Vaccines, bio-weapons and pandemic: a resource

Vaccines, bio-weapons and pandemic: a resource

Bill Gates playing a double game with vaccines and pandemics?

On the very day that news of the “coronavirus” outbreak came out and started to get traction a series called “Pandemic” appeared on Netflix, as if on cue.

I managed to get about half way through the first program in the series and gave it away as a waste of my time.

However, last year a series came out on Netflix called “Explained” and one was devoted to “the next pandemic”

“Explained looks at the looming danger of global pandemic. Although human civilization has progressed greatly since the last pandemic, modern society may still not be ready for the next great disease outbreak. It looks at the causes of pandemics and what can be done to prevent them in the future”

Have you ever been accused of fear-mongering?

Well, I have and I have never been guilty of such fear-mongering as in this 20 minute piece of propaganda.

For YEARS we have been exposed to this propaganda and conditioned to fear a pandemic, more than anything – forget abrupt climate change or nuclear war!

Hollywood has been full of predictive programming – as in this movie, Contagion that came out a few years ago.

And now that we have a real pandemic, caused this time, it seems, not by bats, but by a lab-created, genetically-modified bioweapon.

For now there is only indirect evidence for that but one thing is absolutely certain.

Having been spun a line if you replicate the narrative from these movies you are likely to be labelled a “conspiracy theorist” or a “fear monger”!

How they are f…king around with our minds!

This is what Zero Hedge said about this:

“Millions Could Die” – Bill Gates Warned In 2018 That The World Needs ToPrepare For Pandemics Like War

A lot of this “conspiracy theory” (and I mean it in its true, etymological sense, not the CIA-inspired accusation that is thrown at researchers that go against the Elite.

This not imply that I go along with the ideas but I am providing this as a resource for those that want to look further.


Predicted by 2 Camelot 


Project Camelot Portal,

29 January, 2020

is a depopulation program….recommended C60, colloidal silver, and

Humble interviews
 on my youtube channel!

28, 2020.


whistleblower died about 1 year ago)…



Now a civilian after a long naval career, reaching middle officer
rank, I took up a senior post within a City of London institution,
which I felt fortunate to get since London was my home town. I was
directed to and recommended for this job by my last Commanding
Officer, a Commodore, who seemed to have some high connections in the
City. I realise now that I was forwarded for this job because I was,
‘in the know’ and a, ‘safe pair of hands’ – someone who
could be trusted. (They assumed I was a Mason) Soon after starting
with the City I was invited to become an associate member with
various City of London Livery Company’s. I felt that I was being
elevated into the City’s inner circles, which indeed Livery
Companies are. However, I decided, in my defence, to keep myself to
myself. None the less, I was always invited to dinners whose guest
list was a ‘whose who’. These were mostly well known people from
the world banking community, well known politicians together with and
serving and ex-serving military. This was a real ‘band of brothers’
and I knew many of them on a first name basis. It was at these
dinners and other social events that I realised I was being ‘vetted’
by them. For my part, I played the role very well and was soon
incorporated as a trusted senior City employee, with middle rank –
so I knew my place, as it were, and was accorded their trust.

I picked up immediately from this ‘band of brothers’ is their
cold disdain for the ordinary lives people live, as if the general
public mattered little, unless they were employed by them. (Those in
their employ are very obedient and servile) This ‘band’ all
operated as if they were governing the country, which indeed they
were doing dealing with events with extraordinary persuasive weight,
wielding power through making direct – mostly financial decisions
that were repeated exactly, as they determined, to the so called
‘elected’ government in Parliament. They always exude a kind of
overwhelming power, so much so, that being in their company, for any
length of time, is really not for the faint hearted.

soon became apparent that the government of the UK is directed from
the City’s Financial Institutions, to which I was connected and
also the Livery Company Buildings, the Guildhall, (the City’s HQ)
and Mansion House. (Mansion House is the traditional seat of the
Masonic elected Lord Mayor of London)

guise for all this is very simple. The City is historically
independent from anything emanating from the outside. No government
body regulates or audits their activity. They are a law unto
themselves, answerable to no one, save themselves, or the Monarch who
is revered by the City with a Goddess like passion. Anyone, and this
became clear, operating at any significant level of management in the
City’s financial and government structure is a Mason and every
meeting, social or otherwise, will always be an extension of Livery
Company Masonic dealing. The more one delves into their activity, and
I have, the more one can see that the City is very much like the
Vatican. That is a tiny City state with an obscure power wielding
political structure, dating back more than 1500 years with no
recognisable change save the passage of time. I personally believe,
unquestionably, that the City of London extends its power over the
other major world financial centres with anecdotal evidence that the
City controls the US Federal Reserve. I feel no one should be
surprised that all political and financial power is held firmly
within the City of London.


