US allegations: “Russian Army Receives Offensive Order”

US allegations: “Russian Army Receives Offensive Order”

This is from a Greek site.  As Alexander Mercouris has said: “Joe Biden has set the invasion for the 16th”. 

I don’t buy any of this narrative but time will tell who is correct.

Russian Army Receives Offensive Order: Empty Camps – US Destroys Embassy Material

US: Accelerating the accumulation of Russian forces

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

The Russian military has received a “large-scale offensive order,” according to Pentagon officials. The State Department spoke of “dramatic acceleration of the accumulation of Russian forces in recent hours.”

Satellite images show that Russian camps have begun to evacuate and soldiers are being pushed into battle positions. At the same time, all Russian artillery units have taken up attack positions targeting Ukraine.

This is a significant move that took place a few hours ago and is the last stage shortly before the attack.

The Americans also noticed that the Russian tanks and armor were painted with a white paint for identification purposes, in order not to be bombed by the Russian Air Force.

The French Foreign Minister stated that according to the French Services “all Russian elements received an aggressive order for a major attack”!

Watch video: Russians transport Tos-1 and Uragan

USA: “Destroy the embassy material”

The State Department has ordered the destruction of computer equipment at the US Embassy in Kiev and the relocation of your embassy to Lviv, as reported by WarNews247 a few days ago.

As part of the evacuation process, the State Department ordered the destruction of all Embassy equipment such as workstations, computers, networks, and the dismantling of the telephone system.

Important files were transferred to the airport and from there to Washington.

“We are in the process of relocating our embassy from Kiev to Lviv due to the dramatic acceleration of the accumulation of Russian forces,” said US Secretary of State A. Blinken.

In the same vein, the Pentagon said that Russia had added more military capabilities around Ukraine “even in the last 24-48 hours.”

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The Russian Camps are being emptied

The Russian camps in Soloti, Klintsy, Rechysta, Yelnya and Pogonovo are empty!

Huge hospitals have been set up near the Assipowitschy military training ground in central Belarus, capable of receiving thousands of wounded Russians. Based on the image of the mobile campaign hospital, the Russians are preparing a raid on Kiev.

Attack and transport helicopters have landed very close to the Ukrainian border while another 20 Mi-8 / 17s were spotted in the Yaroslavl region.

The 4th Armored Division of the Guards with T-80U tanks was located 30 km from the Ukrainian border

The elite of Russian tanks, the Kantemirovskaya Division with 320 T-80U tanks and 300 BMP-2 IFVs, is located just 15 km from the Ukrainian border.

See pictures from Russian hospitals



Alert to the Ukrainian Army

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been on red alert since this morning.

Licenses are revoked while reserves are called.

Additional military reinforcements are arriving in the Chernihiv, Sumy and Zhytomyr regions, while units have been transferred to the Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev regions.

At the same time, the KORD Special Forces units of the National Police of Ukraine, together with the “TOR” and “Omega” forces of the National Guard of Ukraine have been put on alert and have taken over the guarding of critical facilities in Ukraine.

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Watch videos of the movements of Russian forces



Ukraine zero hour: The biggest Russian attack in the last 30 years changes the map of Europe – Plan to create three new states!

A matter of life and death for Moscow

Few days, perhaps hours, remain from the start of the largest Russian offensive on European soil in 30 years, an attack that has been described as a “matter of life and death” for Moscow.

An attack that can completely change the map and create up to 3 new states in the area.

Why is Russia “burning” for the business

  1. Even if Ukraine does not join NATO, nothing will stop the development of offensive missile weapons systems on its territory. Even without Ukraine joining NATO, Kiev with the current government and all subsequent pro-Western powers will seek to integrate the country into the Western security system.
  2. Once this is completed, Ukraine will become a springboard for military operations against Russia. Given the length of the border, this situation would put Russia at a disadvantage.
  3. Russia believes that it is only a matter of time before THAAD or Aegis systems are installed in Ukraine (both are being discussed in Moscow). If that happens then all of Russia’s strategic infrastructure will be defenseless. Russia would collapse as NATO in 5 minutes would have the ability to strike Moscow and nuclear silos. In fact, they say in Russia that “NATO’s goal is for the country to go back to the Urals…”.
  4. In addition, Russia expects the sanctions, and to some extent seeks them, to work against the United States and against the monocentric dollar system. Many countries will want to disengage from the dollar and the current economic system as they realize that “abuse and blackmail” is taking place.
  5. For Russia, the defeat in Ukraine means the defeat of NATO and the US, and consequently a new blow to Washington after Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. A new European Order will gradually begin to form with the retreat of the USA.
  6. Moscow sees any secession of Ukraine from their sphere of influence as a blow to the Russian world, a catastrophic linguistic, cultural blow that will create a chain reaction in the long run within Russia.
  7. That is why, for the Russians, the only solution is the integration of Ukraine and its infrastructure (industry-resources) into the new “Union State” that is preparing for the revival of the USSR in another form

Ukraine: Will it split into two or three states? “New Russia” and “Little Russia”

Russia’s goal is to avoid a protracted war by carrying out a lightning operation. If the Russian army moves really fast and does not encounter serious resistance, then Moscow will occupy Kiev, overthrow the government and the operation will end soon.

But if the operation does not go well and the Russians have serious losses, then Ukraine will be divided into two or three states.

One state (Eastern Ukraine) will remain on the Russian orbit and the other (Western Ukraine) respectively on the western one.

  • One option is to occupy eastern Ukraine, the Kharkiv, Nikolaev, Odessa, Mariupol regions and join Transnistria. Thus the Dnieper River will once again become a historic border with Western Ukraine.

Russia will acquire the most strategic industrial areas of Ukraine along with their resources. Western Ukraine will be doomed to a slow death without economy.

  • The second option is to divide Ukraine into two states, “Novorossiya” and “Malorossiya”. The western region will be autonomous but will form a federation together with the eastern region. The two regions then enter the “Union State” with Russia and Belarus.
  • There is a third possibility that the hard-core westerners of Kiev will be displaced to a very small area next to Poland and two more new states will be created. Total three: Ukraine down by 95%, “New Russia” and “Little Russia”.

In this scenario, the territorial losses for Moscow will be negligible and a very large part of the population that Moscow considers to be “hard Westerners” will have got rid of without return.

Of course, this will create huge refugee flows, something that Moscow may want in order to create serious issues in NATO countries such as Poland, etc.

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