Very lax border controls in NZ

Very lax border controls in NZ

Whatever you think about the nature of covid19 this is pretty 

basic incompetence.

This looks like a return to what we were seeing prior to the 


Returning traveller shocked 

at Covid-19 border measures

Radio NZ

A woman who’s just left managed isolation at Novotel Auckland Airport says the Government is lying about the adequacy of its border testing regime. 

The woman, who Checkpoint has agreed not to identify, arrived home on June 4. 

She says multiple people were allowed to leave the hotel without undergoing a single test for Covid-19. 

That’s despite the Director-General of Health claiming no one is leaving managed isolation without first returning a negative test. 

The woman told Checkpoint reporter Nick Truebridge she was gobsmacked by the lax attitude of health authorities upon her return to New Zealand.

“We have added to our existing strong arrangements the requirement for routine testing on day three and 12 for every person, whether they are symptomatic or not,” director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says.

“These changes meant that everyone in managed isolation will be tested twice for COVID-19 and will need to have returned a negative test result before leaving a facility.

No one is now allowed to leave managed isolation, for any reason, without returning a negative test for COVID-19.”

—Ashley Bloomfield

The Defence Force is ready to respond with aircraft, vehicles and personnel if the public doesn’t comply with isolation rules during lockdown.

Commander Joint Forces NZ Rear Admiral Jim Gilmour said they have military planners and people with specialist skills working with the Government to assist in the response.

“We have a range of capabilities should these be required to assist in the response to Covid-19, including transport aircraft and vehicles, and skilled personnel who can assist other government agencies if needed,” he said.

“We have initiated Operation Protect to focus and organise our contributions to the all-of-government effort to respond to, and manage the effects of Covid-19.”

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