Use of kamikaze drones in Ukraine

Use of kamikaze drones in Ukraine

New shots of the use of the Lancet kamikaze UAV on Ukrainian military equipment. The defeat of tanks, self-propelled guns, vehicles.

Pretty shocking video compilation of the Kamikaze drones’ effectiveness in battle in Ukraine. This compilation appears to show Russian drones striking Ukrainian equipment and military personnel. The landscape of war has forever changed with these drones, and they make it far more dangerous than before.

From Telegram

Everything you wanted to know about Geranium but were afraid to ask.

According to our sources, Iran did not hand over the drones themselves, but the technology to produce them. It is said that there are already three enterprises in the territory of Russia that are involved in this.

The price of one UAV is about $800. That is negligible. It is trivial to use drones to defuse the enemy`s air defenses. At such a low price, the kamikaze UAV shows very good characteristics: a mass, small, noisy silent drone (weight of about 200 kg, the weight of warhead – up to 50 kg, and speed of up to 185 km/h).

For modern air defense systems, the Geran-2 is a very difficult target to defeat. It is also virtually impossible to hit a drone with small arms. We need Pantsir missile and cannon systems, but the AFU practically does not have them.

Finally, “Geran-2” easily destroys any enemy armored vehicle, including a tank, and can destroy a separately standing medium-sized multi-story building, a warehouse, and a hangar.

Damn…so cheap…give me 5 right now. I have a @##%@&# who parks at my spot all the time…

Soldier admits that the Geranium flew into a residential building because they were shooting at it.

What a spectacle on Poroshenko’s channel. The soldier admits that the Geranium flew into a residential building because they were shooting at it. As I said.

“We were firing at these drones and that’s why they veered off course a bit. And if we hadn’t fired, they would have hit the exact target. At a strategic facility with four pipes, which was across the road 50 meters away.”

He also laments that there are casualties because the drone deflected off-target and hit a residential building. Ridiculously Ganapolsky immediately changes the subject.

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