Vaccine Russian Roulette

Vaccine Russian Roulette

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Spin the chamber, put the barrel to your head, and pull the trigger.

Russian roulette the people in the know are telling us. Is this not what millions and perhaps billion by now are doing as they sign up for this experimental jab?

Even controlled opposition, Fox News is asking basic questions on the death rate on the VAERS database with some serious mainstream media push back. Tucker might if went too far this time.

But many of us know it’s much worse than the reactions of the initial shots and that’s if you didn’t get a placebo during the experimental trials.

So why don’t our doctors who are aggressively pushing the shots just break open a vial and see what’s it made of and what could be causing these serious and deadly problems?

Make sense if so many are dying or getting injured and manufacturers finally admitted it has mRNA in which never has been done before. Why doesn’t the person we trust the most our physician verify what they are injecting in you and now your children’s bodies? Wait what they can’t?

We will be getting to the bottom of why our doctors are threatened with serious consequences if they dare to test a vaccine. We will also be exploring the latest on shedding from vaccinated people and is it shedding or are they radiating something else that is causing blood clots and unknown rashes on the unvaccinated as well.

Do you want to know if you can measure higher levels of radiation in the vaccinated? Is there truth to this? You will find out because we have a lineup of expert doctors such as Dr. Sherri tenpenny, a board-certified osteopathic physician, as well as

Dr. Christine Northrop, OB/GYN physician and leading authority on women’s health and wellness. They will share their truths, get to the bottom of what is inside these dangerous injections, and what can be expected in the for-coming aftermath of billions receiving these injections created by the self-proclaimed eugenicists behind the vaccine industry.

This is a show that can make a difference for you or your loved one surviving the coming dark days brought to you by the lies and deceit of a worldwide generational Pysop by a handful of truly evil people. Don’t get caught with your eyes closed. You in the game now so, welcome to Frequency Wars.

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