US-UK-Poland SOF are reportedly preparing a large-scale airstrike in Russian rear supply line areas: Breach of “Surovikin Line” via Energodar and Vasilievka.

US-UK-Poland SOF are reportedly preparing a large-scale airstrike in Russian rear supply line areas: Breach of “Surovikin Line” via Energodar and Vasilievka.

Councilor to Zelensky: “We will take two million Crimeans hostage!”

US-UK-Poland SOF prepare large-scale airstrike in Russian rear: Breach of “Surovikin Line” via Energodar and Vasilievka

Kiev is assembling squadrons of helicopters to carry out a large-scale airstrike deep into the Russian rear, Russian media reports. 

The attack will involve special forces from USA-Britain-Poland who will try to break through the “Surovikin Line”.

This information is also confirmed by Ankara. It remains to be seen when the attack will take place.

Kiev is preparing an airborne force 

According to Russian media, Western advisers to Ukraine have developed a plan for a large-scale airborne landing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the contact line.

Therefore, it is planned to use a large number of helicopters. 

The main goal of Kiev is to distract the attention of the Russian side from hostilities in other areas of operations. At the same time, the Ukrainians will try to sow panic in the rear of the Russian troops.

“Ukrainian units practically cannot advance deep into the Russian positions, since the Russian Armed Forces equipped the front line with powerful defensive structures: “dragon’s teeth”, anti-tank trenches and minefields,” said a journalist of the American news magazine Newsweek .

That is why they are considering the airport solution.

Plan to break Russian defenses through Vasilievka – Melitopolis is the target

“Recently, the Vasilievsky sector in the direction of Zaporizhia has become much more dangerous due to the shallowness of the Kakhovka reservoir,” Russian war correspondent Alexander Sladkov pointed out.

As he notes, “the Ukrainian Army now has the opportunity to move in fundamentally new directions, for example, along the dried-up river bed. This creates additional risks for our troops.

Previously, the city of Stepnogorsk did not appear in the reports at all, but now the Ukrainian army is massing in it to hit Vasilyevka directly through the dry riverbed. Six kilometers on dry ground for light armored vehicles and pickups – it is possible”

According to the Russian military correspondent, Ukrainian reconnaissance teams tried to pass along the dried-up reservoir bed to the damaged bridge, after which they studied the situation there and called fire to determine the place of firing positions of the Russian army.

Now the Armed Forces have changed tactics. The Ukrainians come out in armored vehicles, prompting the Russian military to fire to determine what kind of firepower the Russian army units stationed near Vasilievka have.

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Vasilevsky section is very important, since from Vasilyevka to Melitopol is only 70 kilometers in a straight line.

And there is the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, which, as Sladkov points out, is already an inland Russian sea.

In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may simultaneously attempt to attack Energodar in order to seize the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

The main target of the attack will be the city of Energodar in the Zaporizhia region, where the ZNPP is located.

According to military analysts, the most trained units of the Ukrainian army, as well as US, British and Polish SOF forces, will be involved in the operation to seize Energodar.

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Turkish analysts: US-UK-Poland special forces will try to breach the “Surovikin Line”

“The Ukrainian army will try to break through the “Surovykin Line” at any cost.” Turkish military analysts came to this conclusion. They are sure that the Ukrainian command will not count the losses to break the Russian defenses in Zaporizhia.

In their report, Turkish experts note that the losses of the Ukrainian army since the start of the counterattack have already exceeded 30 thousand people. However, despite this fact, the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine intend to continue the offensive.

They are not hindered by increased Russian surveillance with satellites and UAVs, nor by regular strikes against Ukrainian troop concentrations. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to gather troops on the right bank of the Dnieper.

According to Turkish analysts, the main objective of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to breach the Surovykin Line. This would be an impressive military success.

They can quickly cross the shallow Dnieper and attack Energodar, they will cross the wide coastal plain, and advance towards the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant,” Turkish military experts said.

The Turks also stress that the operation to breach the “Surovikin Line” will involve not only the special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the special forces (SOF) of the USA, Poland, and Britain. It is these countries that insist on occupying Energodar at any cost.

Turkish analysts stress that there is a dichotomy within NATO, which includes France and Germany. But their opinion is unlikely to be taken into account.

Kiev wants to keep two million Crimean residents hostage!

The former adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich revealed the plans of Kiev for Crimea.

In an interview with journalist Yulia Latynina, he said that the head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, is now solving two problems, access to the sea and cutting off the land corridor to Crimea.

After that, he added, two million Crimean citizens will be held hostage “without water and food” and then “the Russian leadership can negotiate.”

“Zaluzni solves two problems, access to the sea and cutting off the land corridor, cutting off Crimea, demolishing the bridge and that’s it.

We have two million people in Crimea who will have nowhere to go, who have neither water nor food, then we can bargain,” said Arestovich.

Earlier, Kiev’s representative in Crimea, Tamila Tasheva, said how “after the liberation” of the peninsula, the Ukrainian authorities will treat its population. He said up to 800,000 people would be expelled from the region “by force”.

The words of the former adviser were commented on by Russian journalist Alexander Kots, recalling the situation with Nord-Ost (the Chechen attack on the Moscow Theater) and the seizure of the school in Beslan.

“History has shown, noted Kots, how such a bargain ends”

***** FLASH ***** Turkish Cargo Ship Heading to UKRAINE Port – May try to run Russian Naval Blockade

AMS1 (Sierra Leone-flagged general cargo ship) has cleared the Bosporus and is now headed north through the southern Black Sea. Vessel is set to dock in the Ukrainian port of Izmail.   Vessel set sail from Israel and may be carrying weapons for Ukraine.

If this vessel attempts to run the Russian naval blockade, things could get VERY dicey . . . VERY fast.

The vessel is flagged Sierra Leone, but is OWNED by Turkeye.    Turkeye is a member of NATO.

This has “set-up” written all over it.   

Developing . . . .


The vessel’s route is completely transparent.  It makes no effort to hug the coast or conceal it’s location or destination.  This appears to be a direct challenge to the Sovereign power of Russia.

Russia has made it explicitly clear “Russian navy considers any ship destined for Ukraine a potential target.”


In order to get to Izmail, Ukraine, the vessel MUST enter the Danube River, which __is__ the border between Romania and Ukraine.   Romania is also a member of NATO.   The vessel __may__ try to enter Romanian territorial waters in the Black Sea so as to be under the protection of the Romanian government and its Navy, right up to the mouth of the Danube.

Here’s where things get tricky.  If the vessel strays from the Romanian side of the Danube, Russia may hit it.  If Russia hits it in Romanian waters, then THAT is “an attack upon . . .  NATO.”

If Russia moves to intercept the vessel in the Black Sea, then the whole “freedom of navigation in International waters” kicks-in.

If Russia allows the ship to dock at Izmail, Ukraine, then smashes Izmail — or blasts Ismail before the ship arrives, problem solved for Russia.

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