Vaccine passports and vaccine deaths: the truth vs the propaganda of mainstream media

Vaccine passports and vaccine deaths: the truth vs the propaganda of mainstream media

This came from my Twitter feed this morning.

I have no idea what and when this pertains to.

Some trolls are suggesting it is from last year, “you idiot”.

But it does not matter.

The Newshub journalist (the one that has the worst propaganda, along with Radio New Zealand), Tova O’Brien explains how PM Jacinda Adern is silencing her own ministers.

Perhaps it relates to this?

Strangely, apart from the TVNZ (New Zealand’s main TV channel) nobody in the main outlets are covering it.

Does the government want to keep this silent until they have it all in place and announce it just before they introduce it? 

The item relates back to August 25.

Most outlets seem to be implying that the vaccine passport is for travel, but this story says otherwise. I wouldn’t mind betting most people are ignorant of what ‘vaccine passport’ actually means – the discriminatary locking out of the unvaxxed from normal, everyday life. 

Exclusive: Govt working on digital vaccine passport

The new app currently in the pipeline would allow an individual user to create an account and upload health records, including vaccination and testing data.

The move would bring New Zealand more in line with other countries around the world, including China and the European Union, who already have what’s known as ‘vaccine passports’ – providing digital certification of vaccination including by way of a QR code.

The update comes following queries by 1 NEWS to the Ministry of Health over the lack of digital certification regarding the vaccine, which is impacting New Zealanders living abroad.

At the moment, New Zealanders are having to rely on a letter from the Ministry of Health or from their own GPs.

Kiwi expat Patrick Hall is currently living and working in the UK, just outside of London.

He received his Pfizer vaccination while back in New Zealand earlier this year, but says it’s not easily recognised over in the UK.

“If I present to them my letter from my GP in New Zealand showing that I’ve had two doses of Pfizer – they don’t accept that,” Hall said.

International business commentator Charles Finny says it impacts those working globally and says a digital passport must be a priority.

“I think it’s increasingly essential. A number of jurisdictions won’t let you in if you haven’t got proof of vaccination,” Finny said.        

National Party Covid-19 response spokesman Chris Bishop says the Government has been too slow to get the new app online.

“That is an oversight. That is something we should have thought about at the start of the vaccine programme and I can understand the frustration of people who want to travel or who in some cases already are travelling offshore,” Bishop said.

The Ministry of Health says it expects to have more to say on the new app in the coming weeks.

COVID-19: Jacinda Ardern says Auckland teenager’s death not related to Pfizer vaccine

Rumours that an Auckland student’s death is linked to the Pfizer vaccine are being shut down by the Prime Minister. 

Jacinda Ardern said there have been no deaths to any teenagers in New Zealand related to getting vaccinated and encouraged New Zealanders to continue getting vaccinated.

An unfounded rumour began circulating online on Saturday night that an Auckland Year 13 student had died after receiving the vaccine.

It gained traction when lawyer and NZ Outdoors Party co-leader Sue Grey – a well-known anti-vaccine activist – posted about it to her followers. 

The post attracted over 1400 comments before it was taken down late this morning but has also been cited overseas.

When asked about the report at the 1pm press conference on Sunday, Ardern quickly denied the rumour.

“All I would say is, those who seek to make those links, I just can’t imagine how distressing that would be for family members,” Ardern said.

“We’ve been advised in that particular case that there is no link.

“If there is information there to be shared, it is reported to us and we proactively share that so I would advise caution on believing some of the information that is shared by those who are ultimately seeking to undermine people’s decision around being vaccinated.” 

The Prime Minister encouraged people to continue to get vaccinated as it was the best way to protect yourself and “it could literally save your life”.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said systems were in place for him to be immediately notified if an incident like that occurred. 

“Even if there is a possibility a health professional would notify our system and in those ones where there will be a lot of interest, I get an email on the day and I’ve had no emails about that,” Dr Bloomfield said.

According to the NZ Herald, the principal of a separate school said he understood the death was “due to a suspected heart attack – not COVID”.

Ardern announced on Sunday that a second vaccine deal, this time with Denmark, will see Aotearoa receive an extra 500,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

“This will bolster our rollout for the remainder of September where we had some constraint on the amount of supply we had, before the big batches we had on order arrive in October,” Ardern explained.

