USAF Officer’s Arrest will Collapse Biden’s Ukraine Folly

USAF Officer’s Arrest will Collapse Biden’s Ukraine Folly

USAF Officer’s Arrest Begins The Discord

That Will Collapse Biden’s Ukraine Folly

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Exclusive To Rense


The White House-ordered FBI arrest of young airman Jack Teixeira at his family home, located just a stone’s throw away from Joe Biden’s 8-bedroom seaside mansion on Rehoboth Beach, marks the beginning of the end of a hopelessly misguided war in Ukraine. As the youngest member of a patriotic family of Air Force intelligence officers (his stepfather and step-brother are also AF intelligence officers in the 16th Air Force cyber-intelligence wing), airman Teixeira was assigned to late night communications at Joint Base Cape Cod, near Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where he picked up alarming reports from Ukraine and other trouble spots.

The ethical challenge that confronted Teixeira, whether to disclose the facts to the young military men in his Discord online circle, arose from the ever-wider gap between glowing White House promises of victory in Ukraine versus the reality of brutal losses spinning into imminent defeat for the puppet NATO alliance and the criminal arms-dealing Zelensky regime. It is Joe Biden and his deluded lackeys who have betrayed America, abandoned Afghanistan and caused the senseless slaughter in what remains of Ukraine.The facts on the ground, as disclosed in the Teixeira leaks, indicate that many more American servicemen than the 13 marines who were killed in the final Taliban offensive will soon die during coming retreat (billed by the WH as a “spring offensive”) from the Donetsk sector. The American volunteers now being set up for the fall will go uncounted in the blood and gore of panicked fallback. Meanwhile the callous moral coward Joe Biden will avoid any Russian offers of peace talks enabling an orderly withdrawal to Poland. The emerging scenario brings to mind the Fall of Saigon in April 1975, the crushing end of the war in Vietnam.

Servicemen as Patriots, Politicians as Warts

The despicable liberal media has tried to disparage Teixeira as a rightwing gun nut, whereas his profile is typical of patriotic servicemen, who after all are expected to be proficient with firearms along with the more powerful weaponry required by their stern decision to protect this nation. As for reports of his antisemitic comments, the disdain of military personnel toward Jews is largely justifiable due to the cowardly refusal of the vast majority of Yids to take up arms in defense of this society ever since the battle of Lexington and Concord.

My father, the longest-serving American soldier in the Africa-Europe theater of World War II, had only the harshest words for the cowardly avoidance of military service by Jews, who were too busy on the homefront “screwing our girlfriends and wives while profiteering from the war industry”. As for Teixeira’s assessment of blacks, ditto, the first to cut and run when the shooting and dying begins. It is not racism but the repetitious reality of combat that has shaped these woefully accurate assessments inside the military ranks. There is no equality when it comes to the cultural heritage of courage: Some have more than their quota of bravery whereas other simply don’t cut muster. God created men equal at birth but not at the pearly gates. It takes individual gumption to be more than a bleating sheep at the slaughterhouse.

Defeat Imminent

An enlisted man’s skepticism about the unrealistic conduct of an intensifying war led to his unauthorized limited release of military documents, all of these indicating any but victory in the works. It is not permissible, yet completely ethical, to express legitimate fact-based doubts about the American role in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, especially when honest appraisal was not and never will be forthcoming from the civilian administration in D.C., just as in similar losing situations in the recent past in Afghanistan, Syria and, worse of all, Vietnam.

In a somewhat similar situation as Teixeira, during my youth I was a USAF officer candidate in the ROTC during the early stage of the Vietnam War, gaining fluency in the Vietnamese language and the ideology espoused by the enemy leader Ho Chi Minh. At rifle training my shooting was on-target and rapid. My destined role, according to plan, was to be the first airman of Asian ancestry to solo parachute from a C-130 over the enemy capital Hanoi. The mission was to infiltrate the city center and, armed with a .45 automatic pistol, overcome the guards at the prison known as the Hanoi Hilton and then lead the freed American captives to a grassy field in the crowded city for rescue aboard Navy helicopters. Indeed, that Rambo-style program went forward with 25 attempts, each led by a gung-ho fellow like myself, all of whom simply disappeared forever into the darkness of night. There were no survivors and not a single freed captive. None of the names have appeared on the Vietnam vets’ wall. It was never disclosed by the Pentagon who, exactly, came up with that blockbuster operational plan.

