulates the likelihood that some of the viral particles found in dendritic cells in the nasal cavity will become coated with a glycan, or sugar – hiding them from attacking antibodies and allowing them to travel by stealth into the lungs and other other parts of the body. 

“The virus now has an enormous choice of all possible mutants and plenty of opportunities for infection. Two glycochelation sites on the terminus of the receptor binding domain are already available, but the glycans (sugars) are only present now in trace amounts. With the increase in sugars we will have a series of variants with increasing amounts of glycochelation that will see a level of infectiousness even higher than Omicron.” 

Geert thinks it may be only a month or two before we start to see highly infectious variants with more extensive glyco-chelation that will render the virus completely resistant. 

“The experiment we are doing now is exactly what I would do.  Immunising all the children. It’s criminal. It’s not going to have a happy ending, unless we do a dramatic reduction of the infectious pressure.” 

“This theory is one piece of the puzzle. You cannot leave any stone unturned. You come up with a theory. You need to see how it is being matched in reality. I am investing in doing the research, looking at the science. My frustration is that the message is so difficult to convey, whereas this naive narrative that these people are spreading is so easy – shut up, and get yourself vaccinated – and get your kids vaccinated. 

“This will be the biggest disaster ever because this is the biggest reservoir for herd immunity. The more children we vaccinate the more we will expedite this immune escape and get to a kind of variant that will be fully immune to the vaccines and highly virulent. “


In the unvaccinated the innate immune system does not distinguish and recognise cell glycan atoms on pathogens fir example.

A change in the glycogenation is not going to prevent them from recognising them.

For the unvaccinated omicron is like a light-weighted vaccine 

When Geert started he understood 60-70% of what is happening.

He now understands the virus is even more sophisticated and working in two stages. 

There is no way, in the context of the ongoing vaccination that we can prevent this scenario unless we carry out a massive campaign of prophylaxis using hydroxychloriquine, ivermectin or antivirals like Pavloxid to diminish the infectious pressure.

Prophylaxis would have to be repeated monthly or six-monthly for as long as the small part of the population that is capable of generating genuine herd immunity starts to grow again 

As an aside, Igor Chudov in his Substack says Pavloxid does not work in the vaccinated.

Things could go very fast and we may be only a couple of mutations away from this scenario and he surmised this could happen in a matter of a couple of months.

If you leave nature to do itself it will eventually restore balance but Geert asks, “do you want to do this?”

If you let nature do the job and restore homeostasis then large numbers of people are going to die

He does not think this is going to happen because it will take a massive campaign and will take Fauci and others to admit they were completely wrong. 

He does not know the numbers but what he can say is the losses will be unprecedented.

This experiment is completely unprecedented and is massive, involving all populations and age groups so the damage will also be massive 

When the first information came out we should never have had vaccine mandates; we should have had debate mandates

A complicated matter that has been shaped through millions of years through evolution and these people can destroy everything in an instant like the Taliban or ISIS destroying antiquity with one bomb blast. He has this vision as he contemplates the stupidity, arrogance and obstinance of humanity.

The message is to stay away from the vaccine and to leave our children alone

The unvaccinated are the future of the world.

The countries such as in Africa that barely vaccinate will be the winners.

He gives the example of South Africa (35% vaccinated):  where there is a steep increase of one omicron variant, then it is calm for a few months and then you have another steep curve.

You don’t see this any more in highly-vaccinated countries.

The children are the biggest route to herd immunity because they have innate immunity to clear this virus.

The more we vaccinate children the more we will expedite this immune escape.

“There will not be one super-variant but rather a series of variants that have greater levels of glycogenation that will overcome the immune pressure that we are putting on the virus that will lead to a rapid succession of variants that have a level of infectiousness that is even higher than omicron so this will not be prevented by the glycans because they will not cover the receptor binding domain that is responsible for increased infectiousness”.

When the first information came out we should never have had vaccine mandates; we should have had debate mandates


Other key scientists such as Robert Malone, Peter McCullough and others have been widely censored and cancelled – the authorities are determined that their message not be heard. It is a little different with Geert – it is still not hard to find his interviews on the internet and he has no been villified but he seems to be invisible.

For example,when I entered the exact title of the following paper of his nothing came up on the search engines

Most of the criticism comes from “covid-sceptics” who are totally unwilling to grapple with the ideas. For example, Rosemary Frei who I have never head of outside of her attacks on him. For example:

The Vanden Bossche Caper Continues

I exposed Geert Vanden Bossche’s disinformation campaign in a March 16, 2021, article. Unfortunately, he continues to fear-monger, with the active support of high-profile leaders in the Covid-sceptic community

When people talk straight-of-the bat about “disinformation” and “fear-mongering” I switch off immediately.

They are not even worthy of consideration.

I come back to the start of the article and will assert that his contribution is invaluable, an important part of the picture and besides, what he has asserted in the last 14 months has largely come to pass even if explanations may vary.

Now that you have seen my explanations you should now watch the entire program

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  1. Just a simple note to say a BIG THANK you to you. You are a man of conscience and that is why you are blogging. That means you are a righteous human being, and count as a person of great human value. It matters not what other see. The universe knows – in the deeds you do. In this sense, you have occupied the same singularity with Geert Vanden Bossche. I came to your earlier post on his final call interview with Del Bigtree. I saw the whole interview and count it as one of the most important 1.5 hours I have spent understanding something so important. I am using the information Geert and Del through YOU have provided to me, and I will do my best to help others. The Act of Conscience in a Righteous Human Being is VIRAL in nature and deeds. May G*d bless you and pls continue to do your work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO HUMANITY.

  2. Hi – thanks for all the work – I wonder if Geert is saying the same thing as Luc Montiguier before he was prematurely taken from us somehow.

  3. HI, Again! Perhaps this piece of news has already been covered here. But if not, it’s another huge discovery with the facts, that with Geert’s Final Call above, tells the true story about why these things are happening. The article: Smoking Gun: M****** Patented ‘**** Made’ S**S-C**2 Gene Sequence in 2018. Link:https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/81582/smoking-gun-moderna-patented-man-made-sarscov2-gene-sequence-in.html You may use this to write up something interesting.

    Thanks, Mr, Rocks!

  4. I’ve watched this several times and read through your summary.

    I am deeply grateful.

    It’s a shame there’s no wider discussion because only that way will we get tot he bottom of the matter. I notice that Del Bigtree concludes by saying he prays Geert is wroing.

  5. Thank for your remarkable work! With your permission, I will use this material to perform my own video on the interpretation of what Geert have said. It will take me a couple of days but if you are interest you will be able to see the results at “Alexis Farmacia” my youtube channel (spanish). There, I ´ve analisying the opinion of Karina Acevedo Whitehouse which I think is Geert`s line.

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