The new agreement comes only a few days after Ardern’s announcement that a quarter of a million extra Pfizer doses have been bought from Spain, thanks to a deal with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Ardern revealed on Sunday those vaccines are now in the country, while the delivery from Denmark is set to arrive mid-next week.

This has been reported overseas, including Himalaya NZ, an outlet of Chinese dissident, Miles Guo.

Auckland Year 13 Student Dies After Receiving Experimental Vaccination

Last week, Isabella Alexander, a year 13 Mary’s Ponsonby student, died after receiving her COVID-19 mRNA jab.

(NOTE: Overseas media have misunderstood the meaning of “year 13” and reported Ms Alexander as a 13-year-old. Year 13 is the final year of New Zealand’s high school system, and year 13 students are usually around 17 to 18 years old.)

Ms Alexander was healthy and had no previous health concerns. Her death was allegedly due to cardiac arrest from a blood clot in the heart.

“Our prayers today are with the St Mary’s College, Ponsonby, community. Isabella Alexander, a Year 13 student, died this morning, due to a suspected heart attack – not COVID. This is an absolute tragedy for Isabella’s whanau, friends and school community. Please keep them all in your prayers,” wrote St Joseph’s Catholic School Takapuna Principal Alister Bridgman in a statement.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has denied that the experimental vaccine caused Ms Alexander’s death. She then encouraged New Zealanders to get vaccinated, saying it could save lives.

“All I would say is, those who seek to make those links, I just can’t imagine how distressing that would be for family members,” continued Ms Ardern, “We’ve been advised in that particular case that there is no link.”

“If there is information there to be shared, it is reported to us, and we proactively share that, so I would advise caution on believing some of the information that is shared by those who are ultimately seeking to undermine people’s decision around being vaccinated.”

“Even if there is a possibility [of the death being caused by the vaccine] a health professional would notify our system, and in those ones where there will be a lot of interest, I get an email on the day, and I’ve had no emails about that,” said New Zealand Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

New Zealand mainstream news media outlet Newshub called Ms Alexander’s death “an unfounded rumour.” The mainstream outlet’s unfounded statement echoes the pro-government propaganda of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media.

Blood clots and heart failures are among the reported causes of death for the increasing number of deceased COVID-19 vaccine recipients worldwide. In August, a New Zealand woman who received the Pfizer vaccine died from myocarditis.

Over 30 vaccine recipients in New Zealand have died since receiving their shot. New Zealand government body MedSafe states that these deaths are not related to the vaccine but have not provided proof to support their claim.

However, MedSafe has also stated that they do not know if vaccination prevents or reduces COVID-19 transmission.

New Zealand officials have stated that they remain confident in administering the Pfizer vaccine to the New Zealand population. According to Ministry of Health statistics, around 66 per cent of New Zealand’s vaccine eligible population have received their first jab.

The principal of the school attended by Isabella Alexander says this in between general news from the school

This message (via Telegraph) from a member of the family gives an account of what actually happened.

Moko = granddaughter in Maori

Message what really happened to the poor 17 year who died.

Kia Ora Whanau,

Sad news…… my best friend Patty, her grand niece, her Moko, passed away due to the Covid shot. She was 17 years not 13 as they stated.

Read her message to me this morning, I broke down and cried. It is on our door step now 😔

This is my grand niece my sister Elizabeth’s Moko. She died from a clot in the lung after having the Pfizer jab….she was 17yr not 13.

They live in Muruwai Beach, Isabella went for a run with Mike her Dad after work on the way back Isabella fell to her knees found it hard to breathe. Mike didn’t have his phone on him so ran home which wasn’t far and called his mate who is an ambo Mike did CPR on her until the ambulance arrived she was helicoptered to Auckland hospital, that was Friday evening

Isabella was labouring so hard that they put her in an induced coma. The doctors at 3am came out an told Mike & Teresa parents to prepare for the worst Isabella passed away at 5am Saturday morning.

She had just heard that she had been accepted to study law at Auck. University, like her dad who is a lawyer, to celebrate they went for a long run.

She had no underlining health issues, was fit as.

Now they have to wait to see if they can take her home to Waihi for her tangi (funeral – SMR), but it’s not looking good as Auckland is in Level 4. If they can’t leave Auck. They will have her cremated and take her ashes back home when Auck. Opens up again.

What a crazy world we are living in ……

This discusses a couple more cases and they come from Counterspin Media via Telegram.


Following hospitalisation after her first jab, Olivia McGregor-Hay and her parents, were not only warned not to take the second dose, but they were encouraged not to speak about the event.