late 2005 I attended what I thought was a normal 3 monthly City
security & financial planning meeting since the usual crowd were
emailed listed for attendance. The meeting turned out to be something
entirely different. To my surprise (shock) this was very much a
Masonic level meeting instead. No notes taken – word of mouth only.

the meeting mention was made that the Timeline for war against Iran
was being delayed to a point where other contingencies had to be put
in place. Contingencies were then mentioned, in quite a matter of
fact fashion. First was the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke
Iran into armed action and that Israel promised action that action
would soon take place in order to provoke the required Iranian
military response. (Israel soon after attacked Iranian backed
Hizbollah bases in the Lebanon) That was my first surprise. The
second was mention of Japanese reluctance to create havoc within the
fledging Chinese financial sectors. China was growing too quickly
with the Chinese military the being main beneficiary. The third
surprise was open talk about the use of biological weapons – when
they would be used since timing appeared to be crucial. Then there
was more talk centred on how Iran must be engaged militarily in order
to provoke the desired military response from China. 

The talk
continued about how long conventional weapons should be used, knowing
they would be hopeless against a Chinese military onslaught in the
region. It soon transpired that they were not making decisions. They
were discussing something that had already been planned and so they
were simply sharing that information between themselves. It also
became clear that the central issue of the meeting was when the
‘balloon’ would go up. Further issues dealt with finances, the
moving of resources and protection of assets and the central control
of these resources: the bringing in outlying assets. I recall the
chain/sequence of events, which ran something like this:

needed either the Iranians or the Chinese to be guilty of first use
nuclear weapons in order to justify the next stage. (My information
shows that the Iranians do indeed have a tactical nuclear capability)
The next stage would be a measured regional nuclear response, enough
to cause an immediate ceasefire. This ceasefire would create the time
needed to put in place unified totalitarian western governments.
Thereafter, or concurrent, biological weapons would be used against
the Chinese population. This would then set of another chain of
events that would collapse the whole Chinese political and social
infrastructure. This was mentioned as: Disease, followed by wide
spread food shortages, followed by mass starvation. Somehow, this
would then cause the Chinese military to attack eastern Russia. The
biological agents were described as being flu like and would spread
like wild fire. It shocks and sickens me to describe these events. It
shocks me even more to know that plausible events are being
manipulated to cause the extinction of a whole part of the human

evidence was clear. There does indeed exist a Timeline for future
conflict that this country, the UK, was using this as some sort of
world government business plan and many millions would die as a
result. The plan is openly described in these circles as the Anglo
Saxon Mission.”–Camelot Whistleblower name withheld to protect
his family


from Mark Richards …something he said to me in a recent
interview…see link below.

IS GOING TO CATCH A ‘COLD”…Captain Mark Richards said this to
me in one of the interviews saying that China had decided it needed
to get rid of a large percentage of her population and was going to
develop a virus to do so…Looks like this prediction has proven true
so far with regard to coronavirus…Link to all 11 interviews with

that is two Camelot whistleblowers telling what would happen….

more general terms, another Camelot whistleblower, Arthur Neumann aka Henry Deacon predicted this type of thing many years ago.


Camelot was sent this today Jan 29, 2020: (it may be at least a day
old info)


a friend in China·

that sees this:

currently living in Shanghai.

Coronavirus is no joke.

the videos and posts online (about dead bodies lying in hospital
hallways and collapsing people and Wuhan being boxed in) aside as I
can’t verify them and I don’t wish to fear monger on
unsubstantiated evidence; Instead I will talk about what I know and
have seen myself or from my family.

a few minutes ago Shanghai announced the closure of all highways and
roads leading in and out of the city.