Why did I not pioneer that heroic mission? During a summer vacation, I had returned to Japan where at a base exchange I met two Green Berets who were shopping for shotguns. I invited them for a beer to discuss why they needed those hunting firearms. This is what the senior Army sergeant said: “Every time we parachuted over some village in the jungle, we are immediately surrounded by hundreds of Viet civilians firing old single-shot hunting rifles at us, while others shot arrows from their crossbows, women and children tossed stones all nightlong, hoping that we’d run out of ammo. The Army can’t supply us with enough weapons, so at least the extra shotgun will hold them off for a couple of hours until dawn, when the helicopter arrives. We will be lucky to get back to states alive.” Sometimes, Mission Impossible is exactly that: improbable, infeasible done in vain.

Victory is impossible when everybody hates us. What the corporate news is not reporting is that half of the Ukrainian population is in Russia, that is not on our side and not with NATO, and many of those men and women of Ukraine are serving with the Russian military. The decimation of Zelensky’s ground forces in Bakhmut means that U.S. soldiers aka grunts will soon have to take their places. The Americanization of the Ukraine conflict is coming up soon with direct American involvement, just as in July 1965 Americanization of the war in Vietnam, which eventually led to more than a half million American casualties in that horrendous defeat. With only a few Vietnam vets left in VA hospitals, the postwar losses from wounds, over-medication and less than overwhelming public support, the lesson is brutally clear: One done with you, the U.S. government is eager to forget and be rid of the memory.

Look Ahead

Jack Teixeira possesses what every airman must have to survive a crash: The ability to look at the facts on the ground and in the sky, and focus one’s attention of what lies beyond. If not, we will lose everything we have again, probably for the last time, given the unfriendliness of China, Mexico and most of Latin America, and Russia’s ever-wider circle of allies. Joe Biden is a bombastic loser, a blind fool, the worst sort of “commander in chief”, a title and task for which he is dismally unqualified. Our battle today is one of national survival and preservation of our populist representative traditions, values and institutions, not meddling in distant regions like Ukraine or Taiwan.

As for the “threat of militarist imperialism”, the USA is among the world’s largest empires, with far-flung possessions including Puerto Rico, Guam, Palau, the Marshalls, Micronesia and the misnomered Virgin Islands, with major military bases in Japan, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Cuba, Greenland, footholds in a hundred foreign airfields and naval ports, and hopes of permanent basing in Australia. If national liberation is our foreign-policy priority, let’s begin by giving Hawaii, Alaska and the Southwest back to the natives, for starters, while packing up to return to Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The brutal truth is that the USA is in the final phase of internal collapse, from the diseased infections of wokeness, rampant abortion of future citizens, immigration from hostile societies, the abandonment of the Christian values and traditions of the Founding Fathers, educational pablum, moral degradation, cultural subversion, brute ignorance and slothful idleness expressed in a revulsion toward hard work. The picnic in Ukraine has been a idle diversion from our terminal moral illnesses, but that too is emerging as a fatal plague on this nation.

Jack Teixeira is a honest man, which nowadays makes him a courageous hero. As a truth-teller, he will suffer undeserved punishment from a criminalized “justice” system and vengeful White House hangers-on. We can only hope that the next president will issue a pardon and encourage him to rejoin the USAF with honor. Nowadays, during this time of tribulation, justice is far off and so we must never surrender or concede to the criminals in high office or nestled in the news media who have betrayed the Constitution. Airman Teixeira, may this nation of lost sheep someday salute you as their shepherd in a time of crisis.

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