This comes after a recently vaccinated 17 year old Auckland girl was reportedly in an induced coma and died with blood clots.

Counterspin can confirm we spoke to the grandmother of 14 year old Olivia, a Whangarei Girls High School student.

Irene Pabirowski said her granddaughter had the shot, along with her mother Sheryl Pabriwoski on Thursday, September 2.

Immediately afterwards, Olivia’s face went bright red and she was not feeling well.

The next morning she couldn’t feel her head and feet. After going out to the ute to collect something for her father, she returned, her whole body shaking as though she had Parkinson’s disease.

By Saturday morning, Olivia’s father Gene, was so worried about her, he took her to White Cross, where they were advised to go to the hospital, immediately.

Olivia’s heart rate peaked at 175bpm and doctors warned her not to get the second jab or she would die.

Their position then changed, saying her adverse effects were due to underlying health conditions which remain unsubstantiated,  as this claim is contested by the family who are adamant Olivia was a fit, healthy teenager, always on the move, prior to getting the jab.

A NZ Outdoors Party press release stated that ‘deaths from Covid vaccine are government mandated genocide.’

Sue Grey, lawyer & NZ Outdoors Party co-leader said:

“The PM is floundering as the community networks are proving far more efficient at collecting and sharing information than the bureaucrats.”

Information obtained under the OIA shows that Medsafe, the government regulator, declined consent for the Pfizer vaccine in January because it was not satisfied that the benefits exceeded the risks.

Since then Medsafe has acknowledged the Pfizer Vax may cause myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (blood clots).

In February the Pfizer vax was given “provisional consent for the restricted treatment of a limited number of patients” and subject to 58 conditions requiring more research and information.

After the High Court case raised questions about the legality of the vaccine rollout, the government undertook an emergency law reform within 24 hours, to remove the restricted use.

The government, with their sanctioned experts, supported by MSM, continue to suppress the spread of truth, logic and reason by accusing anyone with a counter narrative, to their “one source of truth,” of being spreaders of misinformation.

Vaccine confidence is difficult with non-disclosure of ingredients and adverse reactions by our health professionals, due to suppression and gagging by government officials and vested interests.

A petition calling for an immediate suspension of the vaccine rollout to teenagers is underway at

🔄 Counterspin

NZs Media Revolution

Facts & Evidence based

Not a pay to say platform

I wonder just what world I live in when educated middle class NZ’ers laud Jacinda’s words about this.  There is a positive correlation between the level of education and sophistication and an inability to distinguish between facts and propaganda … the following.

COVID-19: War on misinformation continues raging as experts blast minority spreading rumours

The war on misinformation about COVID and the vaccine is raging on, with a small minority of doctors and a once-respected lawyer spreading totally incorrect rumours.

Just like COVID, misinformation about COVID harms our communities.

“These are literally life and death situations,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.

Once-respected lawyer Sue Grey has been spreading disinformation about the vaccine. In a press release from her fringe political party the Outdoors Party, Grey called the rollout to 12-17-year-olds “government-mandated genocide”.

And she conflated the death of an Auckland teenager with the vaccine – though Newshub understands it was actually a heart condition.

“If someone is in a position of leadership or in a profession where people generally have high trusting relationships, then it does make it difficult,” Ardern says.

Our current vaccination rates are going gang-buster. But those being vaccinated now are more likely to be those who are really keen to get it.

So the rubber’s hitting the road to convince the vaccine-hesitant and boost our community immunity. 

Analysis: The misinformation pandemic will endure longer than COVID-19

ANALYSIS: There are two deadly viruses working their way around the world right now.

One is COVID-19, and the other is misinformation.

Unfortunately, there’s only a vaccine for one of them.

Finally, here is an example of Comrade Jacinda’s amazingly “clear communication” that comes from Wellington businessman and provocateur, Bob Jones

From “the only source of truth”, the CEO of New Zealand Inc.

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  1. HI, I have been reading and researching the tragic case of Isabella’s death. I’m tending to believe that the govt is trying to sweep this under the carpet, but there does seem to be some inconsistency with the time line. Your relative quoted above says she was airlifted to hospital Friday evening and died Saturday morning.

    The School statement was released on Friday and said she died that morning. . Obviously both can’t be correct

    So someone has it wrong, do you have any way of confirming the time line? If we can tidy this up it will reflect badly on the ‘pulpit of truth”

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