Beijing announced the closure of the city as well. These are the two
biggest cities in China, and they’ve gone into isolation. This has
never happened in history ever.

list of quarantined cities are growing everyday, and currently over
60 million people have been quarantined in Central China. That’s
almost 3 times the population of Australia.

all the projections and data that I’ve seen. Shanghai is the next
major city after Wuhan to have the most infected. With Beijing being

hospitals are full to the brim with patients who have flu and cold
symptoms – Which are also coronavirus symptoms. Multiple hospitals
have actually closed and shut down due to the amount of patients.

relative came down with a fever a few days ago, and it took over 8
hours to see a doctor for a few minutes. The doctors refused to test
them for the virus and only advised them to self isolate at home.

government is refusing to diagnose the virus, so that the official
count of infected and the death toll remains low. I am hearing that a
lot of deaths are marked as pneumonia since the victim was never
diagnosed positively for Coronavirus.

has had it’s first death from the virus today. As far as I know,
the first city to have a death outside of the Hubei province (Edit:
Someone has corrected me that the first death was in Hebei)

streets in Shanghai are like a ghost town. Partly also because of CNY
where most of the people leave the city.

a few days, CNY will be ending and hundreds of millions of Chinese
(mainly in China but also many that are abroad) will be travelling
back to the cities where they work and live. This will be prime time
for the virus to spread harder and stronger.

is no vaccine, and the only effective treatments so far are IV drops,
hormonal injections, and recently discovered that HIV drugs are
effective as well.

virus can even spread from someone who is not displaying symptoms. So
stay away from anyone who has recently been to China (Even me if I
get to leave the country). The virus can enter through the eyes, nose
and mouth. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands. Bring
antibacterial handwipes and handwash with you everywhere. Wear
hospital grade surgical masks or N95 material masks with a respirator
when going out to protect the mouth and nose. I also wear gloves to
keep my hands clean in case I touch any infected surfaces.

all supplies are pretty much sold out all through China. Masks are
impossible to get no matter which province you’re in. Hand
sanitizer and the likes are rapidly dwindling. Goggles are also out
as I haven’t been able to buy any. So I recommend people in
Australia to start stocking up.

Shanghai the infected count is easily way higher than official
reports (40 officially infected) simply judging by the number of
people in the hospitals who are afraid they have the virus. All it
takes is for a few of them to actually have the virus, to then cough
on others or on a surface, and then suddenly a clean person who has a
fever from the flu gets sick.

have multiple friends and acquaintances who asked for leave from
their jobs in Shanghai, been denied the leave, and just straight out
quit their job. Schools are also shut until Feb 17th, and if the
situation hasn’t improved I have no doubt the closure would be

not trust any official reports from China on what the situation is
like over here. Censorship is rampant. At first China claimed it was
all under control. But just yesterday Xi Jinping himself admitted the
virus was accelerating and China was in grave danger. It’s not good
when even a communist government admits it’s fucked.

themselves take months to develop, and then months and years to test
and manufacture and distribute. We cannot count on a vaccine if this
breaks out globally. Hopefully better treatments will be discovered
meanwhile though. I am unsure how antibiotics affect the virus.

cases in Australia were spread from travelers who entered the country
on the 19th of January. That was a week ago. During that week, there
would have been hundreds more flights from China which statistically
speaking would definitely contain virus carriers. Maybe Australia’s
healthcare is good and the virus won’t run rampant there like it
did in China. But better to be prepared for the worst and hope for
the best.

virus has been closely compared to SARS in 2003. Since 2003 people
travel a lot more, there are a lot more flights, and the world is
just so unprepared for an epidemic right now. Moreover, SARS had an
R0 of 2.5 (Every infected person infects 2.5 people) and Coronavirus
is estimated to have an R0 of 3.8. The symptoms of SARS was also a
lot more obvious. And most of the SARS infections came from a few
superspreaders. Coronavirus spreads strongly amongst anyone. The
incubation period is longer, with reports saying 3 days to 14 days.
During incubation it’s not infectious, but it gives time for the
carriers to enter a clean corona-free society. Not every infected
person will have a fever either.

worrying because there is nothing that China can do to contain the
spread of the virus. The official death toll is growing by a dozen a
day and these are all elderly people. Which to me doesn’t mean only
those with weak constitutions fall victim to the virus. These are
still early days and I feel like the young and healthy just take
longer to succumb to it.

worrying I mean fucking scary. The situation here is in free fall and
there’s nothing on the horizon that could possibly contain it.

and family stay safe. If anyone has any questions about the situation
in China just let me know.

