Unpacking the information on Russia’s action in Ukraine

Unpacking the information on Russia’s action in Ukraine

I am pleased to have imbibed some of Krishnamurti’s teachings, especially about staying with the “what is”, rather than the “what should be”. 

I am also human and can recognise and own my own subjectivity and generally can distinguish when I am dealing with facts and when I am speculating. 

Another principle (that I picked I up from a friend, a Russian Jew who just happened to hail from Lviv) was “optimism is the absence of realism”.

All of that is the obverse of the liberal world view which ALWAYS sees things in terms of what should be, so much so that when reality impinges you have to go into the most amazing contortions and double standards, which leads to more and more distortions until eventually, as we are seeing, everything we see or watch on western media is one Big Lie.

Which brings us to another characteristic of the liberal view point –  If something is not A it has to be B. If I decline to adopt the position of the Left that makes me ipso facto Right. All of this preposterous fight with Reality has brought us to today and more irrational paroxysms of hatred towards Putin and Russia.

Put simply, I cannot see what is happening in terms of us vs. them, Right vs. Wrong.

That is the liberals.

What about the Left? 

I chuckled when I saw this.

Funny, but equally shallow as what he is criticising (par-for-the course when you do all your “analysing” by Twitter). 

But then he goes on to say “fascists? where are the fascists?

If Martyn Bradbury could be humble enough and actually listen I could tell him where the fascists are.

I spent thousands of hours on this from 2014 onwards, dropping the ball during the Trump administration because it was relatively quiet until Biden was installed into the presidency and within weeks it all flared up again. There are certain things that are clear in my memory. The first is a massacre of dozens of people in the trade union centre in Odessa on The reaction of the new government was not to investigate but one of mocking and derision.

The other is an attack by the Ukrainians in June, 2014 in which citizen Inna Kukuruza was killed.  This is described in THIS article, although the video from the time has long been scrubbed from the internet. The other is a video (also long-since disappeared) which showed Ukrainian nazis hanging an elderly couple in the forest for the sin of being Russian.

Even if you are two lazy to look at the evidence there is the simple fact of 14,000 dead in Donbass.

If you go back to my blog, https://robinwestenra.blogspot.com/ and look at the archives for 2014 and 2015. I covered this in great detail although you will find that most of the video evidence has been wiped from the internet.

The following two articles, the first from 2014, the second from 2018 could be useful in providing some historical background.

The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two Begins

Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine

Five years after the Maidan uprising, anti-Semitism and fascist-inflected ultranationalism are rampant.


No nazis anywhere, even if they do wear the swastika.

Except in New Zealand where they are swarming around us.

Getting back to Mr. Bradbury you can only say such ridiculous things when you ignore the evidence (it takes effort and lots of reading to discern the truth) and pontificate loudly based on little or no evidence.

If there are no nazis in the New Zealand Herald then obviously they don’t exist!

There are lots of photos of smoke coming from various objects. Have a look at the following photo,

No, this is not Kiev or Kharkov.

This is Belgrade in 1999 and the people doing the bombing were NATO and the people orchestrating it were President Bill Clinton’s Pentagon.

Just a little context.

So, my conclusion is that there is a lot of historical justification to what Russia has just done (that is my opinion). What worries me, is not to argue about “right vs wrong” but to identify the possible unintended consequences – or are they unintended?  There has been a lot of commentary saying the globalists want to bring the economy and civil society down but they need someone to blame it on. 

Now, they have it, in Vladimir Putin.

Already we see oil up, natural gas up in Europe.

These are some of the things Hal Turner has identified might be possible Russian reactions to western response.

  • Russia could close airspace to civil airlines of the countries that sanction Russia. That would be hugely disruptive to international flights.
  • Russia could declare that Russian exports must now be paid for in Rubles, gold, etc.
  • Russia could stop all sales of anything to USA (space rocket motors and oil especially).
  • Russia could break all contracts with countries that sanction Russia on the grounds that a state of hostility exists. That is, all oil and gas deliveries stop immediately.
  • Russia could announce that no more gas will be shipped to or through Ukraine on the grounds that a state of hostility exists. Russia won’t sanction anyone. They don’t play with gloves. They will stop the natural gas deliveries to Europe, and the entire world economy collapses. Assuming a fantasy best case scenario (fantasy, because it will NEVER happen), Europe’s LNG terminal unloading capacity, even working 100%, 24/7, assuming a non-stop stream of tankers, can only match under 17% of what Russia delivers. Needless to say, European economy goes belly up the next day, and the world will follow. And when that happens, countries automatically pivot direct to war. A lot, including the US, get granted war powers that allow the state to seize the means of production and distribution, set price controls, require civilians to operate and maintain critical infrastructure – including being drafted/forced into service, set curfew and movement restrictions, suspend constitutions and civil rights,, etc. It can get very draconian very quickly. But will not change the outcome : full economical collapse. Add to that the pure mad-max SHTF when the is no food in the cities. There isn’t much a government can do, TODAY, that can avoid the worst case scenario. We’re NOT in 1916 or 1940, when most of the world lived on country-side, and produced food. We’re not in 1916 or 1940, when the supply chains were extremely short (hell, you could use carriages then to supply the economy and the people). We’re in 2022, after 2 years of constant economic decline, millions of companies that went bankrupt, an inflation that needs just a nudge to go up faster then a hyper-sonic missile, and supply chains that are thousands of miles long. Matters not what government do, it’s going to be the biggest SHTF ever.
    Most likely the last SHTF.
  • Russia and China could roll out their counter-SWIFT.
  • They could abandon the “petrodollar” too. That would FUCK everyone


We are going to see a lot of information (and possibly more disinformation) from both sides.

RT is declining in the trustworthy stakes, especially during war.

However, having said that I have never seen them carry out fakery of the sort we see here



So what alternative do we have but to sit and watch (and hopefully not panic)?

One thing to be said for obsession with these affairs is that one is not usually so shocked when Reality impinges on your fantasies.

As Mike Ruppert used to say, “get out the popcorn!”


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