urkey has started transporting hundreds of Afghans to the Greek-Turkish border

urkey has started transporting hundreds of Afghans to the Greek-Turkish border

A perspective you will not find in western lamestream media

Alarm: Turkey has started transporting hundreds of Afghans to the Greek-Turkish border! (video)

The Turks are setting up new provocations in Evros

An alarm has been sounded to the Greek forces after the information circulated by the Turkish parastate that the borders of Greece have been opened for the Afghan refugees.

As a result, hundreds of Afghans rushed to Edirne to reach the Pazarkule border.

“Greece opened its borders”

The rumor that circulated on Turkish social media stated that the “doors” of Greece are open from today, Saturday, August 28, and will remain open until the 31st of the month.

Following the announcement of the opening of the crossing to Greece, some Afghans headed to the Pazarkule border while others went to Bulgaria, at the Kapıkule border gate.

In fact, the people who were at the border report that the rumor circulated through many relevant announcements on social media, without going into further details.

It is certainly not an innocent mistake, some kind of prank or an accident, but provocations aimed at directing people to Evros and causing unrest.

In a DHA video, you can watch it below, a group of young Afghans marching towards the Greek border and one makes the sign of the Gray Wolves.

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What the Afghans say

Safik Danis, an Afghan who started in Istanbul and arrived in Edirne, told the Sozcu newspaper:

“We came here because Greece opened its doors at the border. We read a lot of announcements on social media about the opening of the borders and that’s why we came. These announcements state that the borders will remain open from 28 to 31 August. That is why I will wait until the 31st of August. “We left Afghanistan because of the oppression of the Taliban.”

Another immigrant, Mehmet Hakayi, told the same Turkish media that “it was reported that Greece opens its doors from August 28 to 31 and that is why we came to Edirne and arrived at the border with Greece where we were told that something like this. not valid. We will wait until the 31st of August for the gates to open “.

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In fact, a few days ago, hundreds of migrants crossed the river Evros and under the guidance of Turkish traffickers, crossing inaccessible places in the mountains and on the river and arriving on Greek soil at the border of Evros.

The migrants, having walked hundreds of kilometers, through Edirne and the village of Kapitan Andreevo in the Municipality of Svilegrad, located on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, passed through the Greek villages of Dikaia and Ormenio to the tri-national.

However, the flow is expected to increase dramatically, given the crisis in Afghanistan, after the recent events with the deadly ISIS bombings of Khorasan, but also after numerous warnings that the terrorist attacks in Kabul will continue.




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