Many have asked for more information on the masks.N95 disposable
masks need changing every 4-6 hours of use. Re-usable masks I would
recommend also changing every 4-6 hours and washing it before using
it again.

usb-charging N95 masks should also need recharging every 4-6 hours.

surgical masks have to be worn with the blue side out and white side
inwards. Blue is waterproof to prevent others coughing on you. White
is absorbent so your coughs get absorbed. For this reason it’s good
to change them every 4-6 hours as well

According to a report by the Chinese National Health Commission, the
virus is infectious during it’s incubation period which can last up
to 14 days.—source via a source sent to Project Camelot


Cassidy is the CEO/ Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry is a
documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist and well known host of
Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on Youtube.
PROJECT CAMELOT aka – is a leader in the alternative media
sector, with a Youtube channel that has over 800 video interviews
over past 15 years, plus 5 years of radio show interviews and over 64
million unique viewers worldwide with over 238,000 subscribers. Kerry
travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony
of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as
authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the
secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension
and free energy. She speaks at conferences around the world and is
considered one of the leaders of the disclosure movement.

The Depopulation Agenda – Bill Gates Plan to Kill You

it or not, the coronavirus strain that’s currently spreading
throughout China and abroad is 
patented virus
owned by an entity called The Pirbright Institute, which is partially
the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The patent
coronavirus explains that it “may be used as a vaccine for treating
and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a
subject,” suggesting that this is just 
weaponized viral strain
to sell more useless, deadly vaccines, while at the same time killing
off a few thousand, or perhaps a few 

close look at the patent page also shows that the Pirbright Institute
owns all sorts of other virus patents, including one for African
swine fever virus, which is listed as a “vaccine.” It is thus no
surprise that Bill Gates is a Pirbright Institute financial backer,
seeing as how he’s one of the most aggressive, vaccine-pushing
“philanthropists” on the planet.

way this whole coronavirus situation is taking shape would seem to be
exactly what Gates 
a “solution” to the alleged problem of “overpopulation.” At
an infamous TED Talk, Gates explained that vaccines are one of the
keys to reducing global population levels, and what better way to do
that than to unleash patented coronavirus on the masses in order to
later introduce a patented vaccine for it?

more related news about coronavirus and other weaponized viruses
being unleashed by eugenicists like Bill Gates, be sure to check

and Melinda Gates hosted “Event 201” back in October, described
as a “high-level pandemic exercise”

further interesting is that the Bill and Melinda Gates
a “high-level pandemic exercise” back in October
involved discussions about how “public / private partnerships will
be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to
diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

in partnership with the 
Hopkins Center for Health Security
the World Economic Forum, this latest endeavor by Bill Gates is
highly suspicious, to say the least, especially when considering that
it was held just in time for the coronavirus outbreak.

is usually the case with suspicious disease outbreaks that get the
media and academia talking about new vaccines and public-private
partnerships, Bill Gates’ fingerprints are almost always hiding in
the background. And this is exactly the case with coronaviruses,
which could accomplish many of Gates’ expectations for the future,
including mass depopulation, mass vaccination and mass consolidation
of government power.

events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies,
and society,” reads an announcement about “Event 201,” as they
called it, or the meeting with Gates and his cronies from back in

these events already strains global capacity, even absent a pandemic
threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of
these pandemics becomes global – a pandemic with potentially
catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes ‘Event
201,’ would require reliable cooperation among several industries,
national governments, and key international institutions.”

reads like a predictive
 for what we’re now seeing with coronavirus,
as governments around the world scramble to “manage” this deadly
outbreak with martial law, vaccine fast-tracking, quarantines and
plenty of fear-mongering.

we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive
health services, we could lower [the global population] by perhaps
about 10 to 15 percent,” Gates is infamously quoted as saying about
the true intent of his “humanitarian” efforts.

sure to stay tuned for more breaking news about the developing
coronavirus crisis.

for this article include:



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